Date: 2nd November 2011 at 8:35am
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The Mirror is running an exclusive today where by they believe that Liverpool are interested in signing Tottenham midfielder Tom Huddlestone.

Now where does the Mirror get this one from? Firstly, why would we need to sign Huddlestone? We have more than enough cover in central midfield right now. Secondly, Huddlestone is injured until January so why would we risk signing a player just coming back from injury. Even when Huddlestone is fit again, he is going to find it hard to make the Spurs starting lineup let alone the Liverpool why so why buy a player who will not add more quality to the Liverpool side.

In my opinion, any signings Liverpool are to make in January or even the summer have to be players of quality who are capable of commanding a starting lineup position. We have signing too many mediocre squad players in the past and that has to stop.

What do you think of Tom Huddlestone and a potential move to Liverpool?


23 responses to “Wednesday Rumour: Liverpool linked with shock move for Tottenham midfielder”

  1. kopitefromkali says:

    This is bollocks! Let’s get gaston ramirez!

  2. collins says:

    Pls sir i want u 2 go nd get ramires

  3. Julius Travy says:

    Crap!! We do NOT need him at Anfield….

  4. ynwa says:

    Ron, really?, cun’t!!! you write something better?, than this,total crap?.

  5. chinoXL says:

    think we should sign a better play that can play in our startin XI…YNWA…

  6. Geovanni says:

    I am yet to see a nice speculation & rumour of recent concerning our LIVERPOOL. Chivu, Huddlestone, Giovanni Dos Santos, Tevez & what have you are the sucking crap am seing. I’ll say something serious when any serious issue comes up, not this crapy rumour.

  7. strebby says:

    @geovani, there is one totally world class player in there any club would have, chivu, the guy is fabulous,only problem hes a left back and we have enrique and robinson as cover, plus unless he came on a free FSG wouldn’t sanction a 31 year old signing, its a non starter. I’d have tevez too if the guy cut all ties with joorabchican, he is the problem with tevez not tevez himself, dont be surprised in 15 years we’re hearing tevez is broke and is having to sell his medals etc. in the same way mike tyson has been leeched upon by hangers on tevez is heading the same way, joorabchian is the worst kind of leech there is, total scumbag.

  8. chinoXL says:

    Am disapointed wif that lad carroll…

  9. adam spurs says:

    This article is hilarious & arrogant! I love the line ‘wouldn’t even get in the spurs team, let alone the liverpool one’!! By this comment I guess you are suggesting that your 1st 11 is better than ours then eh? Maybe you didn’t see the 4-0 win at whl?? Maybe you have missed the fact that the last 7 games we have dropped only 2 point?? Maybe you overlooked the fact we are above you in the table with a game in hand??

    I like Liverpool & they have great fans but surely this article is getting ahead of itself. While I agree Hudd doesn’t make our 1st 11 & I’m sure wouldn’t make your current 1 (although maybe better than the average Henderson)he is a player I would not want to leave because his passing range is among the best in the league.

    You guys are improving which is good but so far your transfers have been hit & miss. SUAREZ IS WORLD CLASS, Adam is a very good player, as is Enrique. After that though you have Carroll – what a flop (carthorse) Henderson – very average Bellamy – past it. Compare to Bale, vdv, adebayor, modric, kyle walker, you getting the idea?????

    • strebby says:

      dont get ahead of yourself over that 4-0 win, ok you played well but as a contest the game was over after 27 minutes when we went down to ten men and you didnt get your second till we were down to 9, if the game had have stayed 11v11 who knows what MAY have happened… yes you’re playing well but so are we, we’re playing some great stuff(unbeaten in 7 since spurs)but just not having that little bit of luck in front of goal you sometimes need, but theres 4 teams fighting for 2 places, now im basing my prediction on facts from the last 10 years, no team in 5th place has ever finished with more than 66 points, so based on this 67 points will get you 4th (i think that may a little higher this season at 69) liverpool having lost 14 league games season still finished on 58 points which was 10 behind the total points of 4th place, liverpool are already at least 6 points ahead of the same stage last year and we are clearly improving all the time… my prediction for top 4 is both manc clubs follwed by liverpool and spurs(not necessarily in that order), simply because on recent evidence arsenal and chelsea just cant defend… a note on huddlestone, too many people look simply at the starting 11 instead of the squad these days, we’ve had it levelled at us for years that we havent a strong enough squad, and when we do strengthen we get it levelled at us, but how will you keep those players happy, too many midfielders… i like huddlestone and would love him in my squad, you can never have too many good players, he may not make ours, or spurs, starting 11 week after week, but what a great option to have!

  10. redredred says:

    he is a good player better than lucas

  11. Tony says:

    Liverpool movie ‘Will’ is released on Friday, Starring Bob Hoskins, Damien Lewis and Neil Fitzmaurice, the trailer looks great. It’s all about a kid going to Istanbul 2005……KK, Carra and SG are in it!!!

  12. Effect says:

    4get those scrabs. Go and get Eden Hazard, Adam Johnson and even Tevez. Thats all we need for now. Then in the mid-field, Ever Banega, then let me see who will stop us.

  13. DaveWestAus says:

    Out injured until January – gotta be joking! LFC have done enough of that in the past with various players,it’s about time a lesson was learnt!

  14. Ashfah says:

    Tom Huddlestone is a good midfielder, good all round skills and strong in the air, somethin that Lucas is lacking and causing instability in the team.

  15. adam spurs says:

    Strebby – You are more what i would expect from a Liverpool fan, honest fair & balanced. Your point about the 4-0 game is very valid although even the 1st half hr we were different class. It is sure to be an exciting season for both our sides & I reckon you are right in what you say – we have a real chance of kicking Chelsea & Arse out of that top 4.

    • don says:

      wow respect breaks out amongst fans, its nice to see.
      I agree with both of you, Huddlestone is a very good player but to make the difference, at the very top, you need something extra special, now if Spurs are determined that Modric, will never play for Chelski, I have a cunning plan lol.

      • strebby says:

        so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel? (but in all honesty i never really saw the fuss over modric, hes a good player but for the price he would cost there are much much better)

  16. ynwa says:

    @Ashfah……… are never going to learn,about football are you?, so why don’t you go back to watching…..CRICKET!!!.

  17. REGHAN says:

    NOOOOOOO! not Huddlestone. He may be good but not enough for LFC. Lets sign Wesley Sneider if we do need a central midfielder or Javi Martinez. We should sign a top class winger and MArko Marin, Georginio Wijnaldum or Eden Hazard must join our team. It would be great if Raheem Sterling finally gets first team football as well

    • PaddyLaddy says:

      Reeaaaaaaaaaaaally? And how do you propose we sign those players when we aren’t even in the champs league? I agree, we shouldn’t sign Huddlestone, but he’s still good enough for our team. We just have too much depth. I’d like Hazard, and that’s the only one on that list that we might have a shot at. Don’t get ahead of yourself!