Date:19th September 2011 at 11:16am
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Once again Liverpool fans are waking up on a Monday morning devastated at the performance of Liverpool Football Club over the weekend. Yesterdays performance was like being shot in the back – Painful and unexpected. Trying to take the positives from last week’s defeat at Stoke, I honestly believed we would take a point minimum from White Hart Lane. This was until I saw the team sheet. In my personal opinion, Dalglish is showing the same inept tactical decisions that sometimes dogged his previous tenure as Liverpool manager back in the 80s. Dirk Kuyt statistically is second to no one when it comes to effort and km’s run on a football field over the past 6 seasons and yesterday Dalglish showed a complete lack of respect not starting him or even bringing him on when Adam was dismissed.

Kuyt’s hard work and endeavour could have potentially been the pivotal change that would have ensured a point or at least a respectful score line. He would have worked hard going forward and also helping to stem the threat of Bale. With Andy Carroll lumbering around the pitch, miss-controlling the ball, being beaten to every header, he is certainly not endearing himself to the fans or anywhere near justifying his price tag, though I do understand he cannot control the price paid for him.

Skrtel at right-back? Has young Flanagan done something to upset Dalglish? So much faith has been shown in him and he has proven his ability never having a poor performance and yet Dalglish chose to use one of the most immobile players in Skrtel at right-back. Martin Skrtel is a backup centre-back at best, he cannot tackle and his headers are never commanding but wayward.

Dalglish has bought potentially great players into the club over the summer and it does take time for players to get to know each other, but most of the players were proven in the Premiership, so time given should be less.

A poor performance against Sunderland and two away defeats have left us 8 points off the top after only 5 games, with the money spent since January, a top 4 finish should be the minimum expected from Liverpool Football Club.

Evidence from the last 8 days shows this is going to be a tall order.

I am merely stating the obvious, that year after year our expectations appear too high, do we expect too much? After the money that has been spent? I think not.