Date: 24th October 2011 at 4:21pm
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John Barnes believes that Liverpool are relying too much on Luis Suarez and if he gets injured, we will be in trouble.

Barnes was speaking exclusively to and he said, “Luis Suarez is fantastic but I wish it was not all about Gerrard and Suarez. Liverpol need a better squad so there is not too much focus on them because if Suarez suddenly gets injured and can’t play you have got a problem and Liverpool can’t win.

“It can’t just be about the one or two players no matter how good they are. You do not win things when you depend on one or two players.

“You don’t want to be in a position where you have to rely on one or two people alone. Yes Suarez and Gerrard are both excellent players but they have to make sure that players are up there with them as well.”

Barnes continued: “Steven Gerrard has been the best player in England for the last five years and he really he is a fantastic captain and Fernando Torres was superb as well for Liverpool for a couple of years.

“Suarez is a great player but the great thing about football is that there is always someone else coming along who is going to become a great player. Things quickly move on in football.”

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4 responses to “Liverpool cannot win without him”

  1. artigas cruz says:

    luis has the talent that only and only a couple players have in the world massi and ronaldo , messi has iniesta xavi and so on, ronaldo has half of dozen players around him, so as for liverpool they only need players that aren’t jealous of luis like adam…if he could just be a team player then suarez would be scoring more, adam is a good mid field player but i have my doubts about him.

  2. Gerrardious says:

    totally agree with Barnes. apart from steadfast optimism which our fans possess, there’s not much reason to be confident of a strong finish. The squad though better than last year is not strong n talented enough to who on all fronts. Hopefully, we can get a run of wins and build momentum. I really hope Kenny n Commolli have some secret plan to bring in a solid CB n RW amongst other positons. in Jan. faith

    • William says:

      SWP was avaiable for a snip and doing great at QPR. Fast exciting, hard working and score/creates goals. With him on one wing and Bellamey on the other we would have frightened other teams silly with pace and aggression.
      Agger is fit again and is a must in the team. What about Coates? I thought we would haven more of him?
      I think a goalscorer is also required. Carroll is just a crap Duncan Ferguson. Although maybe if we kept wingers on when he comes on the pitch we could play to his strengths? The longer he is overlooked the more pressure is on him to get it right when he gates a chance?
      Luis needs to pass more. I think he can be greedy. I am also not too keen on his rolling around and then arguing. He is spoiling a great talent and it may work against him with the officials?

  3. RedHeart says:

    Agree with some of the comments here. We don’t have any other impact player at the moment apart from Luis. Well, there was one, Meireles whom we sold to our rivals.

    I think Charlie Adam should be on bench. Enough of him. That man is very slow in movement and loosing possession at such key positions for Liverpool. Norwich goal came from his mistake.

    Dirk kyut should be sold in January. Just hard-work can not pay off. Need a bit of creativity.

    If Kenny continues like this, I fear he will soon loose Suarez. That man is getting no service. All the chances he created himself. It was unfortunate that he could not finish them. He needs a bit support in the middle. Only if there was someone else cleaver enough to position himself right place at right time.