Date: 27th September 2011 at 10:54am
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Johns Barnes believes that Liverpool are looking good under Kenny Dalglish but the Liverpool legend does not think that Liverpool will win the league this season but we will finish in the top four. “I don’t think Liverpool will win the league but I certainly think they will be in the top four,” he said.

Barnes added, “Kenny has made signings not just for the present but for the future. That’s important as you need continuity. If you keep changing players you’ll never get anywhere.

“Now there are a lot of players in the squad who will be around for a long time and that has to be good.

“Stewart Downing is an outstanding winger and creates chances. With Jose Enrique, who is a very good attacking full-back, the left hand side looks good.

“In recent years Liverpool’s problem when they had a midfield without proper wingers was their full-backs weren’t attacking so they lacked width. Now they have a better balance.

“Next season young players like Andy Carroll and Jordan Henderson will be a year more experienced and with greater consistency of performances Liverpool can challenge for the title.

“I think Kenny can bring the title back to Anfield. Everyone has got faith in him.”

Do you agree with John Barnes’ assessment?


7 responses to “Barnes: Liverpool will not win the league but…”

  1. amit says:

    no he cannot win the title until he stops buying shits like carrol and henderson and spening more than 50mill on shit players had he bought marin for 25mill and another striker like damio for 25mill our squad rit now would have been competing for title instead of top four

    kelly agger coates enrique

    dowgning lucas gerrard marin

    suarez damio
    sub:kuyt, bellamy, adam, etc this is strong squad


    Liverpool has good squad to win if players can concentrate and play like one team.

  3. jasbir says:

    Not at all,

    More than Striker we need a world class Centre back and right back. We are scoring regularly but problem area is defence where we could not maintained our lead. Whichsoever, match we lost that was due to defence otherwise, we always scored. Stock did not loss his 1 goal lead throughout the match and secure win due to their defence. They bear atleast 25 attacking moves and 15 shots on target but due to their defensive birrilance they secured the match. on the otherhand not a single match went where we did not received a jolt of goal. even sunderland and wolves torment our defence.

  4. Gano says:

    I agree with JB but we are only 3pts off the top 3, so we are not a million miles away. With the turn-over of players it’s difficult to blend them quickly, Liverpool have great stength in depth now. If we win at ‘the bitters’ we are in a good position in the table, with the mancs at home soon after. Can you say we won’t win it 100%, I don’t think so???, maybe not but we should do everything to do exactly that!!!!

  5. glen says:

    kennys averaging las season 2 points a game.. wid dat we can still get to 76 points if we perform likewise.. so hav to agree.. winnin de title will be based on otha teams droppin de points..

    • teesomethang says:

      kenny shud stop this brishit good players whether they are from argentina britain,africa or mars.get us marin/gotzee/hazard,lucas,damiao,ranieri,vertoghen in januray

  6. jas says:

    There is competion for 3rd and 4th place between three teams (Chelesee, Spur and Liverpool). At present all the teams are neck and neck despite other two teams have little edge. We can overcome these two with vise planning and arraning our team. I think we need a world class Centre back and attacking Right Back of Enrique class. Bellemy is vary good on the left wing we can use downing on the right wing. We must play 2 4 4 1 formation

    Surez and Kuyt (Carrol)

    Ballmey Lucaas Gerrard & Downing

    Enrique Agger Carra Kelley (Jhonson)


    with this formation we can beat chalssee and spur. We have nice speedy wings on both ends Well suported by Enquire and Kelly Lucas will do his defencive midfield duties and Gerrard with attack behind Surez and Kuyt(Carrol) beside providing solid defence.

    If we have one world class centre back and right back than we can win every match even scoring a single goal by making clean shit.