Date: 26th September 2011 at 9:36am
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Liverpool edged past Wolves on Saturday to win 2-1 in a game which we should have won much more comfortably but had to hold on a bit towards the end. Yet again just like the Spurs game, we started the game very slowly but luckily we were not punished and instead we got a goal courtesy of Charlie Adam’s deflected effort.

Suarez then made it 2-0 on the 38th minute with a wonder strike. If we are honest with each other, many of us thought that Suarez had blown the chance to score that goal when he cut back inside but then due to his sheer brilliance he managed to rifle a shot with his left foot to beat the keeper at his near post.. absolute brilliance.

Liverpool could have scored more goals but we just could not beat Hennessey in the Wolves goal. Wolves made some tactical changes at the start of the second half and threw on an extra striker and that started to cause us problems and they pulled back a goal early on in the second half.

It is games like this that we should be putting to bed and not holding on for a nail biting victory against Wolves at home. We still have a lot to work on for the rest of the season but as they say; three points is three points.

Andy Carroll got another chance to start upfront alongside Luis Suarez and in all fairness, Carroll did not have that bad a game as he came close to scoring on a couple of occasions but he really let me down towards then end when he was through on on goal but he failed to get his shot away and instead was trying to dance past the Wolves defence. The Carroll-Suarez combination still has a long way to go before it works but the signs are there that it can work.

Steven Gerrard came on with 10 minutes to go and he is looking very good. I can not wait to see him back at full fitness and playing 90 minutes.

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4 responses to “Who shone and who flopped against Wolves?”

  1. Bomber25 says:

    Suarez is a gem of a player.

  2. Mike says:

    Once again Suarez wins the game.
    If he is ever injured i just can’t see who will win the game for us. My point being …this team looks like it’s going to take to long to click in to place.
    All the games we have won so far this season have been won by Suarez, and this is a danger as we were once a one man team and have tried to get rid of that with the signings we made in the summer. But I can’t see the direction in which the team should be going yet , but like the Article said 3 points is 3 points ……… But how long can that last?

    • Chan says:

      Mike, when KD decided to pay 35 mill for a donkey and 20 mill for a sissy, we would always gonna be a 1 man team.

      • Mike Roberts says:

        Hey Chan your spot on. Caroll is not ready to wear the Shirt and just because he has one reasonable good game Vs Wolves doesn’t mean anything as we all know that Vorinin and babel had a few good games…… Caroll just doesn’t seems he is carrying the world on his shoulders. I hope I’m wrong and that he turns into this player that others see in him, I would gladly eat my words.