How did Liverpool manage to make this signing?

With just under £60million spent overall and lack of quality on view so far this season from the individuals, doubled with Andy Carroll’s £35million move in January, which is yet to show any kind of return, a free transfer for a player of Bellamy’s quality is a shrewd move from Kenny Dalglish.

In fairness to the Merseyside club, their spending was not all from their new foreign investment, with the Fernando Torres’ deal to Chelsea worth £50million in January and the likes of Raul Meireles, Christian Poulsen and David Ngog fetching slightly more than they are worth this summer, reinvested money was key to the big name signings coming in.

Having not had a proper pre-season, Bellamy is now fit and looking sharp for Liverpool, mainly used as a substitute it is surely a matter of time before he pushes the overrated Henderson, Downing and Carroll down the pecking order and himself into the first team in the Premier League.

It may be tough for Dalglish to drop one of his £16million or £20million signings this summer, but a player such as Bellamy can win games for his side and has already looked impressive in his few substitute league appearances and cup starts for the Reds.

It may take time for my thoughts to come to view but if someone offered me the chance to sign Bellamy for free, or any of the other transfer deals Liverpool have done this summer, there would only be one choice. The other money could have been spent more wisely than it was, but it was there to spend and Dalglish did not choke when it came to gambling on a player which has to be admired and something that Arsenal fans may wish happened sooner at the Emirates.

Signing of the season? Perhaps not, but given time this could be a fantastic deal for the club and the player alike to put themselves back on the map in the English game and for Liverpool to break back into the European places, which is a real possibility this season.

Article courtesy of Brad Pinard at Football FanCast

26 responses to “How did Liverpool manage to make this signing?”

  1. Jrncusa says:

    This writer is an idiot. Hmmm who was the better signing,.enrique or bellamy? Get a clue. And I for one think all the andy haters are going to eat their words soon enough.

    • Rob says:

      @JRNCUSA: Where football is concerned, do not expect too much from a donkey who goes by the name Andy Carroll.

    • Joe says:

      The writer clearly states “Signing of the season? Perhaps not” in his last paragraph. Maybe you should learn how to read before running your mouth.

  2. Word says:

    I agree. Overrated Henderson, Downing and Carroll? Henderson’s super pass to Suarez against Stoke. Downing is hitting the post and will be scoring goals and his crosses are where they should be, just no one is on the mark just yet. Carroll two good games in a row. Bellamy is pushing these players and these players are responding to the competition. Competition for places is getting us better and better.

    • Rob says:

      @WORD: With mules like Henderson and Downing supporting the donkey, you cannot expect too much.

      • Bjorn says:

        Rob is the only donkey I spotted right away, I have seen the new signings improve, all of them, som starte good, some poorly, but improving all, Rob is the only one who shows no signs of improvement, one very lost cause from what I can see.

    • Sunny WONG says:

      I agree that Henderson, Downing and Carrol are really overrated means that the price tags for them are too high. But Carrol and Downing are still valuable for Liverpool. Henderson is really a rubbish for the team. Anyone thought his pass was good was really a fool of football?

    • Rick says:

      SPOT ON

  3. adrian says:

    this site seems to me like anti livrpool

    • Rob says:

      @ ADRIAN: Nay. This is a site that does not support so-called footballers who are nothing but mediocre at best… which probably explains why Liverpool for over 2 decades have not won a single Premiership title. That’s understandable when the Liverpool team have a stable full of donkey (Carroll), mules (Henderson, Downing) and jackasses (Lucas, Carragher).

      • Mark says:

        @ROB you have no idea what your saying…pls go watch a few liverpool matches and then talk..

      • Varun says:

        Calling last year’s player of season and one of our best defender’s ever a jackass? You sure you are not an evertonian or a manc?

      • Rick says:

        Rob, You’re a donkey. You’re describing all the newcomers, Who need love & support after only ten games, as the main responsibles of Liverpool’s decline but The Club got through 10 yrs of french – spanish reign, with the likes of Morientes, Nunez, Gonzalez, Josemi, Pellegrino, Arbeloa, Kromkamp, Kamara, Cheyrou, Vignal, Le Tallec, Sinama, Diao, Song ecc ecc ecc Who failed to deliver something to the Club & Fans. You’re a truly deserved idiot.

  4. Ashfah says:

    Over-priced players are the work of unscrupulous agents who in return put pressure on the respective players of their new club expectations. High price tags equals to high expectations.

  5. ROB says:

    Rob is a dick

  6. shark says:

    I love all our latest signings. Although not equally. Just not sure about Coates. I think he might be a flop if he does’nt improve on his defending.

    • strebby says:

      if he doesnt improve on his defending? and you’re basing this one 1 single game? i despair i really do….

  7. Rick says:

    “The masters of purchasing overpriced players were up to their usual tricks again this summer”: the same old deluded & pessimistic attitude. The doomsday’s agenda is always in mode on. The doom & gloom’s factory never sleeps. looks like an Anti – Liverpool website. FACT.

  8. Willmott82 says:

    Im sure most of the people who post on here are just trolls and fans of other clubs. I really hope they are otherwise Liverpool really does have some clueless fans .

  9. Ovie Olori says:

    Andy Carroll and Henderson are the best of a bad bunch, their combined worth should not be more that 15M.
    Downing has not been good enough and and Lucas and Carragher should be dropped, Dalglish is an 80’s manager. Period.

    • Rick says:

      Fuck off and support Everton or City, if You dislike The Manager and The Players. If You need a well rich Club & instant success Etihad Stadium is the right place for You.

    • ant says:

      fuck off you fucking little disgrace you deserve a punch in the fucking balls you twat go and follow man city you little wanker better still why not barcalona they have messi xavi villa iniesta alves pique mascherano fabregas sanchez alcancantra all the players you would love you glory hunting bastard oh and rob you can fuck off aswell you cock sucking motherfucker

    • onbeyondzebra says:

      Ok…everyone has to calm down a bit. LFC went through a bad period and is clearly improving. Knobends like Rob (et al.) can’t cope with this fact. Let’s see, we’ve beaten Everton, Man C. and Arsenal the last time we played them and seriously outplayed Man U the last two matches. Don’t you think these twats (who incidentally can’t speak or write in English) support one of these teams are just spouting their angst. I think true Liverpool fans have to stop assuming that everyone posting is a true supporter. From what I see, Andy C. is looking better and Hendo has been really vibrant in the last few matches. Pretty impressed with his maturity and skill, considering he’s only 21.

  10. badnews says:

    it already said. so the only thing
    im looking forward is jan when
    we buy 4 world class players to
    get us to cl spot coz at the moment ,
    totally being honest our new
    signings wont get us there.
    arsenal and spurs are looking
    good not to mention the latter
    has a game in hand. a right winger.
    johnson, griezman, marko marin.
    an attacking midfielder.
    erikssen/ramirez/ hamsik.
    a defensive midfielder. m villa/ siccoko. a striker. damiao/ lavezzi.
    or we can just throw in
    morgan, sterling,coady and suso.
    we can be patient with the four! lads
    and not expect too much in the first
    year. morgan is scoring for reserves like
    its a hobby. get him into the first team quickly to finish of the chances b4 we lose more points.

  11. Charlie says:

    is everyone posting on this site illiterate? My one year old nephew has strung more coherent sentences together than half of you lot!!!