Date: 27th September 2011 at 1:39pm
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The pressure continues to mount on Andy Carroll and his inability to find the back of the net for Liverpool. People are already dubbing him a waste of money having paid so much money for him and him having only scored one goal so far this season in the Carling Cup against Exeter.

But I feel that this criticism on Carroll is not right. Yes, he missed a good chance against Wolves on Saturday when he tried to do too much in the box instead of taking a shot at goal but his overall display against Wolves was not bad at all as you can see from the video below.

Carroll gives us that added option of hitting the ball long and getting some decent crosses into the box for him to latch onto. He is a physical threat to defenders in the box and I am sure if you ask any defender in the Premier League they would tell you that they do not look forward to marking Carroll.

I know you have been a hearing a lot of “give the lad some more time” and I think we should do that. The signs are there that he can form a good partnership with Suarez and Kenny should stick with the Carroll – Suarez partnership for our next match against Everton. The more the two play together, the better their understanding will be of each other. We all want the partnership to work and they only way it can is for the two of them to play more games together.

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26 responses to “[Video] Evidence that Andy Carroll should start against Everton”

  1. Adam says:

    andy carroll,henderson,adam and carragher must sit on bench and maxi,bellamy,cotes and gerrad must play.Daglish must give suarez play for full time.

    • Willybobs says:


    • Yasin says:

      Can’t stand how fans nowadays expect instant perfection from players. He’s young and he’s learning so please, please give him a chance and don’t destroy him before he’s had the opportunity to mature into a great player he has the potential to be. Lucas also had the same issues now look at him, the same goes for Kuyt now fans are up in arms if he isn’t playing. Berbatov and Crouch are other players that came good after a difficult period and what about Bergkamp! It’s not easy playing for a big club with high expectations on your shoulders the same goes for Adam and Henderson they will be excellent and all you fickle fans will be eating your words. Majority of people that start a new job will initially struggle a little to settle but once they have that’s when you see the real person coming through and what they have to offer

    • qrishendo says:

      Dear my fellow Kopites,Kenny need to start all our new signing often or regularly basis..this only could lead to a perfection..Kenny’s idea to have Carroll and Suarez partnering upfront is to create effective striking force similar to Toshack and Keegan during those days…

    • lowey says:

      adam, your a twat

    • chris says:

      all the players we bought played great for the club they were at before coming to us otherwise keeny wouldnt ave bought them now they all need games together to gel the other player dont know how to service theese players as goo as their old counter parts kenny just need to give them games and make them produce the football he signed them for, keep taken them out the team and we’ll have a load of dead wood again.

  2. a says:

    Unlike the other blind fans, I’d say:

    Carroll, Adam and Carragher MUST start in the first 11, because they are superb 🙂

  3. mc john barnes says:

    carrol to start with suarez, he will wear down the defenders, then slam bellamy on with 25 to go to cause the most damage. Henderson needs to sit this one out for dirk on the right. Think spearing deserves a start considering adam is banned, and gerrard to come off the bench.

    • don says:

      Adam’s not banned, but i do think Gerrard should start, possibly for Adam with Kuyt taking the right side.

  4. nd says:

    andy caroll is not a liverpool payer.i didt like him. pls go back 2 newc. pls kk pay sur and bellam.thank god dat s g is back.pls get f tores back and u wil c liverpool back .up liverpool 4 life

    • Yasin says:

      why don’t you pi*s off to newcastle or even chelsea if you love torres that much. He’s had a worse start at chelsea than Carroll at Liverpool

    • Gerrardious says:

      dude u just made me laugh real hard (thumb up).
      just go back to watchin cartoon network and leav the discussion to adults

  5. ArmchairLFCfan says:

    And I’d say leave it to KK to decide. After all, he takes full responsibility for his decisions and the results.

  6. Abdul says:

    Carrol, he is still ayoung player and he still going to adapt to liverpool style and is going to be liverpool best player in future.

  7. carl says:

    carroll should start

  8. ian says:

    carrol must start the longer suarez and him play together the better they will get take no notice of the press there all biased against us any way judge him after a season not on a hand fulll of games

  9. Word says:

    If Carroll plays like he did against Wolves in the rest of our matches, it will be money well spent. I saw a completely different player against Wolves than I have seen in all previous matches. He was better against Wolves than he was against Man City. He didn’t lumber at all on the pitch. He looked great on his crosses, a menace on crosses in the box, was a physical force on headers and looked good on his first touch. He was suburb! No step backwards Andy, keep going forward and improve on all aspects of your game and the goals will come. Great game!

  10. J J says:

    I just can’t understand so called Liverpool fans. Forget about bringing back Torres. He is history. Just let the Andy Carroll – Suarez combination time to work. All good combinations need time to gel. Any footballers will tell you that. Give Carroll a break. He just need to improve on his mobility on the field.

  11. artigas cruz says:

    if and when carroll starts to move a bit more that he did last game he will be a great asset to this team, i think he is a bit slow for Suarez and smarts come into play…still think c will be fine soon.

  12. qrishendo says:

    Don’t write Carroll off just yet…his best is yet to come..i still believe he can cause trouble to Evertonian defence, a nightmare to remember..or rather all opponents defence..

    • don says:

      Only down side with starting Carroll, might be that it plays into the hands of their strongest player, so far Distan (or is it Distain) has looked very solid if Andy plays he’s gonna have to drag him right across the back line out of his comfort zone, can’t wait for the game, we can play it so many ways and still win.

  13. Davie says:

    The video evidence would suggest YES he should start. I feel Everon might rub their hands & hope he does strart because overall hes not been up to standard. Better perfvormance against Wolves well done Andy keep it up.YNWA.

  14. lowey says:

    all the sad idiots wont give respect where its due, carroll as well as wolves played well against spurs, the effort was there and hes slowly coming good. but he cant win with some u idiots. when he does start banging them him you will probably still find something to gripe about with him.
    now martin skrytel is one person who should be getting slated,cost us goals last season and is still the biggest liability we have. neeed to bleed coates in soon as

  15. lowey says:

    carroll should start, suarez on the right, bellamy on the left.

  16. l.f.c says:

    carrol should start , people need to lay off him hes a young guy and the pressure put on him from that 35 mil transfer fee is not easy . he is an explosive talent and once he scores he will he come to lyf , once him and suarez gels they will be unstoppable the only problem is suarez i have a funny feeling that he will leave for madrid or barca in the near future .