Date: 19th September 2011 at 4:56pm
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Liverpool put in their worst performance of the season on Sunday away to Tottenham we went down 4-0 and it could easily have been worse. What concerned me was how poorly we started the game. We let Spurs get out of the blocks well and we never seemed to have them under control thus it was no surprise that they took the early lead through a goal which should never have happened if Agger had not gone down injured.

Dalglish said after the game, “They started better than us and Modric scores a great goal to put them one in front. Then Daniel Agger gets injured in the process of trying to make the tackle, but it’s a great finish.

“That was the start of our downfall. We started poorly and they began better than us, despite the other incidents which are best left unanswered. We can look at ourselves and the start we had in the game because that dictated what was going to happen to us.”

The red cards to Charlie Adam and Martin Skrtel did not help our cause at all. Adam’s sending off was very harsh and if he had stayed on the pitch we could have fought back and gotten something out of the game but it is never easy playing with only 10 men away from home let alone 9.

Skrtel had a torrid time on the field yesterday as Bale was causing him all sorts of problems. I have heard many fans today saying that Flanagan should have started ahead of Skrtel as he at least has the pace to keep up with Bale. It was really no surprise that Skrtel got sent off after failing to deal with Bale.

It is really hard to find any positives out of this game and it is a game we should quickly forget about. I was glad to see Coates make his debut. It was not the best game for him to come on in and it could be seen that he has quite a bit of work to do before he gets used to the Premier League. I hope he gets to start in the Carling Cup in midweek as Skrtel is suspended and Agger could still be ruled out by his injury.

We know it will not be easy for you to come up with a name for Liverpool’s best player against Tottenham but let’s see what you think.

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15 responses to “Who shone and who flopped against Tottenham?”

  1. mitch says:

    adam did deserve to be sent off you naive retard, just accept we were shit

    • Chan says:

      Spot on Mitch, both Adam and Skrtel desrve their red cards. And KD deserve to be sack and replace by Rafa.

      • Richard says:

        Is there a thread on that site where you won’t be slagging Dalglish ? You do realise that he probably won’t ever see your non-stop whining, and it’ll serve no useful purpose except to bore people to tears.

      • joseph says:

        LOL. not likely, though the leaking at the back would stop. adebayor said that spurs forwards were confident they could run behind liverpool’s back line at will. enrique excepted, that’s obvious. as good a starting place for blame as any. then, adam and henderson are mid-table players on their best days. there is no guile, no skill, no ability to hold or move the ball under pressure. out hustled, out managed, out played everywhere, but especially embarrassing in center mid where we simply have no talented players.

  2. Imran says:

    Probably the worst I’ve seen us play in years and I very doubt we’ll see that again. We need to get toughen and tighten up in the middle and back. Gerrard’s return is timely and much needed.

  3. vipakindele says:

    playing without central attack mf where d game should’ve been won.i don’t know what we have in mimd when we sold mereiles.all d blame to kk.

  4. Stevie G (Walton) says:

    The problem with Liverpool was King Kenny got his tactics wrong and should have played 5 in midfield to stifle Spurs. Another mistake was to complain about recent refereeing decisions because I reckon Mike Riley appointed Mike Jones and told him that if a Liverpool player so much as farts within hearing distance of you then book him!! I know that is said jokingly but you have to ask why when Spurs players deliberately hand-balled 3 times none of them were booked. While Liverpool committed 6 fouls in the first half which resulted in 4 bookings!! That is an absolute farce. Yes, we cannot excuse Liverpool’s poor performance, Spurs did deserve to win but Mike Jones made sure we had no chance of a comeback in the second-half by punishing Liverpool so readily.

    • joseph says:

      yes. spurs have more pace, and more technical ability, especially in midfield. we were never going to win the midfield possession battle against modric, kranjcar, van der vaart, and parker. the first 3 have more technical ability than anyone in our side, apart from Luis. Adam did the only thing he could do, foul anyone within reach. Henderson may one day be as good a player as michael carrick or darren fletcher, but he has absolutely no technical ability to speak of. if he had blinding pace he might justify his inclusion in every starting 11, but he’s average there too. Poor henderson is like an empty pocketed robbery victim; he just doesn’t have what is asked of him.

  5. Tezza says:

    Hodgson vilified for inept tactics. King Kenny is cheered.

    Go figure.

    Which one spent £100 million again ?

    Benitez will be manager again by the end of this season.

  6. cheezy@s.a says:

    Guys relax. I think kenny did make a mistake by playing caroll. Kuyt would have been better. Johnson and kelly was injured so skrtel had 2 play. Flano with have been an option. But bale with have given any1 a problem. Our midfield could not cope with the pressure. Adam is too slow for away games, at home he will have more time to play the ball. Gerrard will be back soon and henderson will have to be on the bench. In kenny we trust YNWA

  7. bobbiDanger says:

    You are acting like a twat and here is why:)

    The players that played in the match, that you observed, are the FUCKING TEAM YOU SUPPORT. Not players on the bench, not players on other teams. Win, lose, draw, those are the players that make up the team on match day. No could of, should of, would of…match day, game on, glory or shame, victory or death.

    You died yesterday.

    You cheer for Skrtel, you support him, will him stronger then others, and you sit and hope. If the team lose, he loses, and you lose, because that’s the way it fucking works! You lost! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhh!

    Support the players, and the team, win, lose or draw, or fuck off! 🙂

  8. frank says:

    I did not watch the game for some reason BUT, HOW DID we fail so disastrously !!!! I really did not understand why Carrol played instead of DIRK.

  9. wulf says:

    Jordan Henderson must have 3 sisters, as together with his parents that’s his 5 votes.

  10. wulf says:

    Bobbi, I respect you point of view, but there are different ways to react to such a total humiliation, to analyze and rant and blow off steam is one. yours is the ‘cult of long suffering supporters’ approach. I respect you for not ranting and for supporting no matter the result on the pitch. not in my personality to watch a club I love make such poor judgments and be silent.