Date: 7th October 2011 at 4:22pm
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The Daily Mirror is reporting that Liverpool are a step closer to finalising a move to a new stadium as the club has narrowed down the search for naming partners for the stadium to just three.

There has been a lot of debate as to whether Liverpool will redevelop Anfield or move to a new stadium. From a business perspective, it makes sense to move to a brand new stadium but we need the money to build it and thus the importance of finding a naming partner for the new stadium. There is no way we could possibly move to a new stadium without it having a naming partner as we have seen with Arsenal and the Emirates Stadium.

Liverpool are thought to be seeking a naming-rights partner “who are prepared to pay at least the equal of Arsenal’s record-breaking deal at the Emirates, which was worth around £150 million,” according to the report.

Liverpool’s current shirt sponsors, Standard Chartered bank, are thought to be one of three companies the club has targeted as naming partners.

The club believe they can start building work early next year if they find a partner to match their valuation.


15 responses to “Liverpool edging closer to new stadium move”

  1. tony montana says:

    Im fearing the new stadium wont feel like home, at least thats what arsenal players said about emirates they still find it hard to feel it like home, but I know we must be having more seats and a bigger stadium, so Id back the idea to redevelop anfield not move to another one it would be hard to take really, all the memories and stuff belong to anfield so im saying players could find it hard in a new stadium , it just wont feel like home, dont know.

  2. Vipakindele says:

    Hurray! 70,000 capacity at least.

  3. Steve S says:

    I still think it’s the people that make the atmosphere and not the stadium. If it’s designed in a way to rebound the sound around the stadium, it will be even better than Anfield. More people = more noise!

  4. Tony says:

    Gavin Laws of Standard Chartered recently admitted that they wanted to be kept informed about possible deals, they are good sponsors and the move needs to happen unless we can expand Anfield.

  5. Mike says:

    Unfortunately Anfield cannot be developed beyond 60,000 capacity, plus while it is being upgraded there will be a lot less seats available for matches, which will reduce income.
    Might as well build a new Stadium to 70,000 seats, with the possibility of further future expansion! While it is being built Anfield can still be used to maximum capacity allowing for constant income.
    It is sad to leave Anfield, but it is a necessity for the development of the club.
    I think FSG have the vision to make sure it is even more noisy and even more intimidating for visiting teams.
    Just imagine the sound of over 60,000 singing You’ll Never Walk Alone!

  6. DaveWestAus says:

    If LFC want to ‘catch up’they will have to think more of the future & future fans! The game is on the move,very much world wide.A move to Stanley Park is vital if the club want to expand! Anfield as it is,has become a bit of a ‘rabbit warren’,after adding bits here & there over the years!
    I have been supporting the “REDS’ for 59years and I am very well aware of the attatchment our fans feel towards the present ground,but there comes a time in life to make an unselfish decision.We present fans need to think about fans of the future.The worst scenario is that LFC will continue playing catch up for many years to come if nothing positive is done! A new Stadium is paramount,but needs to be built soon otherwise the club will fall further behind!
    The club also need to bring back RAFA BENITEZ!

    • kagutsuti says:

      Well rafa have done a good work (on the basis of houllier’s work) maybe he gave us good players but he’s the reason why those players left us (cf xabi alonso) he’s always sayins oh i wanted this players who are now bacema a great player but he didn’t
      kenny dalglish gave back the real spirit of liverpool

      • DaveWestAus says:

        ‘IF’ and ‘WHEN’ KK takes LFC to the level that Benitez had the club,winning cups and being in the top four? Then I will agree wholeheartedly with you! RAFA had only one bad year and that is because he ‘DID NOT HAVE THE FULL BACKING THAT KK HAS NOW’.
        I doubt very much that KK will have that kind of success!

        • yanni says:

          you’re a brave lad dave for speaking thus, but I must agree that if Rafa had the backing KK has now we’d have won the league.

  7. M. says:

    It’s the fan that make the atmosphere, not the name or location of the stadium. First few years, the players may find it a bit different but that’s it. When Arsenal moved to Eremites, they carried a team majority of whom carried the memory of playing in a narrow & congested Highbury.

    I think, we shouldn’t spend to renovate Anfield, which already is 125 years establishment. A stadium of 70,000+ capacity ‘ll cost around £300mn, but another £50mn can make the Stanly park stadium, the biggest club ground in UK. We should target a bigger stadium with 80,000+ capacity & if we play the sort of attractive football & reach the height of the 70s & 80s, I am sure, the pending list of season ticket applicant ‘ll again reach to 10 years, even with a double capacity than current Anfield.

    Regarding KD, he is our legend, my boyhood hero. Had he played for Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Holland or France in his time, I am sure he would have been recognized in the ranks of Pele, Maradona, Platini or Crueff. However, English football has changed a lot since last time KD managed a successful side. Technically better & skillful continental & Latin players have transformed the hit & run long passing English game. I have no doubt on KKs impact or commitment to LFC, but just had feeling that, it might have been better, had he not taken the job permanently. We were in crisis & like a true messiah, KK too the derailed fleet, but I am afraid, he carried for too long.

    A modern & younger Continental Manager (I don’t think there is any top quality British manager now, gone are the days of Ferguson, Paiesly, Levy, Clough, Atkinson or Robson) with the know how & contacts of global talent could have been better. & yes, with £125mn, Benitez would have made LFC a far, far better & attractive club (Surely he won’t have wasted £72+mn on 3 mediocre English players).

    I wish I am proved wrong in next 2-1/2 years time & KD don’t get tactfully sacked.

  8. Tony says:

    Im on the waiting list which is now closed at 70,000 fans, we need to increase big-time as fans will travel from all over the place to fill it. Make it a minimum 70,000 seater!!!

  9. don says:

    i agree with the movers, as for those who say it wont be the same atmosphere, truth is every transformation has the potential to change the atmosphere, i started on the kop as a young lad sneaking in with 20 minutes to go back in 1967, the kop was a heaving sea of humanity, todays version doesn’t come close to the energy and atmosphere generated then, I’m sure that old LFC fans will talk about older now confined to history stands that generated their own feel. the connecting factor has always been the fans, As long as the new ground has a Kop and maybe a stand named after Bill Shankly and the atmosphere would still be there as long as scousers love thie football.

  10. l.f.c says:

    anfield has has great history but we need to look foward , if we dont build new stadium with big capacity we cant compete with the big boys .

  11. ApoN? says:

    big stadium with big squard please ….. 65’000 to 70’000 plus 3 to 5 new stars…. no more average player…

  12. Henderson Cheung says:

    They should try their best to redevelop Anfield…
    it’s the home of all that is Liverpool and it holds all the memories and triumphs of the Liverpool teams over the years… a new venue would just not be the same … at all..