Date: 10th November 2011 at 7:33am
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In an exclusive interview with The Mirror, Luis Suarez has explained why he believes his partnership with Andy Carroll is going to work as we have not seen the best of it yet.

“Playing alongside a player of Andy’s quality, who’s big, skilful, who brings the ball down so well, makes it easy for a striker to play with him,” said Suarez.

“What happened though, was that Andy had the bad luck to be injured for several games and when he came back from that, he picked up another injury. It was difficult for him to get himself into the team because just when Andy came back, the team was playing well and the manager didn’t know who he could drop.

“Now having trained and after a good pre-season for Andy with his team-mates, the more training sessions we have together, he will be better.

“We’ll get a much better understanding of each other and that can only be good for the team.”

Do you agree with Suarez?


25 responses to “Suarez explains why he has faith in Andy Carroll”

  1. njanja says:

    I totally disagree with Suarez; Tevez will be a better partner any day, and we should also make haste to get rid of Adam and Henderson

  2. STEVE says:

    I think buying Carroll was a knee-jerk reaction… Also KK knew he had the money from the Torres sale and he didn’t know if he was going to keep the job as the manager so why not take a gamble and buy Carroll?

    But now he realises that to play Carroll in your team you need to play a certain way but KK prefers pass and move, which is not what Carroll is suited for. So in conclusion it’s either try to play fluid football and leave Carroll out or play Carroll and play whatever way that suits him.

    I’m sure even KK doesn’t know what is Liverpool’s best lineup. Or maybe it’s because they suck no matter who they play. (no offence, I am a Liverpool fan but sometimes I just can’t stand too much disappointment.)

    • Tony says:











      There is no place for a Carroll type of player in this system, this is made for LFC, will KK forget Carroll??????

    • Jason Duffy says:

      Bollocks. You’re not a fan with an attitude like that. Go put your Chavski shirt back on you moron.

  3. sneh says:

    tevez plzz..if not.suarez-kuyt-bellamy

    • Effect says:

      You are 100% right. Carroll, Downing, Henderson, Lucas, and even Adams can’t give us trophies. They’l make us second best to Tottenham. We are suppose to be tittle contenders, and not fighting for fourth place with the amount of money we spent on those trash. We made 2 good signings: Suarez and Enrique. We need Frank Rijkaard as coach, and players like Eden Hazard, Carlos Tevez and Ever Banega.

  4. Jevon says:

    I sorry Id rather trust Luis than any of you fake Red, Football Manager know-it-alls.

    • David Aris-Sutton says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The comments on this page read like the rambling of mancs and children.

  5. Ashfah Hussain says:

    The problem is not the partnership between Suarez and Caroll but rather the ineffective midfielders like Lucas who is so much handicapped.

    • joe-scouser-lfc says:

      Ineffective midfielders?? Obv u dnt watch the games coz lucas has our top passing % this season so :-/ .. adam can give a quality ball but lacks the pace … henerson needs to start playing more centre role… downing needs to cut inside less an cross the balls for carroll.. kuyt needs to play more to give us the never give up attitude on the rw and suarez on the lw like they do so well

    • LFCRed says:

      first decent post all day. Carroll, and to a degree Suarez, get zero support from midfield. they get left isolated. when they get that support you can see the signs of a decent partnership starting to show between luis and andy.

      we’d be better off with henderson playing in CM in place of lucas or adam. a player who breaks his neck to get up and support.

      unfortunately most on here won’t see that in the 5 mins per week they see of LFC on MOTD.

  6. All i want is Teves or David Villa, Suarez please forget about Carrol he is not a complete striker

    • Effect says:

      You are 100% right. Carroll, Downing, Henderson, Lucas, and even Adams can’t give us trophies. They’l make us second best to Tottenham. We are suppose to be tittle contenders, and not fighting for fourth place with the amount of money we spent on those trash.

  7. Chauser says:

    Difficult to reply to as it seems already many know-it-alls have taken the time to “enlighten” us with THEIR replies. Who could possibly add to their absolutely vast knowledge of LFC and its vagaries?

  8. F L A S IHI says:

    All I want is people who can spell!

  9. Effect says:

    Kenny Daglish is confused. We need Frank Rijkaard. Carroll, Downing and Henderson are not what we need. They lack creativity and eye for goals. We need Eden Hazard, Carlos Tevez and Ever Banega. Alow Skrtel and Agger combination. They are world class defenders.

    • David Aris-Sutton says:

      And I need Jessica Alba in my bed, not gonna happen tho is it. Far too many so called LFC fans are lost in a world of Champ manager.
      Its not always about how much you spend and which “names” you bring in, look at Newcastle up in third place, no exactly breaking the bank for stroppy Argentinians or unproven Germans are they?
      If Suarez is happy then so should we be, after all he knows better than us about football, judging by some of the other comments here, my 3 year old son knows better than some of you

  10. sims says:

    If suarez as his partner said so,we better believe suarez,cause he must be the first one to know who is the best player to play with,at least for now.
    Go for it guys,find your way to be a great duo for LFC.skill and strength combined together would be a deadly weapon to LFC rivals.

  11. Sam Wanjere says:

    I agree. Surely Suarez knows more football than I or most fans. It’s still early days.

  12. great says:

    P/s with what lfc have right now we still need players like villa n tevez in attack,one or two defenders and a creative midfielder in this January transfer.without any sells

  13. Tezza says:

    Translation. “Andy is a big lump whom the ball occasionally bounces off whereby I can pick it up and work my magic if im stilling playing with him next season Im off.”.

  14. Chessie says:

    i support KK, Lucas, Carrol, Herdo, Adam and the whole Liverpool footbal Clubb my concern is Chelsea and Manchester City we need those pionts then we are back on the radar.