Date: 25th October 2011 at 4:22pm
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There is no doubt that Luis Suarez is the best Liverpool player right now, he creates a lot of opportunities for himself and other players but one thing that is really standing out for me and does not make me too happy about Suarez is that he is not scoring enough goals for the number of opportunities he gets himself into.

Suarez is our go-to striker right now and we expect him to find the back of the net for us on a regular basis. Fair enough he has already scored 4 league goals this season but with the chances he craves out, he could easily have doubled this by now.

I may be asking a bit too much from our striker but we need to be scoring more goals right now and I can only see them coming from him at this moment in time.

Kenny Dalglish has said wee create the opportunities but we are unlucky not to be scoring following the Norwich game. “I think we’ve been brilliant in creating the chances,” Dalglish said. “It’s a huge pleasure for us that we’re creating that many chances. So we’ll look at the positives.

“The finishing side? Obviously we’ve got to add to it. But when you look at the facts and figures and reflect on what they’ve actually done and what they’ve actually created, you wouldn’t bet against scoring five or six on any given day, just not today.”

Is it down to luck that we are not finding the back of the net more regularly or do we need to look at the players, as in this case what I am doing to Suarez, and get them to sharpen up on the goal scoring skills?


13 responses to “The biggest problem right now with Suarez is…”

  1. Dale Marlow says:

    The biggest problem with Luiz Suarez is the number of fools questioning his talent and ability.

  2. Ilfaaz says:

    perhaps the problem with him is that he gets frustrated too often when he misses, then he cannot place the ball away from the keeper in a more relaxed way in the opportunities that follow.
    I believe he has to be more clinical, this is because we badly need to kill the match early with each opportunity

  3. Green says:

    D only problen with Suarez s dt he needs players like bellamy n kuyt around him all d time. Even if he’s not d one scoring, d goals ‘ll certainly come.

  4. Kevin L says:

    I think Suarez snatches at a lot of chances and does not realise sometimes that he has more time than he thinks. Also his shooting could be improved – he struggles to hit the target at times often going high or wide. Kenny needs to work with him.

  5. williams says:

    if i may give an opinion i will have ask mr,kenny to always start CRAIG BELLAMY,luis suarez,and kuyt in every lfc premiership game because if anyone take alook at our (lfc)game against norwich then you will see the very best attacking football lfc have from last season uptill these season,so pls our fans forum at ANFIELD should forward this to kenny and his coaching staff to always start these three players that i mention above (SUAREZ-BELLAMY-KUYT)if kenny can start these players in every of our (lfc)then i still have hope in europe spot being top 4 position.

  6. Jason says:

    we are missing the picture here. EVERYONE in the team is in need of proper training on finishing. we are absolutely abysmal in this area. we still lack a prolific striker nonetheless.

  7. Ashfah says:

    Suarez is not the finished article yet. With proper coaching and counselling he would get better than ever and more focussed.

  8. Imran says:

    Well to be honest,Suarez is a top class striker, the prob is that he needs a partner that’s on tbe same wave length as he is. If you look at his international record and see between him and Forlan the amount of goals and assists they provide each other. Take notice that when Suarez is in a good position and plays a pass he quickly continues forward for a quick through ball to open up himself to take a shot at goal but nobody in our team either than Steven G can provide him with that quality. Henderson is talented young player who I feel is brilliant coming of the bench but as a starting player he provides very little in terms of attack. Notice how he always look for a way to pass back instead of forward. Andy Carrol……… Hmmm simply not good enough . He’s great for an average club but not for a club that should be competing for titles. Maybe in a few years he might be but not this season.
    If Liverpool seriously wants to compete for titles then they need to get quality players. Players that are hungry for goals and hungry for titles. Age is nothing but a number and price tags can’t measure skill. There’s no point dwelling on the past…… Take a look at players like kevin Prince Boateng, played for Portsmouth and got relegated. And on the weekend his hat trick brought his team back from losing 3-0 to winning 3-4….
    What about Reyes, Lennon, Demba Ba, and adebayor…. Those are quality over quantity. We need talent. And we need it fast. We sitting with a lot of dead wood and having faith in them is as good as hoping for rotten wood to harden again. Time to get rid of them and start fresh.

  9. Effect says:

    Suarez is God’s sent to liverpool fc, scoring or not. He is a great player. He only needs supports from his team mate which he is not getting from downing and carrol or even henderson. We wasted money on them. Liverpool need Hazard and Adam Johnson to create a creative and attacking forwards. This will also help to reduce load off suarez.

  10. kagutsuti says:

    We should win every game, we should score more
    who’s guilty? I don’t know maybe we should buy someone (why not cavani?)

  11. Steve says:

    Didn’t we hear the same thing about tevez? Give the boy a chance! Hes been playing in the english league for less than a season! Everyone takes different amount of time to adapt. Once he does, he’d be a hell of a player. I say start with bellamy more, hes quick, clever, works hard and scores goals!

  12. eemah says:

    Suarez is a very skilful lad,but he isnt a no 9,and sometimes he tends to alow dz show f skils get in2 hs head,he shld work on his finishin and shld concentrate more on putting d bal behnd d net rada dan exhibitn hs skils wch w r al aware of….n kenny shld go 4 hazard or adam johnson 2 asist suarez in creativity,kuyt has a gud wrk r8 bt hs croses n finishn r beginin 2 let hm dwn,dats y w nid adam or hazard…n i tink he shld strt playn coates 4 cara,so dat d young lad cn graduali fil in2 d shoes…lfc shld learn 2 tak dia chnces n gain max pts esp wen playn @hom cz dat wl hlp com end f season…

  13. kopitefromkali says:

    GASTON RAMIREZ! Let’s buy him asap! Please get that Uruguay chemistry from defence, to midfield, to louie bagging goals!