Date:4th October 2011 at 4:03pm
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Following the Merseyside Derby on Saturday some Liverpool fans and many fans from opposing clubs were calling Luis Suarez a diver after Jack Rodwell tackled him. At first look, the tackle looked bad but then replays show that it was not that bad a tackle and Suarez may have milked it.

The FA have today (Monday ) announced that Jack Rodwell’s red card will be rescinded as Everton appealed that sending off, suggesting now that Suarez overreacted for that challenge.

Two ex-Liverpool players spoke out after that game and both believe that Suarez should not have reacted the way he did after that challenge.
Graeme Souness said, “I’ve played in Latin countries and I’ve worked in Latin countries and I think they, at times, can exaggerate that situation.

“I think he [Suarez] is a fabulous football player, but I think he’s also a very cute player. He’ll be a great asset for Liverpool, but I think yesterday he overplayed that”

Whilst Ray Houghton went on to comment, “He did catch Suarez but does that mean that he should have screamed at the top of his voice before he hit the ground? Probably not but that is the way football has gone unfortunately.

“If you want to stop challenges like that then we may as well go and play a different game. I don’t think it was a red card. I don’t think it was a yellow card, it was just a very good challenge.”

Now being a Liverpool fan, I have to try stick up for our players as best as I can and I defended Suarez when the debate began that he dives and goes to the ground too easily. But now that the red card has been rescinded, we have very little leverage now in our defence for Suarez.

The likes of Ronaldo, Drogba and Torres, when they first came to the Premier League, they went to the ground too easily but over a couple of seasons they learnt that they have to stay on their feet as much as possible and hopefully the same will happen to Suarez. In my opinion he does not go down as easily as those three I have mentioned.

What is your take on all of this?