Date:30th September 2011 at 11:00am
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With every team that has undergone a significant overhaul comes the fear that the new boys will not know what it takes to participate in the local derby and will treat it like just another game.

But any football player that claims to come to Liverpool for its heritage and tradition will know about the fierce rivalry that Liverpool and Everton have always had since LFC split from Everton in 1892.

What professional footballer has not ever played in a derby? All the new boys should have experienced a derby atmosphere before at their previous clubs and that is the point that Kenny Dalglish expressed to the media.

“For Andy, the north-east derby isn’t to be undermined either, and for Stewart… Villa against Birmingham isn’t the smallest of derbies, is it?

“They may not have experienced one of these derbies before, but everybody has experienced a derby of some sort.

“Even for Luis (Suarez), the derby he’s been involved in in Holland (between Ajax and Feyenoord) will have been frenetic as well. Every derby starts the same way.

“I don’t think there is anybody who will be involved with us on Saturday who would undermine or be surprised by what they come up against.

“That’s very important and although they might not have experienced the derbies here, they have somewhere else and they were equally as important to them when they were playing in them as what this one is.”

Do you think the new Reds will be phased or intimidated by the atmosphere on Saturday? I for one don’t think so. These boys come in knowing what it means to face Everton and Man United and will no doubt give their all for Liverpool and King Kenny, a manager who understands the importance of beating the bitters in blue. Something Roy Hodgson certainly did not when he boldly proclaimed after our morale sapping defeat that it was the best he had seen us play that season.

Come on you Reds! YNWA!