Date: 20th October 2011 at 10:00pm
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We have all gotten to know Steven Gerrard as Captain Fantastic at Liverpool. He will go down as one of the greatest players to ever wear the famous red shirt. But if there is one flaw or criticism of Gerrard which comes from Damien Comolli is that Gerrard is not vocal enough as a captain.

“If everyone in the group has the right attitude, then you need leaders.” Comolli said. “They can be technical, tactical, physical, intimidating or vocal. In the case of Steven Gerrard he is all of them except vocal, while Jamie Carragher is vocal.

“Stevie is a quiet leader, but the players say he carries the team.”

Do you agree with Comolli?


15 responses to “What Steven Gerrard lacks as a captain”

  1. J J says:

    All Stevie G is lacking as Captain is a Premier League Medal to complete his club medals!

  2. H to the B says:

    I cant believe it came comollis turn to talk about a legend like stevie is , he even criticize him what a total idiot, hes not aware hes talking about maybe the best lfc player ever but he goes and talks bullshit like that, what a disgrace man , very stupid and disrespectful statement.

  3. Horia says:

    I really hope Comoli did NOT say that ! Who the F*CK is he to talk about Stevie like that ?

  4. Adetunji olusola says:

    I agree with u,s.G don’t talk or complain on d field lik other’s captain do.

  5. Mario says:

    2 be sincere, stevie “G” is 2 cool and not vocal as comoli said, but i believe he is a living legend 4rm lfc.

  6. Simon says:

    Leading by example is fine with me. On the pitch he is very vocal. I’m afraid Comolli has embarrassed himself a bit here.

  7. George says:

    He won’t, but Gerrard should ask Comolli how many games of EPL he played!! I’ve always thought that with Carra behind him yelling he would’t be able to be heard anyway! I reckon this might have been taken out of context, but I am very surprised Comolli strayed into territory where he could be seen to be even vaguely criticing Gerrard. I doubt whether you would find ANY players who would disagree with the way he has captained them.

  8. vinnie says:

    umm, it’s so obvious and only the disillusioned couldn’t agree a simple fact. Damien is spot on and he did say that Stevie has the other 3 attributes, and no one seems to be interested in that, only focusing on the negativity.

    The comparison between Damien and Stevie as a player is so so flaw. Everyone who watches football has their own judgement on the players, team and games and when one makes a criticism, does that mean he is better than the player or the team he is criticising? No, because we judge based on the professionals’ level.

    Stevie leads by example, the problem with that is the players got complacent and over-relying on Stevie. What happened when he’s having a bad day or injured? All these years, he’s not vocal for my liking as a captain and Carra has always been my preferred captain for the club when he was in his peak but that doesn’t stop me from agreeing that Stevie deserves his no.2 spot in the 100pwstk

  9. william says:

    Refresh my memory, who emphatically threw his arms in the air and lifted the crowd and the players after he scored in Istanbul as he began to claw us back into contention? Taxi for Comolli im afraid.

  10. me2n says:

    Action speaks louder than words…

  11. Badd says:

    who’s Comolli after all? a poor man mistakenly hired by John Henry….

  12. Kevines says:

    Taken out of context.

  13. Grant says:

    All comoli is tryin 2 sax is, gerrard is fantastic, he doesn’t talk but make the lads do the right thing

  14. billy nambi says:

    drop comolli from liverpol FC.steve G YNWA…he is are good leader.why comolli say that.F**K off.

  15. william says:

    Gerrard is an outstanding leader who leads by example. We quikly forgetting that he had six month-layoff from first team action. And one more thing somebody tell Dalgish that Johnson is not better than Kelly at the right-back position. Good luck with Baggies match I’ll be watching from Africa