Date: 19th September 2011 at 11:16am
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Once again Liverpool fans are waking up on a Monday morning devastated at the performance of Liverpool Football Club over the weekend. Yesterdays performance was like being shot in the back – Painful and unexpected. Trying to take the positives from last week’s defeat at Stoke, I honestly believed we would take a point minimum from White Hart Lane. This was until I saw the team sheet. In my personal opinion, Dalglish is showing the same inept tactical decisions that sometimes dogged his previous tenure as Liverpool manager back in the 80s. Dirk Kuyt statistically is second to no one when it comes to effort and km’s run on a football field over the past 6 seasons and yesterday Dalglish showed a complete lack of respect not starting him or even bringing him on when Adam was dismissed.

Kuyt’s hard work and endeavour could have potentially been the pivotal change that would have ensured a point or at least a respectful score line. He would have worked hard going forward and also helping to stem the threat of Bale. With Andy Carroll lumbering around the pitch, miss-controlling the ball, being beaten to every header, he is certainly not endearing himself to the fans or anywhere near justifying his price tag, though I do understand he cannot control the price paid for him.

Skrtel at right-back? Has young Flanagan done something to upset Dalglish? So much faith has been shown in him and he has proven his ability never having a poor performance and yet Dalglish chose to use one of the most immobile players in Skrtel at right-back. Martin Skrtel is a backup centre-back at best, he cannot tackle and his headers are never commanding but wayward.

Dalglish has bought potentially great players into the club over the summer and it does take time for players to get to know each other, but most of the players were proven in the Premiership, so time given should be less.

A poor performance against Sunderland and two away defeats have left us 8 points off the top after only 5 games, with the money spent since January, a top 4 finish should be the minimum expected from Liverpool Football Club.

Evidence from the last 8 days shows this is going to be a tall order.

I am merely stating the obvious, that year after year our expectations appear too high, do we expect too much? After the money that has been spent? I think not.


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  1. Rich says:

    Andy Carroll looks off the pace and too slow for the way we play. In the games we have had Kuyt and Suarez up top we look full of ideas, aggression and a far more fluid team.

    Flannagan would have been torn apart by Bale so I can see why he wasn’t involved but maybe bringing in Jack Robinson at either left or right back would have been a better option, maybe moving Enrique across as both are such quick full backs.

    At the moment Charlie Adam and Andy Carroll slow the entire team down and I’m not sure Henderson really offers that much. I’d love to see Suarez and Kuyt up front with Bellamy and Downing on the wings. Gerrard and Lucas in the middle.

    • Ndebenkulu says:

      Spot on mate! Our midfield is way too slow, not creative enough and can’t tackle. I would rather have Downing, Spearing (holding), Stevie, Bellamy, Suarez and Kuyt, then have Carrol come as a sub at some stage. This is a more mobile set up. At the back i would rather have Coates, Agger (central), Enrique and Kelly (when fit). Skirtel is always an accident waiting to happen (its almost like he can’t think at times, too clumsy), Jammie is also an accident waiting to happen. Johnson can be used in the midfield, he is a better attacker. Henderson and Carrol is money well wasted in my opinion (£20mil and £35mil), how daft was Liverpool FC spending so much on them?

      • Rich says:

        I’d be looking at Enrique and Johnson at full back and look to bring Coates in alongside Agger. Ideally Kelly should be given some playing time in the middle. Carra is a walking time bomb at the moment.

        Gerrard and Lucas in midfield, Downing on the wing and then Suarez and Bellamy buzzing around Kuyt.

    • J J says:

      I reckon Kenny was hoping for a Dzeko style of performance from Carroll which he his capeable of.

    • turks says:

      I think this should be our starting 11 with players available.




      When all players are available




      Downing and Bellamy would make the bench, Adam competing with Spearing for place on bench and Henderson i’d drop all together and give Suso or Sterling a chance.

      Henderson has offered very little for me and think he needs to earn a start.

      Adam has been average at best, it’s all well and good going for the hollywood pass provided your surnames Alonso or Molby, but he’s not fit to lace their boots.

      Not sure who was pulling the strings when it came to transfers this year but i feel they’ve made some major errors.

      Meireles and Aqualani were both our players and we were under no obligation to sell or loan out, never mind sell to a rival.

      Dani Pacheco loaned out, he looks a far better prospect than the likes of Henderson or Carrol and cost us next to nothing!

      When you are as slow as Adam you need to be a able to pass accurately and quickly like Molby did, Alonso wasn’t the quickest but he was always two steps ahead in his mind.

      I thought Maxi and Dirk were outstanding for us in the back end of last season so they must be wondering what they need to do to get a start.

    • rassell says:

      I personally think Kenny has gone too far with the british side of things. Personally i believe player should be bought n sold on his merrits not the colour of his passport….Come on who in their right mind would pay 18mil for downing and 20mil for henderson i don’t think the combined fee for both these players is anything more then 12-14mil at best….but that is not the concern, the concern is i don’t even think they are good enough for liverpool and thier aspirrations. Kenny has got it all wrong, i believe we should go back to basics play a simple 442 with kuyt and suarez up front allow carrol to develope……gerrad on right wing bellamy on left, with adam and lucas in the centre….aggar and skertl in the centre with jose on left and carra on right and pepe in goals…cotes looked like a promising defender and one for the future along with kelly and robinson…anyone know what is happening with pacheco and suso.

  2. crazyhorse says:

    Two big problems the midfield,the defece kenny sought this out!

  3. DaveWestAus again says:

    Carroll will prove to be a waste of space! I also think that Suarez is’n’t all he is cracked up to be,I believe that time will prove me right ? However the two strikers should be Suarez and Kuyt,they have proven they are good together! ‘KK IS NOT THE MAN TO BRING SUCCESS’!!!

    • ChrisSA says:

      Who is then?? Name me one manager who is better than KK and is avaliable. It goes the same for our new signings, they may not be world class but are the best that we could attract. Liverpool does not offer a player european football, why do you think that Young went to united, Mata to chelsea and Aquero to City.

      The club looks like it is aiming to reach champions league football again, and must achive this to attract big name players.

      • DaveWestAus again says:

        Your words are correct in every respect!Yes the club should have spent the money for the players you mention,but before they dropped out of the ‘top four’? Those same players have gone elsewhere for that reason! LFC are unable to attract them anymore!
        And to answer your question on which manager is good enough,his name is ‘RAFA BENITEZ’,the man who is capable with the right finances,(which he never had before!),just as he did before! Champions league etc.

      • Septimus_red says:


        Suarez was at Ajax who are in the Champions League to come and play at Liverpool.
        Believe me it’s attracting the players it’s about wanting non British ones

      • Chan says:

        Chrissa, i would give you 2, David Moyes and Rafa. Our biggest problem is not our players but our gaffer, just like last year. Heck another game like last Sunday and KD make Hodgson looks like the great Shanks.

        The problem with many LFC fans is that they continue to live in the past and thus accords KD hero status. While he was great for us as a player, he record as manager is average, plus this season he brings us the added embarassment of blaming everyone else but himself and the players when he got it wrong. The game against Stoke and Spurs shows his true capability, tactical ineptitude before and during games, stubborness in sticking with players who does not perform. Plus his tendency to offload some of our best players, he has got a toxic mix for us.

        Think about it, Moyes operates on a shoe string and year in year out (plus this season) he keeps Everton in the top half or there about. Everton’s league placing is not far from ours. This season he lost Arteta with no significant addition and he is level with us, with a game in hand. Top 4 no problem.

        As for Rafa, well all of us knows him, gives him what KD gets and we would get the prem for sure.

        Kd is past it and all he needs is to put his hands in his face, it would be Hodgson 2.0 for us.

        Mr. Henry learn from last season, do not wait to long. Get rid of KD and ask him to bring his overpriced flops such as Carroll, Henderson, Adams with him.

      • bole says:

        Rafa Benitez,I wonder will he trow 35mil on Carroll and 20 on Henderson,not to mention Adam,only time he had some money to spend he signed us Torres,and im sure Torres wouldnt live us that Rafa was here

    • J J says:

      New crazy breed of fan who goes mental after ONE poor performance! Adam,Henderson and Carroll have had a wake up call lets see how they respond what do you expect Suarez to do with no service from midfield. Bring in his mate Maxi,Johson,Kelly,Robinson,Spearing Stevie back and get Downing going down the left wing plenty of options to be played before we write this SQUAD of players off!

    • Jo says:

      Unfortunately have to agree re Suarez. No problem with his talent and ability but his temperament concerns me greatly. Screaming hysterically, frantic gesticulation, scowling at his team mates – this doesn’t do team morale any good. I hope Kenny can sort it out.

  4. lsm says:

    Flano was woeful vs sunderland.

  5. ankrah frederick says:

    if king kenny is not ready 2 drop henderson and caroll by bringing on kuyt and bellamy then we should forget of top 4.

    • Septimus_red says:


      well said

    • fuwee says:

      Spot on AF ! Too much respect on the spent money n disrespect to a player that has done n is still doing so much for the team compared to those two add together. Or is he trying to be too clever? I am convinced Kenny is still trying to justify his mistake that he knows by now but doing so is leading from one mistake to another. Doing so we lose points and we are surely going to lose Kuyt n Suarez sooner than later .

      • your right they should of brought a gd hard working player on my best ever dirk kuyt, coz everytime that bloody stupid manager dont bring kuyt on liverpool always bloody loose all the time

    • Chan says:

      Correction, if KD is still around WE SHOULD FORGET ABOUT TOP 4.

    • chambers says:

      I already have!

  6. ScouseBrum says:

    Daglish should never have been given the job in the first place, period. The only problem is that too many people are afraid to say it.

    • DaveWestAus again says:

      I for one agree fully with you! BRING BACK RAFA !!!

      • Fivelamps says:

        Are you for real? You know with loyal fans like you it’s a wonder we are not playing in the Vauxhall Transit Van League…Rafa is a great man but KK is in the hot seat – let him get on with it you morons…

        • Chan says:

          By that does it meant we should never had fired Hodgson? Are we supposed to let these jokers dig us a deeper hole before we yell help? Who is the moron here? Well its not us.

          • Reds Fury says:

            @Chan: i bet your Asian? what do you know about football. go back to your ping-pong or trying to fight for World Power against the United States and stop the slagging of the manager.
            If we should forget about top 4 cos KD is manager, then who should we bring in?? Chin Chun? Jet Li??

      • Moocher says:

        I don’ think he’s the answer… living in the past.

    • Chan says:

      Well i am not one of them, KD must go now. Bring back Rafa. The only think i can remember about KD is that he walked out on us when the going gets tough. Eveyone suffers during those tragic times but to walk?
      Mark my words he would do it when the going gets tough. He already blamed the ref after 4 games.

      • Reds Fury says:

        Moron, your really a red? After just a stupid ref cost us our game two weekends back and we messed up in just this 1 game??
        Please bring in someone from your clan to manage us and let’s see what he’s got up in his sleeves.
        Why are animals mixed with humans anyway??? **Shame!**

        • Richard says:

          While I agree that Chan isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box your last couple of comments are bigoted nonsense.

  7. Fivelamps says:

    More drivel from the headless chickens panicking after 3 matches into the season – 10 games and we’ll know how it’s going to pan out – tactical mistakes were made and as a whole the team were not up for it -KK is going to give them a right roasting behind closed doors and with injured players coming back will put it right – as for the numbskulls and dimwits who want KK out after three games – go back to your iboxes and keep on playing…unbelievable stupidity, unbelievable short sightedness, complete bunch of idiots

    • mmd says:

      I certianly dont think K should go! That would be completely indasane. But you have to admit Carrol is not working for us. We play MUCh bettwe with Kuyt linking with Suarez. I think thats plain to see. I think K got that wrong and thats a fair comment to make. Still think we will do ok this seaon buy top 4 is not a given – at all.

      • Fivelamps says:

        No Carroll looked a complete donkey but he was out of position for a huge part of the match and the game plan was completely shot away when we had two sent off – if our first choice right backs and Gerrard had been available maybe it would have been a different story – but they were woeful and is up to KK to put it right – one thing is for sure Skyrtel has done himself no favours and Adam may be the one benched for the return of SG – but lets get real here – it was a bad day at the office – bring on the next match and lets stuff Spurs when they visit Anfield next…… 7 1 would be very nice……. (and we have done that before) :)))))

        • don says:

          Like the positive spin, we’ve got to move forward, Skrtel is never a right back, so that one goes down to Kenny, mind you if the players in front of him had done their jobs he might not have been so exposed. The same could be said for Carrol no service from midfield but what he did have to do he didn’t do well. i know Flanno might have been as bad as skrtel under those circumstances but if your the 3rd choice right back and you still get replaced with a center back playing out of place its not a good sign. We have to move forward, Coates at least should get some playing time, so if he does a good job it might answer one of our problems, a leader in the middle of the park, Gerrard, and more fight Bellamy, should all be able to make a big difference, so lets learn our lesson, draw a line under this and move on to the next game.

      • yeah your right andy is shit sorry to say its dirk kuyt that should be linking with luis Suarez not bloody andy carrol, and really kenny shouldnt of brought 4 new players

    • Chan says:

      Fivelamps we had waited more than 20 years for that title, trust me we know a dim wit when we sees one, even after 5 games. Yes 5 not 3 you dim wit. I am got too keen to wait another 20 years which under KD is the only record we could look forward to.

      • Reds Fury says:

        Fuck off Asian! No need to argue with your small prick senseless twat! You waited 20 years?? What the fuck do you even know about the Liverpool Way?? You mickey mouse fan sitting behind your TV all week yelling. Get to the home games and see how we do it!
        Bring Rafa back??? That’s why fools like you can’t go forward, since your life is always about the past!
        Asian morons like you support the scums, so i suggest you go join them and go do one!

    • Moocher says:

      I agree.. well said.

  8. DaveWestAus again says:

    I had similar feelings when I saw the team-sheet! I half laughed and half cried,mainly because I thought Spurs line-up was far superior!LFC’s new owners need to spend big money on ‘THE BEST’players – This squad that Comolli reckons to be complete is going nowhere,and unless LFC spend big & wisely in January they will not finish in the ‘top six’!

    • Chan says:

      The owners had spend big, its just that KD and DC had squandered it on Carroll, Henderson, Adams, Downing. We can’t blame the owners, look at Suarez, he was a steal at 22 mill which is the only thing those 2 dim wits got it right.

      The problem is KD and DC got pick passports not the best players for LFC and because he choose to overpay for this bunch of loser, Kd is compelled to play them every week. Case in point, Henderson which only had one good game.

  9. mmd says:

    I have to agree that kenny got his tactics wrong in this particular game. First, Spurs have a very strong record at home. Very strong. why did we not play 4-2-3-1 ? A more cautious approach was warranted and I was surperised with the 4-4-2 at the outset. Second, we play better without Carrol. Kuyt is someoone who plays to feet and he would have brought Suarez into the game. because Kuyt works so hard we would not have been completely overrrun in midfield.

    A very, very painful day. Let really hope we use less of Carrol esp away from home, see more from Kuyt. Getting Glen back would also really help. However, I have a nasty feeling that Steven gerrard will not be the player he was a year ago. That will hurt. Looking at Adam and henderson makes me feel we should have kept Aquilani – he is a creative type of player. Also makes me think we should have kept Dani Pacheco.

    Am I worrying too much?

    • Chan says:

      The problem is KD paid 35 mill and 16 mill for Henderson, thus is compelled to play them. If he does not he would looks like a fool, which he really is.

      • Richard says:

        Give it a rest mate, it’s obvious you don’t like Dalglish, but you make the same point in every post and it’s getting a bit boring.

        • Chan says:

          Mate that is because some guys like you do not get it unless its repeated a couple of times.

          Come to think of it KD is just like this, too stubborn for the good of LFC.

        • Reds Fury says:

          @Richard: Spot on mate!
          That Chan twat is Asian so you don’t expect him to like Kenny and most of them small prick Asians are like that, just slagging off everyone they see without tangible reasons! That’s why i said he should bring in a Shaolin master to come get us out of the mess he claims we are still in thru KD and DC.
          Boring fool!

          • Ameen says:

            You are so full of insults,and see how derailed you are from seing the truth. Why don’t u say something that can atleast give the manager something to reason about. Are you a fan of this club cos its obvious you don’t look it.

        • Chan says:

          Mate i do not hate KD personally but i hate what he is doing to our beloved LFC just as what Hodgson were doing to us last season. Get it.

          The moment he brings us our 19th title i would eat my words. However with his ineptitude of managing a great club like LFC, fat chance of that happening.

  10. I think for now kk should drop henderson,adam and caroll, bcos adam caused the team that damage, he is not creative and even lucas did not offer the midfield any good, my opinion should be stev,downing,spearing and if possible maxi. then the front kuyt,suarez and bellamy and at the back kelly/afla,coates,jose,agger and how i wish aquaman was still with us to stimulate our midfield bcos midfield is the prob now.

  11. J J says:

    To many players who played well when Kenny came in have been dropped Spearing,Maxi,Meireles(sold mistake),Shelvey,Robinson,Kuyt and Flanagan who needs protecting only Downing,Enrique and Adam were needed to start Henderson,Carroll and Coates can be introduced through the season.

  12. glax says:

    i cant blame the players coz i understand it more often than not takes time for a new pack to settle… cant blame KK coz i knw no matter hw weak his tactics may hav been, they wud never hav been so bad as to endure such a beating… But then whom do I put the blame on – perhaps partly to each of them… watever !! It kills to c us beaten so bad… don care who sets it right, or however – all i did say is this is punishing the fans much more than anybody else !!! aaaaaahhhhh 🙁

  13. Asheen Singh(South Africa) says:

    Andy Carroll 35mil vs Sergio Aguero 40mil
    Jordan Henderson 20mil vs Juan Mata 24mil

    I can see Kenny’s thinking, buy young potentially good English players whilst others buy the worlds best at similar prices. They get immediate gratification whilst we pray and hope that our potentially good players will make it one day, quite smart.

    Compare the performances to date of the players mentioned above and make comparisons and I am sure you would agree that this mentality is going to get us to a top six place and no further. I can’t see us competing at the same levels as United, City, Spurs or Chelsea. We are a average to good team at the moment and I expect us to have an up and down season.

    Is it me or do we have no creativity going forward, look at Tottenham, we let Aqua and Miereles go and seem to think that Adam will be good enough to spark the midfield. Tottenham kept hold of Modic and look what he can produce in terms of creativity, Aqua and Miereles will be missed, we are unable to link our forwards with the midfield in slick forward moving playing patterns, our forwards seem to be isolated most of the time. We are unable to cut through the centre of the midfield withcreativity and with the ball at our feet and that concerns me. A large portion of our build up seems to based on a back pass and then two forward followed by a back pass, compare this to Tottenhams play.We were the same against Stoke, it kills our forward momentum everytime, the top teams mentioned before play slick forward moving football, I am still to see us doing this.

    Make you own conclusions but we seem to be missing a few things on the field.

    It pains me to think that we are still at the same level as last year or maybe 5% better after such a busy summer.

    I am a broken Liverpool supporter at the moment.

    • Chan says:

      Asheen you are dead right with your comment. Many of us are broken, no thanks to KD and his bunch of overpriced flops.
      Players who performs are shown the door while those who seems more interested to be some where else (step up Carroll, Henderson) are given the red carpet treatment. What Liverpool way are we talking about? The great Shanks would have turn in his grave.
      After more than 100 mill during the 2 windows this is what KD had to show.
      Carroll’s attitude especially makes Konchesky (the player with most sticks last season) looks like Steve G.

    • surikoff says:

      The moment Meireles was sold this was meant to happen. I was a broken supporter the moment LFC splashed on useless players and got rid off the only creative ones.

    • Jo says:

      The voice of reason. I agree with you and also think we are in for an “up and down” season. Consistency is our big problem.

  14. davy says:

    The expectations are to high at Liverpool, yes maybe we have spent money over the last two transfer windows, but with us not being in the champions league we can not bring in world class players, Liverpool have brought class not world class until that happens again we will struggle to compete. So the quicker we qualify for the c/league the better.

    • fuwee says:

      We bought good players n two English passengers. But I blame Kenny who decides the starts to any match. He has too much respect to the owner/money that is understandable. But he needs to have balls to drop the non performers whatever their pricetag is. Get a result n all else takes care of itself. Henderson n Carrol to never start until they are ready.

  15. Septimus_red says:

    The problems I see are as follows:

    1) Kenny trying to justify his purchases in Henderson and Carroll when clearly everyone can see that they are not good enough

    2)Demoralising Aquilani and Mereles ( Whom both have left to play in the Champions League) when they offered more in midfield guile than Henderson or Adams (Before anyone says they both wanted to leave please note its the managers job to convince players.

    3)Kenny Dalglish now dropping Kuyt in favour of Henderson something that demoralises players.

    4)Kenny failing to drop Carragher who clearly is not able to pass the ball out of the back and whom is slow more and more prone to accidents.

    If Kenny can show the ruthlessness that we need, rather than try to justify his purchases we can get into the Champions League.
    However I question his management style towards NON BRITISH PLAYERS.

    I can guarantee you that if we don’t get into the Champions League slots for next year we will lose Suarez & Reina and be left with Gerrard as the ONLY truly world class player left …WATCH THIS SPACE

    • Fivelamps says:

      FFS get a grip – too many fantasy league managers on here today

    • Asheen Singh(South Africa) says:

      I agree with you mate, good to see some of us look with our eyes opened!!!

      • Asheen Singh(South Africa) says:

        I agree with you Septimus_red, good to see some of us look with our eyes opened!!!

    • fuwee says:

      Thank you for echoeing my thoughts . In short Kenny is short lack the balls .

    • Chan says:

      Septimus, we would not be in the CL as long as KD is with us. And yes we would lose Reina and Suarez next year.

      Not only is KD gutless and have a negative bias against non-British players, he demoralizes players who are willing to run into a brick wall for LFC, if he can gives out the right motivation (Kuyt, Meireless, Aqua). And money is not the only tool.

      Plus his tactical ineptitude, KD is a recipe for disaster.

  16. Liverpool Supporter says:

    It´s easy to say he should have done this, and should have done that. How do you know Kuyt would have made any difference. How do you know the young and inexperienced right back Flannagan would not have been outclassed by Bale. Had we played both of those players and still lost, on some other website someone would have been saying we should have played Carrol and Skrtel. You can´t please everyone but Kenny knows what he was doing. Having 2 players sent off is obviously going to make things extremely difficult, and although we didn´t play well (away from home against a very good team) before the first sending off, we had no chance once we´d gone down to 9 men.

    A bad day at the office, and our first very poor performance, which wasn´t helped by the red cards. It´s easy to criticize. The first half against Sunderland we played as good as we have all season. Kenny knows what he´s doing. First “tenure in charge” wasn´t bad was it? This is a kneejerk article. Things are on the up. Remember this time last year.

    Way too early to judge Henderson, and Carrol in my opinion.

    • Asheen Singh(South Africa) says:

      Yes mate, judge at the end of the season when we are in eight position, it is this kind of mentality that has held us back. Just wait for things to get better or judge people at the end of the season, is this your stance after seeing so much spent on them????

    • shane says:

      Kuyt wouldnt have made a difference. Flannaghan would have been sent off, he isnt good enough. Players being sent off is diverting from the real conversation. That is.. are midfield is woeful and are signings have been crap. Decisions to offload Aquilani and Meireles and the ‘formal reasoning from Comolli’ was nonsense.
      It wasn’t a bad day at the office we have been playing like this since July. We never look like opening any defence, we couldnt break down Sunderland or Stoke, never really looked like scoring against Arsenal and as we have seen since they have been battered by everyone including Blackburn.
      Henderson offers NOTHING, Downing isn’t quick enough, Adam telegraphs every single pass. No vision, no guile. T o suggest that this is a knee jerk article tells me you either have no idea about football, or you havn’t watched Liverpool play since pre-season. Aquilanis vision and ideas pre season made Spearing, Shelvey, Adam, Henderson and Downing look like pensioners.

      Please explain what you base your opinions on?

    • fuwee says:

      They are not ready and should not start until they r. Y risk losing points fielding passengers. The team felt like out numbered n its not fair for the others slogging to make the difference. Not just points, we’re only making it easy for Suarez to go plus Kuyt. Sorry, I’d set a much higher standard to my team than being “”ok. If they r for the future, why start them and risk the present points ??? Kenny knows the two arent’t ready, but he insists on proving his point but risk further mistakes. When I saw the line-up was like at Stokes, I expected we don’t play well win ,lose or draw. But humilitiation was Kenny’s further mistake as to Stoke he took Henderson out, we looked better. Starting with Henderson will always make the team feel short. A passengetr . Period !!!I was hopeful he does well but now I’m convinced he’s not ready. But Kenny’s too clever to keep him on the fiold so he got what most RED’s fan have expected n feared. Dissapointed big time..They are for the future ? When relegated ???

    • Chan says:

      @ Liverpool Supporter

      Yes, we do remember this time last year. 100 mill and not much of a difference. Remember what happen to that manager appointed last year? He hope history could be repeated but much faster.

      KD for your information, does not know what he is doing. That is the problem. Does not know his tactics, does not know who is his best players, does not know what price to pay or NOT to pay for them and most importtant of all does not know or remember what being a LFC manager is all about.

      SACK KD, NOW!

      • Dilzar says:

        No 4th place No trophy with this style of football.
        KK,DC,Skrtel,Caraagher,Carrol,Henderson,even Gerrard must leave or we’ll be relegated.
        I’m too sad to see all this happening,coz I Love Liverpool.

  17. Ed says:

    The worst thing about yesterday’s defeat was the fact that we never started. I just hope that Carroll will one day come good, although IMO we should never have gone for this type of player, let alone pay 35 million for him. Dalglish should reealise that our best attck is Kuyt/ Suarez.
    Furthermore, I also think that KK was right for the job at the time, but only til season end. We should have gone for a fresh start under a new manager with KK as a director of football.

    • Chan says:

      Well, Rafa only wanted KD to be some sort of ambassador, that is the best role for KD, far away, far far away so he can do o harm

  18. Angelo says:

    I’m a heart broken Liverpool supporter. I cried out, I screamed foulll when Kenny was disposing Aqualani and then Merieless. For Adam and herdenson, politics in football not good at all British or non British we want our darling club to move forward. Kuyt shld hv played the game against spurs. Where was AdamS when blackpool were relegated? Herdeson is an average player we need Steve G. Badly in that middle. How I wish I can bring Aqua and merieles back. Kenny dalglish is to be blamed.

    • fuwee says:

      Spot on ! But I must add….
      Henderson is just a passenger. Stays out of trouble. Don”t take risks and passes the ball 90% of the time….. Backwards. Someone should remind him where thew opponents goalmouth is every 2mins throughout any game.Kenny should realise… badc purchase happens. And knows he needs to have a bit of balls n drop the non performers despite their stupid price-tag.

  19. Ean says:

    Gosh, why on earth didn’t Kenny use Bellamy or Kuyt? Henderson on the right? He’s getting it wrong big time. I think we must buy at least one solid centreback, for example Gary Cahill or Christopher Samba.

    • fuwee says:

      We should drop if not sell HENDERSON the passenger who I believe will not have any injury all season . Ofcourse we can’t :.) But we can let him in every game when the game is secured or won n towards the end of a match. Liverpool FC can’t do average. We are a big club.Even on the cheap, I’ll not even consider Henderson .

      • Chan says:

        Henderson is worthless crap, just like Carroll. I doubt there are any takers even if we offer this pair for free.

  20. Jon says:

    Andy Carroll 35mil vs Sergio Aguero 40mil
    Jordan Henderson 20mil vs Juan Mata 24mil

    Andy Carroll 100k a week vs Sergio Aguero 300k a week
    Jordan Henderson 50k a week vs Juan Mata 150k a week

    Cant justify buying Aguero he has jus had a great start like suarez has, think kk got his tactic wrong, shud of played carra rb an coates cb carroll shud of played up top with kuyt an suarez on the left with downing on the right, an ppl who hate lucas sort ya head out he is a geat little played!!

    Who Would You Buy In January??

  21. vipakindele says:

    who was our central attacking mf ? Should i say kk is being sentimental in selection and this wil ruin us all.mereilese was forced to leave,now where is the strength indepth? .how many top 4 team can hendo and carrol make their first eleven.british stuff huh?

  22. Jonesy says:

    This site is full of glory hunting dicks. The article and comments listed here are shocking.

    Real reds fans stand by their team. Last time I come on this woeful site

  23. Mike Arms says:

    The midfield was a disaster, the problem is it’s Kenny’s midfield. Adam is and always will be an average mid table player, Henderson has potential and may improve over the next few seasons. Lucas is slow but tenacious and does a limited job, Downing is great going forward but awful coming back.
    With no Meireles or Aquilani to provide a link with the strikers then both Carrol and Suarez will always be feeding on scraps. Yet again despite all the money spent Liverpool are looking towards an ageing injury ravaged Gerrard to come in and provide the drive and creativity.

  24. Mish says:

    Yes, Dalglish got it wrong. He did not go out on the field and played for each one of them. That was what needed doing!!!

  25. tony says:

    yeaterday and the stoke game were a horror show,and kenny must put his hands up and take the blame.the problem goes back to not having anything of quality in mid field,gerrard is out injured and we sold meireles, who by a mile was our best player last season,and to make it worse meireles was left on the bench for the games he was at the club for at the start of the season and given a cameo role i think it was bolton where he came on and changed the game..kennys total waste of money on players like carroll at 35 million(the mind boggles at the figure) henderson at 20 million and adam at 10 million, thats 65 million worth of complete totally insane,not one of these players would make united ,chelsea or arsenal starting eleven any week,but we sell meireles who was a bench warmer for us and he starts against united yeaterday,something is wrong and needs fixing pronto.

  26. Flying pig says:

    Trying to play 442 using Carrol at Spurs was a mistake. We need midfield posession and Kuyt will always be a better bet. In terms of KD’s ability to manage, he has this season to prove himself and anything less than top four will probably result in his dismissal. The squandering of 35mil on Carrol does raise serious questions about KD and we look light years from top four right now. I predict that Carrol will be sold at the end of this season.

    • Chan says:

      Carroll sold at end of season? Which idiot apart from KD would shell out money to buy him unless its dirt cheap? Count ourselves lucky if he can be sold for 4 mill.

  27. Red says:

    The most worrying thing is we were intimidated, outran, out muscled, out tackled, bullied and trampled in midfield. If we continue with Henderson and Adams, we’re going to have more shocking performances ahead. What happened in the game against spuds is no shocker, an overpriced and slow Henderson just doesn’t have the muscle to dictate the midfield, and he perhaps had no idea why he’s on the pitch with those back and side passes. Bellamy and Spearing would have done a much much better job. Do I blame the defence, particularly Skrtel, no, the midfield simply did not stop the ball getting to Bale. Is it diffcult to keep Modric quiet, no, get one midfield player ala Masch and Modric will look like a 2nd division player because he has no speed or aggression, sadly we don’t have one in that mould at the moment, She;vey is the nearest we have at the moment. On the other hand, do I blame Andy, not totally, admittedly he must step up his game,enough time is given, but Adams and Henderson is providing him with no service. In summary, our midfiled is a total dissater at the moment, I’m not sure how KK is going to fix this. Might as well blood some young players that have the hunger for the game like Spearing and Shelvey. KK has spent big time in buying Henderson and Carroll so he jolly well has to get them to start playing football. No more talk of lack of fitness, game time, pitch, referee etc etc.

    I may be mad to say this, but I’m incline to play players with grit, hunger and aggression for the next game and I’m tempted to name Gerrard (only if he’s 100% fit), Bellamy, Shelvey and Spearing in midfiled. At least they provide us much bite in the middle and to show those overpriced players how the game should be played. I’m no knee jerker and I’m not calling for KK
    ‘s head but he has to realise where the real problem is at the moment and it’s in the midfield.

    • Chan says:

      Unfortunately KD would continue to use his flops as he as some of us out there calls him king and he fells he is entitle to destroy our beloved LFC just so he could prove a point.
      So expect Adams, Henderson, Carroll to start while we continue our downward spiral under KD so called astute leadership.

      Oh along the way we can watch Manure wi their 20th title and Spurs qualifying for CL.

  28. williams says:

    pls don’t expect good result anymore from kenny if he continues to play the starting lineup he used against spurs,i was expecting SUAREZ,KUYT,BELLAMY,MAXI,ADAM,DOWNNING SKIRTEL,COATES,AGGER,and so on but once the line up was shown i know that lfc were going to loose the match,its so pity.

  29. Luke says:

    The one tactical mistake KD made(IMO) was Skrtel at right back with Bale to deal with. Apart from that it’s pretty hard to judge in a game we were down to 10 men for a good chunk and then 9 men later. I wasn’t suprised by the Adam and Skrtel cards, both players give free kicks away. Watching Adam in the last few games, not suggesting there’s any nastyness there but he seems to get fustrated when things arent going his way and needs to get his head sorted in those moments. I’m not denying this was looking like a poor performance before the cards were issued but you just dont know how it would have turned out. I’m reserving judgement for now

  30. hashmi india says:

    with this team we are going nowhere. i just hope i dont see this kind of performance again. we won against arsenal, if u guys remember untill 70’mins the game was dead and when raul and luis have started, the field was on fire. with back passes we will finish near relegation.we need pace and attack but sorry to say carrol,adam,hendrson far from pace quality and skills.we should have kept aquilani , ………true liverpool fan and i am sure that we will bounce back again. and in next game we will have stievee also ….YNWA….

  31. JIM says:

    4-5-1 please Kenny

  32. Having supported LFC for probably longer than most of you have been on this planet…. It never ceases to amaze me how knee jerk and thoroughly negative these type of forums are. For Gods sake grow up and show some patience. Before spouting nonsense, remember. Kenny Dalglish will do everything in his power to make this club great again. He is not a racist (what a ridiculous comment). Meireles asked to leave. So did Aquilani, both good players but neither wanted to be at LFC, they had to go.
    If you had your way we would have a new manager after every defeat. Some players take time to settle, check your facts on Lucas, Adam and Henderson before slagging them off. As for having a go at Suarez…. Behave yourselves…this is a great player if you can’t see that you really have no ability to make any comment.. We did not play well against spurs…but writing off the manager and half the squad is down right ridiculous. LFC is in a better position now than it has been for 3 seasons. We have a stronger squad. Thank god for the true supporters who at the ground on Sunday continued their support of the team even in defeat. Let’s see how the next few games go….see how you feel if we win our next 5 games. P.S I loved Rafa but the only man to manage our club right now is Kenny Dalglish..!

    • tony says:

      look mate,its the team selections and and being too slow to change things that have got me questioning kennys ability along with the wasting of 65 million quid in the summer on below average players. fair enough aqua wanted to leave,but meireles did not.he was supposed to get a pay rise after his first year and by most peoples account was well entitled to it,he is a huge loss to the team and by playing a very average palyers in adam and henderson in all games ahead of meireles when he was at the club,is it not fair to question kenny at the very least…

    • chambers says:

      As an Anfield Roader of some 72 years I object to your conceited self-opinionated remarks of other supporters. They are entitled to their opinions whatever they may be.

  33. eng says:

    Like almost everyone said here, 1st, KD make the wrong team selection, insisting on paradng his new signing even though its glaringly evident that the likes of Jordan and Carol are not ready. Next he insist on putting MS at RB when it is clear within the 1st 5min that MS is the wrong man to deal with GB. Finally, he should have replaced MS after he receive his 1st yellow card, as nyone can see it coming that the 2nd yellow is coming

  34. KP says:

    Some scary logic here. Bringing Rafa back and giving him FSG money is madness!!!! Some people are ruled by misplaced nostalgia. We’re only 5 games in – give these boys time to gel before you start swinging the noose. You sing YNWA – now back it up!

  35. Savs says:

    The new breed of fan – the Internet fan. Win a few, all hail the King, lose a couple, well let’s sack him in the morning. What a bunch of clueless idiots. Your football intelligence is that of a peanut. The same fans who wanted Rafa out now consider him the Messiah. The same fans who called Kuyt a donkey now figure he’s irreplacable. Yes Rafa was great before he started fighting the owners. And yes it’s a shame he didn’t have the same backing Kenny now does. He brought some great players to the club, but he also made his fair share of errors. Did you all really think we’d bring in 4-5 new players in the first team and be consistently wonderful from day one??? Of course we don’t know yet whether Henderson will be worth the 16m+. And whether Carroll, who looked unstoppable for Newcastle, will get back to form. And let’s not forget his fee was tied in with that of Torres. Or whether indeed Kenny will bring back the success we all crave. But to judge people after a few games in which for me we only had a bad 2nd half performance against Sunderland and a very bad performance against Spurs is moronic. And although we all accept the performance v Spurs was bad, we were still only 1 down until we got that 2nd red. Who’s to say we wouldn’t have turned it around had we been playing with 11 men or even 10 for that matter. What I and any other true Liverpool fan will not accept though is for people to be disgraceful against Kenny. He was, is and always will be the soul of this football club. And even though he may have been out of management for a few years, he built one of the very best Liverpool sides ever seen (Aldridge, Barnes, Beardsley, MacMahon, Houghton etc) and won the Premier League with bloody Blackburn Rovers. So all you geniuses out there…give us a break….show some bloody RESPECT…

  36. BRUNO says:

    ONE BIG mistake was playing Skrtel opposite Bale. Skrtel is always making big and often costly mistakes, he has no control over the ball nor where to place himself. He was an absolute disaster!!fortunately he will not be playing next couple of games.

    • Savs says:

      And who would you have played genius? Flanagan and utterly destroyed his confidence? Yes Skrtel is a centre back but we didn’t have a lot of other choices out there. Skrtel needed help from either Lucas or Henderson and once we went down to 10 there was no way he was gonna get that help. Oh and 2 yellows means he misses one match…the next match v Brighton…

  37. Mikey 71 says:

    Will the REAL reds fans stand up.

    The fans that do not bask in the luxury of hindsight. The fans that do not equate computer games with real life. The fans that chanted Kenny’s name at the end of the match yesterday.

    It’s very easy to play football manager and write articles like this, but at the end of the day, hindsight does not win you games.

    We’ve also lost a sense of perspective. Big time.

    We had 11 v 11 for 28 mins yesterday before the first sending off. We were poor during that spell. Things obviously changed from the sending off, so it is VERY HARD TO MAKE FIRM JUDGEMENTS FROM 28 MINS OF FOOTBALL.

    This article and many of the comments just shows how petty and fickle people claiming to be reds fans have become. It’s an absolute travesty and shows many people are completely uneducated about football.

    “When you walk……. with your head held high…..”

    • Savs says:

      Well said lad, well said. Unfortunately most of these are not real Liverpool fans. They’re probably off supporting United now anyway. We shouldn’t really both but reading retarder articles like this really does my head in…

    • don says:

      was at the game, we were poor, but we never stopped supporting. Its in the past now, don’t forget what city did to spurs and they’ve bounced back, losing this game doesn’t mean were bad side just means we have to suck it up, learn from our mistakes and move on.

  38. DumpinOnNoobs says:

    Everyone here asking for Kenny’s head is an imbecile. He was overly confident playing the line-up he did against Spurs. Every manager makes mistakes.

    Dalglish knows what is expected at this club better than anyone else, and he has confidence in the lads we are all slagging. If they don’t come good, he will be the first to look for their replacements. Long season ahead, we have all of January to sit here and contemplate our roster but if you are thinking of appointing that blueblood David Moyes or re-appointing Benitez, give me a break…

  39. tony says:

    ok there are a few people calling for kennys head,but its way too early for that ,but listen guys we are allowed an opinion on whats been happening on his watch,in relation to transfers and team less of the insults,or the your not real fans just cause i dont agree with your opinions.i will always speak up when i see mistakes being made,and sunday was a mistake…

  40. kk says:

    guys, its not how u start the season, it how you finish. check man utd starting records in the last five years. Also, i would prefer to find out whats wrong in the beginning of the season, and then fix it, rather than flying really high and crashing into the ground by feb (arsenal two years ago anyone?)

  41. rajiv says:

    I would have more respect for knee jerk articles like these if they were written after LFC WON a game. Where was all this, kk is incompetent, wrong tactics, useless players crap then? One game , or even a few doesnt trun contenders to losers overnight except in the minds of inexperienced newb writers, critics and fans. After spurs were thrashed the previous week, they were being written off as USELESS. And now they are better than liverpool and looking good for 4th AND for europe? hilarious. Next wekk they will get hammered by someone, liverpool will bounce back and then what? At least write something with sense.

    • tony says:

      have you been watching any of the games this season…beaten by stoke and spurs,barely beat a weak arsenal team who were down to ten men… we played well against bolton,but thats it…we have seven points thats a whoping 8 behind man utd after only five games..lets get real for a minute…

  42. jason says:

    all of you idiots so realise SAF was one game away from getting his ass fired right? He too had built a multi million dollar team and was not able to deliver. This is what the united fans (yes the same ones who now suck up to him begging to kiss his pick posterior) used to chant. “Three years of promises and all you give us is crap. Tara fergie” And see how they had to eat their words. So will all of you fake fans (read united fans trolling as LFC), because KK will get right, dont worry about that.

    • Chan says:

      @ Jason

      SAF, one game from being sack and look what he had done now. That was the mantra that see us rewarding mediocrity from Souness untill now (barring Rafa) and 21 years later with no prem.
      Fake hope just like what KD is capable of delivering.

      • jason says:

        yes but united fans 20 years ago had the same fail,pessimistic mantra as you.”three years of promises and all you give us is crap. Tara fergie” thats what they chanted at fergie prior to that ass-saving game.And to compare rafa to dalglish is to compare redknapp to fergie. in other words GOOD RIDDANCE TO BENITEZ

  43. philip says:

    Andy Carroll is a mistake. Downing also the same. Kenny tried his experiment in this crucial match also that came with the risk. Liverpool played like the 2nd division team. Even Liverpool’s youth team can beat them 1-0. Defeat in 2 match meaning they still couldn’t learn anything from the defeat. Especially for Kenny. He must find to way to utilise the players he brought in. Surely andy carroll is out of my first team list. For next match, i will put Bellamy & SUarez up front. Subtitute i rather put the youth or reserve striker in. Name anyone, they all better than carroll.

  44. Tony says:

    We bought an expensive striker who plays like a donkey. So far, at every given opportunity, Andy Carroll is proving to be just that. What’s even more discomforting is that Carroll looks the part thanks in no more way to his pony-tail and his very own football deficiencies.

  45. Rob says:

    I worship and admire King Kenny. However, in the Spurs game, it pains me to witness the King prowling the touchline grimacing and looking like a lost soul who is in dire need of his mother’s comforting bosom.

  46. Davie says:

    Yes we were shocking plus KD got his tactics wrong. We all require patience and the belief that we will not play like that again. If i were KD i would leave certain players out and bring in the younger ones who want to prove themselves. But i am not KD therefore i have nothing but hope that the fella will sort things out. Kenny You Will Never Walk Alone.

  47. Damo says:

    Bit of perspective needed. Dzeko and Nani had poor first seasons, and they weren’t coming off an injury. Carroll is at a new team, where he has not gelled as yet with his teammates, but have a look back at his two goals against Man City to see just what he is capable of.

  48. Miki says:

    Can someone please tell Kenny that Carroll, Henderson and Adam are squad players and not first 11 eleven players.

    Adam good ability but still has not proven himself to be able to wear a LFC shirt. I would pick Spearing or Maxi over him everyday.

    We did good bussiness in the transfer window with 7 players coming in (not too happy with Aqua and Merieles), but only 3 maybe 4 of them are first 11 players (Bells, Enriq, Stewie, and Jaacket). Once King Kenny recognises that, then we are a shoe in for the top 4.

  49. Leebaba says:

    I’d lyk to say i envy fans lyk chan thy are passionate about ds club nd cnt afford to c d club bn left bhind by others.kenny is gud bt stubborn nd lacks motivation. Eva since he took ova, he’s neva turnd any game around(i mean bringing us bak weneva we are on d back foot,which was our trademark unda rafa)he cntinues to field playas dat wil play in d reserves bench of other teams. Albeit i’m nt calling 4 hym to b sackd but he nds to b more creative coz it hurts our ego as lfc fans evn amidst other fans to c our team get trashd lyk that. I stil wnt to say i’m nt calln 4 dalgish’s head but d idea of bringing benitez back is highly scincilating… Nd as 4 carrol,henderson(got no probs wit adams) they shud b sent to the reserves to learn their fweaking lessons that playing 4 d gr8st club in the world is nt about wearing a red top nd shot wit long socks nd studded shoes but putting evrytn in u out to get success. Kenny bring back the spirit of liverpool coz its in ur reach… YNWA…

  50. paul says:

    we defo lacked pace in the team against spurs, didnt help that kelly and johnson r injured we shud of played bellamy on the rte he still has blistering pace downing on the left shud of dropped carroll and played spearing wiv a 4.5,1 formation spearing wud of broke up their play then adams cud of spread the play 2 either bellamy, or downing then that wud of stopped their full backs pushing on but dalglish knows he got it wrong but must move on and if dalglish doesnt stop playing that henderson then maybe he shud move on , 2 win the prem u need pace and we do av players wiv pace but dalglish needs 2 start playing em now when fit lol, my team wud be reina, kelly cotes,agger,enrique, jonson, lucas,gerrard, downing,bellamy, surez now theres a team wiv pace in it and if thngs a going our way cud drop bellamy put adams in middle wiv gerrard, and lucas

    • Max says:

      Totally agree with Paul and his team selection. If you have players who are tyre draggers, especially in defence and midfield you will always get caught out. That is why when the slow players are going in for tackless they are late and reckless. Adam is slower than Alonso and Molby. Why was he bought???

      • don says:

        Alonso and Molby are amongst the best midfield players we’ve ever had, so not the best comparison. The ball moves a lot faster than any player, so adam is a useful player because of his distribution, but if you play him you do need certain types of player with him. players who can run off the shoulder, like Suarez and Downing and players who can graft to give him the space he needs to use his left foot effectivly, up to now Lucas had done a great job at this but on sunday with their better work ethic he wasn’t able to assert himself, Henderson was particulary poor, not helping defensivly or going forward, Adam when he was first booked was being swamped by 3 spurs players, where was the help from his team mates, the same goes for skyrtel he needed help and mostly that should have come from Henderson who was as I said before missing in action. We stand or fall as a team but every player has to take his own responsibilties to make it work.

  51. Willmott82 says:

    Hang on a minute. Against Bolton when he came on Skrtle was excellent at RB and again against stoke he had a goood game at RB. Ok maybe against Bale it was going to be a different matter but you cannot say Skrtle hadnt deserved a chance to prove he could do it although that backfired. Against stoke we had around 70% possession and dominated the game but didnt get the result so it wasnt a terrible preformance.

    Against Spurs yes we started badly but until the sending off we were always in the game. Who knows if Adam had stayed on would the team have started finding some rhythm and got the equaliser. Im not saying the team selection was right nor am i saying it was wrong, what im saying is due to the way we started badly and spurs came out firing (as you would expect at home) and then due to some silly challenges the game took a turn for the worse. We will bounce back and the players will prove themselves. Its early in the season and we have ALOT of new players still bedding in and building on field understanding. Keep the faith and lets get behind the team including Carroll, Adam and Skrtle that we can at least say we have done our bit to bringing the good times back.

  52. Jon says:

    I think it is dangerous to have blind faith in KK, thereby putting him up on a pedestal. Whilst I certainly don’t condone slagging him off, we have to remember that NO manager is perfect and hence people have a right to raise their concerns and differing opinions without being attacked by those who think KK is not capable of making a mistake, ever.

  53. Collekrix says:

    You guys got it all wrong as kk got it wrong too. We dont have champions league to offer, the players we got are good enough to do the job it was kk that make wrong tactics. Away to spur he should have treat it the way we treat arsenal, chelsea and man utd away matches. Two defensive mid fielder of spearing and lucas and Adam in their front with downing and kuyt on both flanks and suarez as a lone strikers. But kk stick with the same players, same tactics and same approach not like last reason when he used different approach for every matches he played

  54. Stevie G (Walton) says:

    Every Liverpool fan is disappointed with our performance against Spurs, yes, it was poor even before Adam got sent off but let’s put things into perspective. We are 5 games into the season and people are already calling for King Kenny’s head – what a joke!! The Spurs game was always going to be a difficult game and they got the best of starts with Modric’s wonder strike, that certainly got their tails up. However, I still believe Liverpool have had no luck whatsoever with the refereeing decisions in the majority of these initial games. Given time I am sure KK will get it right and I expect us to make up ground when the Champions League kicks in properly and United and co’s squads get stretched and injuries and suspensions kick in. I still believe some of the decisions given against Liverpool have been nothing but disgraceful. I believe Mike Riley (a United loving ref) after his meeting with Dalglish told Mike Jones (the ref at the Spurs game) if a Liverpool so much as farts within hearing distance of you then book’em!! Dalglish has learned his lesson don’t criticise a referee or we will make sure you have reason to complain!! You only have to look at United and their two “offside” goals that were allowed against Chelsea. Chelsea were the better team on the day and controlled the game. Unfortunately, United got all the important refereeing decisions and were clinical in front of goal with their few chances compared to Chelsea. United have had that sort of luck for a couple of decades now, however, it won’t last especially when Fergie retires and the FA and referees finally don’t have to fear him anymore (which they do). Keep your chins up lads don’t worry it will all come good!

    • tony says:

      worrying how poor our second half display was tonight against brighton.kelly and bellamy were the only bright spots.lucas was poor and spearing had a good first half,suares was awful carra gave away another pen and coates was poor to say the least..,crikey its going to be a long season..

  55. Matt says:

    Dalglish will be gone by easter. You heard it here first.

  56. Luis Nieto says:

    Thank you, I have just been searching for info approximately this topic for a while and yours is the best I’ve found out till now. But, what about the bottom line? Are you positive about the supply?

  57. Asheen Singh(South Africa) says:

    Asheen Singh(South Africa) / September 19, 2011
    Andy Carroll 35mil vs Sergio Aguero 40mil
    Jordan Henderson 20mil vs Juan Mata 24mil

    I can see Kenny’s thinking, buy young potentially good English players whilst others buy the worlds best at similar prices. They get immediate gratification whilst we pray and hope that our potentially good players will make it one day, quite smart.

    Compare the performances to date of the players mentioned above and make comparisons and I am sure you would agree that this mentality is going to get us to a top six place and no further. I can’t see us competing at the same levels as United, City, Spurs or Chelsea. We are a average to good team at the moment and I expect us to have an up and down season.

    Is it me or do we have no creativity going forward, look at Tottenham, we let Aqua and Miereles go and seem to think that Adam will be good enough to spark the midfield. Tottenham kept hold of Modic and look what he can produce in terms of creativity, Aqua and Miereles will be missed, we are unable to link our forwards with the midfield in slick forward moving playing patterns, our forwards seem to be isolated most of the time. We are unable to cut through the centre of the midfield withcreativity and with the ball at our feet and that concerns me. A large portion of our build up seems to based on a back pass and then two forward followed by a back pass, compare this to Tottenhams play.We were the same against Stoke, it kills our forward momentum everytime, the top teams mentioned before play slick forward moving football, I am still to see us doing this.

    Make you own conclusions but we seem to be missing a few things on the field.

    It pains me to think that we are still at the same level as last year or maybe 5% better after such a busy summer.

    I am a broken Liverpool supporter at the moment.

  58. Asheen Singh(South Africa) says:

    Asheen Singh(South Africa) / September 19, 2011