Date:13th October 2011 at 3:18pm
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Hopefully Kenny Dalglish is going to remain as the Liverpool manager for many seasons to come and bring back the success the club so richly deserves. I have no doubt that Kenny can go on for another 5 – 10 years as Liverpool manager if the team is doing well, but as with anything good, it has to come to an end at some point and we will need to get someone in to takeover from King Kenny.

Look at Manchester United, the day Sir Alex Ferguson decides to call it quits, is the day I see that club going into a serious downward spiral. They do not have anyone lined up to replace Ferguson and thus they are trying as best as they can to keep him.

Now at Liverpool, we hopefully have a solution in place for the departure of Dalglish and it could lie in Jamie Carragher. Just like Dalglish himself, he went from being a player and straight into the hot seat. Hopefully Carragher would be able to do the same but we all know that there are some players who have been great on the field but when they move to the dugout they were terrible! We do not have to look far, just look at Graeme Souness; great on the field for Liverpool but did very little when he was manager of the club.

Carragher himself has already made it clear that he wants to get into coaching and management when he hangs up his boots which could be as soon as the end of next season or the season after. I am sure right now he is learning as much as he can from Dalglish and his coaching staff. As romantic as it would be to have our very own local lad take over the club as manager, he will be under immense pressure to deliver results or else he will be sacked.

Martin Kelly has come out and said that he believes Carragher has what it takes to succeed as a manager.

“He has definitely got all the attributes to become a manager,” said Kelly.

“He would definitely get the best out of players. He won’t settle for second best and I look forward to seeing such a massive player for the club go into management.”

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