Date: 14th October 2011 at 2:52pm
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There will be a new face at Anfield on Saturday when Liverpool take on Manchester United. Basketball star, LeBron James who is a minority owner of Liverpool has jetted into Liverpool to watch the big game alongside John W. Henry and Tom Warner.

James made his arrival known on Twitter when he said,

“Just got to Liverpool, England.”

“Riding through the city. What a beautiful place. Home and birthplace of the One and Only ‘BEATLES.'”


10 responses to “Star jets in to watch Liverpool vs Manchester United at Anfield”

  1. ant says:

    liverpool a beautiful place ?

  2. Tony says:

    Liverpool is a world Heritage site, you better believe it’s beautiful and flooded with tourists!!!!!……name a better waterfront????

  3. Gerrardious says:

    d stylish Lebron? he makes me fink of Torres. lol

  4. AngelofLiverpool says:

    Great Lebron!
    Welcome and nice to see You!!
    And YNWA!

  5. der says:

    I feel kind of empty inside. this guy coming in to watch his part owned greyhound, on a race night . why I feel like this, I never see him at a training, never at a away match, this is a formality he has to fill. I KNOW its the same with the owners but I get a good feeling of Henry – this elder gentleman is like a new fan. a bit green on the history but gets the same elation as a fan of 50 years. le bron, I know ya from a Dr Dre song an that’s it, I KNOW your a big star in the states, thanks for coming, but this isn’t a greyhound you come to watch, its my club an I want you to be involved on a normal basis. wearing the jersey, sticking on the jackets, pah. none of ye guys would own my club ideally, it would be in the hands of the supporters…but nothing is ideal.

    • poo hed says:

      hehe, well i would say i am not a fan of heroin, but i’m sure if i tried it i would be hooked

  6. ynwa says:

    @Tim Smith
    You’ve just joined the WAN*KERS club………

  7. Fionnbharr says:

    F**k sake give the man a break!!! Going on there as if he is doing something wrong! He might end up hooked like the rest of us and maybe knows more thAn we think! End of he is doing f**k all wrong so f**k up! YNWA!