Date: 24th October 2011 at 11:31am
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Two points dropped against Norwich on Saturday in my opinion. Liverpool at home versus a newly promoted team; this must have been a banker when we looked at the fixture list before the start of the season. It is silly points dropped like this that could be the difference between us finishing fourth or not.

As Kenny Dalglish summed it up after the 1-1 result, we created a lot of chances but we simply could not finish. Had it been any other day, we could have won 4-1. “I think we’ve been brilliant in creating the chances,” Dalglish said. “It’s a huge pleasure for us that we’re creating that many chances. So we’ll look at the positives.

“The finishing side? Obviously we’ve got to add to it. But when you look at the facts and figures and reflect on what they’ve actually done and what they’ve actually created, you wouldn’t bet against scoring five or six on any given day, just not today.”

Craig Bellamy got his first start of the season and he did very well by scoring the goal for Liverpool. I was surprised though that Dalglish decided to take him off the field in the second half when he looked like a threat going forward and capable of getting us the winner.

Gerrard and Adam started alongside each other in the middle of the park as Lucas was suspended and I must say I was not overly impressed with the Gerrard-Adam partnership. It looks good on paper but it really did not get going on Saturday. Granted, it was the first time they have played together but I expected better.

Norwich equalised in the 60th minute courtesy of a header from Pilkington which I believe was poorly defended by Liverpool, notably Pepe Reina who came out for the cross and totally missed it.

Liverpool had several chances after Norwich equalised to take the lead but as underlined earlier, we were just not able to convert our chances and this could be a worrying trend as so far this season we have been playing well but are not able to find the back of the net.

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7 responses to “Who shone and who flopped against Norwich?”

  1. njanja says:

    It’s high time Kenny left the business of buying of players to Damian, since all his buys have failed. The Adams, Hendersons, Downings and Carrols are simply not good enough for LFC. While Maxi is by far more productive than Downing, Spearing will always be a better option than Adam in the midfield holding role. Unfortunately Kenny did not articulate Hendo’s best position, if at all he has any, before he wasted 20m on the lazy lad. I still do not believe that Carrol is better than Ngog

  2. a bad at the office on sat drawing agaisnt those carrot crunchers….i know this is going 2 upset a few people iam starting 2 worry about kk team selection eg why oh why do we stick dirk kuyt up front with luiz dirk kuyt might run his socks off every game but that doesnt always get u goals ? i would rather have andy carroll up front but why wont kk put him in the team ? and as for charly adam well dont get me started a waste of time……he alwys looks tired.give jordan a go in the middle with gerro….would like 2 say a BIG fucking thank you 2 man city on givin those red bastards a beating….

  3. Rozay says:

    kenny bought shit players and no one can deny that now just how poor was that downing 20 fucking million player he is totally crap and does absolutely nothing, same with the other guys hendo carroll and adam man I fucking knew these wont be good for us because they’re too average players and we paid too fuckin much for them, kuyt also was poor, suarez great player but not a great finisher wasted too many clear chances , gerrard playing right wing when lucas is fit wtf is that kenny has messed up the team really , downing needs to move to bench asap bellamy in, kuyt aswell can fuck off and johnson whos fuckin crap at defence , manu chelsea lost we must of taken this chance to fcukin win ffs.

  4. badnews says:

    well its seems we are finally
    agreeing on something.
    that carrol ,adams, henderson
    , downing are average players.
    liverpool is a world class team
    as such deserves world class players
    .we sold merieles and loaned out
    aquilani our best midfielders.
    what a shame.i think we would
    hav done beta with sterling, morgan
    , suso and pacheco on the team.
    kk and comoli messed up. spurs
    are on top us with a game in hand.
    if this doesnt change in january we can forget cl next season.
    eriksen/ kagawa. hazard/ johnson/ marin.
    damiao / lavezzi. and a new defensive midfielder. m villa / khedira / sissoko.
    we sell kuyt, skrtel , rodriguez, cole,ethen we can get back on track.
    til then we can only hope w

    • William says:

      BADNEWS I cant say I know all those players you mentioned but I have to agree about Carroll, Adams, Henderson and Downing. All average so far. I hope there is more money in the kitty to replace them but am not very confident whoever spends the money (KK or Comolli) would spend it wisely?

      Better players have left. We would look stronger with Meireless, Aquaman, Spearing, Kelly, Bellamy and Maxi 2 hat-tricks in the team!