Date: 6th October 2011 at 10:42am
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The latest Merseyside derby this weekend highlighted a lot of issues. Are our referees really the best in the world, and if not, when are they going to be held accountable? Are we starting to see the ugly side of fans, creeping back into our stadiums, and are clubs doing enough to combat those disgusting individuals who throw missiles directly at players? And is the Liverpool side that finished the game (with the exception of Jordan Henderson) the ideal starting XI for Kenny Dalglish? Let’s take a look.

Little more than 20-minutes had passed on the clock when Martin Atkinson foolishly flashed a red card in Jack Rodwell’s direction after the Everton midfielder committed a tough, but clean challenge, but it took Liverpool until the 71st minute to break the deadlock. Both club Captain Steven Gerrard and Craig Bellamy had been on the pitch barely 4-minutes when the latter was involved in some neat build-up play which saw Andy Carroll break Everton’s resolve. There should be little doubt that the injection of pace and quality that Liverpool introduced at that time, in the sweltering, unseasonable weather, against a tiring 10-men helped change the game once more.

Bellamy replaced the anonymous Stewart Downing and looked instantly more threatening down the left-hand side of the pitch, combining well with left-back Jose Enrique. The former Villa man had a promising start to the season, but in recent weeks has become something of an invisible man. Bellamy on the other hand is the perennial pain in the neck to whatever opposition he faces. His constant harrying and buzzing around the pitch, coupled with his mouthy, moaning ‘charm’ never leaves supporters wondering if he is on the field of play. Charlie Adam had performed bright in spells but has not been as consistently influential on the pitch as he would have liked – or many would have expected. The return of iconic Captain Gerrard will now threaten Adam’s place in the starting line-up. There could be a case to partner both midfielders together and thus replacing the much maligned Lucas, which is what many fans want to see. It would certainly provide a more offensive option, however the balance of the team may suffer as the much improved Brazilian provides an effective shield in-front of the defensive line, and defensively, Liverpool have struggled at times this season.

Injuries have prevented Liverpool from having a consistent back-line this season but there can be little doubt when fit, Agger, Carragher and Jose Enrique should be first choice (alongside keeper Pepe Reina). The only question mark is at right-back with young Martin Kelly forever impressing, injury prone England international Glen Johnson seems to be a forgotten man at Anfield, and many believe his poor defensive positional sense should see young Kelly keep his place

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33 responses to “Dalglish’s best Liverpool starting lineup revealed”

  1. Flauvio says:

    Starting XI for Man U:

    Kelly – Carragher – Agger (if fit) – Enrique
    Kuyt – Lucas – Gerrard – Downing
    Suarez – Caroll

    Subs: Doni, Sktrl, Johnson, Adam, Spearing, Henderson, Bellamy

  2. Sanjay says:


    *If fit

  3. Charlie says:

    bellamy must start… fact.

  4. william says:


    Kelly Carragher Agger Enrique

    Kuyt Gerrard Downing


    Subs: Doni Skertel Adam Johnson Spearing Henderson Bellamy

  5. Redsy says:


    • NonEventHorizon says:

      100% agree, very fast and flowing attacking options for the quick counter and also balanced enough to play a pass and move possesion game. Still leaves us with great quality on the bench to change things around and rotate players to keep them fresher for longer into the season

      • Jack says:

        Fast? Flowing football? Only in your dream. That will never happen with Jamie ‘Hoofer’ Carragher and Lucas ‘Anything-but-sambal football’ Leiva in the team.

    • alfred says:

      that’s my team

  6. liverpoollad says:

    kelly carra agger enrique
    kuyt stevie g lucas downing
    suarez bellamy

  7. Dillboy says:

    Why does everyone put agger in there first 11. You should all know by now that he’s always injured. Maybe we should put Johnson in as well who also seems to be injured and perhaps buy dyer from qpr.I’d rather have a good player that can be fit for at least 30 games a season than a class player that’s only fit for about 10 games, what’s the point in that. I don’t think agger will ever start playing 30 games plus a season. Some players are just very injury proned and he’s 1 of them unfortunately. I have noticed most of you put in brackets if fit but he’s not fit is he so it’s a bit of a waste of time most of you putting him in your starting 11 to be fair

    • poo hed says:

      …. because he is class ? because he is better then skrtel?

      remember its peoples ‘best’ starting 11 based on everybody being fit?

      i also don’t think you are giving him enough credit, he played on with a broken rib ffs.

  8. carmine cavallo says:

    Kelly Carra Agger Enrique

    Maxi Rodriguez Stevie G. Lucas Bellamy

    Suarez Bellamy

    Bench: Doni, Johnson, Downing, Adam, Coates, Carroll, Spearing

    • jo says:

      You Love Bellamy such that he had to take the place of 2..You maybe on to something though..10 men work harder than

  9. Hannah says:

    Kelly, Carragher, Agger, Enrique
    Lucas, Adam, Downing
    Suarez, Carroll

    Subs: Doni, Johnson, Skrtel, Coates, Maxi, Henderson, Kuyt,

  10. danial says:


  11. Ismaillfc says:

    Please and please make our line up the match between man utd vs us like this Reina….kelly…..carragher…….agger……..enrique……….adam……..gerrad………dowining…………..kuyt………..bellemy……….suarez if if if you make like that i sure i sure we will get 3points in that match 15 octo please like this if you want to get us three points

    • chambers says:

      No way if you have Adam playing!

    • Yes you are right in that aspect,I think K.K is making the wrong starting Eleven,I think K.K shouldn’t take the step of R.B because that will make him lose control and hardly for him to pick up 3 point,K.K should always start like this, Reina,Agger,Carra,Skrtl,Enrique,C.Gerard,Kuyt,Lucas,Downing,Bellamy,Suarez If K.K wants to see his side taken the 3 maximum point i think he shouldn’t make any error then.

      My best wishes for him and the Team Mate.

  12. emmanuel says:

    And the formation is 5-4-1
    its not defensive given the players you field,look our fullbacks here like going forward and they have that ability to cut inside into the box as they have the skills,I would like to see someone playing them those long balls when they overlap,and you know the presence of Stevie would take pressure off Surez as lone striker there because the opposition knows they cant give Gerrard any space to shoot.Adam is a little slow compared to Lucas and maybe he will get better with time.While other players would understand that they are not bad its just that only 11 players are fielded at a go.And players have different qualities,and also they should understand that they are on the bench to come on as subs to change the game or win it like it can happen anywher in the world.

  13. Simon Borg says:

    Reina- kelly carra Agger Enrique-Johnson Gerrard Lucas downing – kuyt or Bellamy suarez

  14. Akash @ Super Star FC says:

    FORMATION: 3-1-3-2-1 Attacking

    • RoGue says:

      Almost perfect. Only part I disagree with is playing Gerrard out right. Bellamy should play out right instead and Gerro as an attacking midfielder. And Adam can be a more defensive midfielder.

  15. crazyhorse says:

    neal hansen hughes kennedy
    case souness mcdermott r kennedy
    dalglish rush ….this time machines on the blink again!

  16. Sylvergreat says:

    DEVOUR the devourer come 15th hiding place for devils because the must bow to red angles of merseyside.YNWA.

  17. oz red says:

    line up v manure

    kelly carra agger enrique
    kuyt gerrard lucas bellamy
    suarez carroll

    subs: maxi, adam, hendo, downing, coates, johnson(skrtel if injured), doni

    ultimately I would like to see johnson at right back and kelly in a centre back role.

  18. phages says:

    pepe kelly cara agar jose kuyt adam steve downing suares caroll sub doni belamy handerson lucas maxi coates spearing

  19. sam says:


    flannagen kelly agger enrique

    johnson henderson gerrard downing

    carrol suarez

    bench. doni, robinson, carra, adam, bellamy, kuyt, maxi

  20. niall says:

    given a choice from a fully fit squad I would choose

    kelly, carra, agger, enrique
    gerrard, lucas
    johnson, suarez, downing

    Johnson and downing to provide the width for carroll while suarez and gerrard to come from deeper, also gives us plenty of pace in the side only carra, lucas and carroll are pedestrian and with options from the bench like bellers, dirk, maxi, adam we are well stocked with players who can change a game

  21. ApoN? says:

    Formation (4:4:2)

    Pepe Reina

    Glen Johnson Martin Kelly Daniel Agger Jose Enrique

    Lucas Leiva

    Dirk Kuyt Steven Gerrard Steward Downing

    Luis Suarez Craig Bellamy


    GK – Doni
    CB – Jammie Carragher
    LWB/LWM – Fabio Aurelio
    CM – Charlie Adam
    RM – Jordan Henderson
    AM/SS – Maxi Rodriguez
    ST – Andy Carroll

  22. Skuggan says:

    Johnson – Carragher – Agger – Enrique
    Kuyt – Gerrard – Lucas – Downing
    Suarez – Bellamy

  23. Panther says:

    Kelly Carragher Agger Enrique
    Henderson Gerrard Adam Downing
    Suarez Caroll

    this is seriously the best line up that i can think of.King Kenny has never played with this line up but this is the strongest that i can think of.kuyt and Bellamy can come on as subs if the game isnt going our way