Date: 16th September 2011 at 4:05pm
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Dani Pacheco has come out and explained to us why he had to leave Liverpool this summer and go on loan to Rayo Vallecano. Pacheco believes that he will get very few opportunities at Liverpool under Kenny Dalglish and he further goes on to say that he may have gotten more first team opportunities if Rafa Benitez were still at the club.

“I did not get tired of Liverpool and I hope I have not ended my time there because it is a good competition,” Pacheco said.

“But with Rafa Benitez’s departure I felt my progress has been held back and I wanted to go somewhere I was at ease and could show my strengths.

“There were no opportunities and that is why I have had to leave. I want to progress to do that. I needed to change.”


7 responses to “Why he had to leave Liverpool”

  1. JJ says:


    Because he was rubbish.

  2. turks says:

    @JJ Foolish comment, shows you know nothing the player or the game if you think he’s rubbish, top goal scorer in recent euro’s.
    Certainly one of the best prospects at our club, Comolli has said it’s a development loan, sickens me to see so called fans spew this kind of crap, you are probably one of the many that slated Lucas over the last few years, look at him now!

    • arpie says:

      Too true, too right Turks. That comment by jj not very good at all, and typical of the reactionary, -attack-the-player/side, after a not so-perfect match. However the rest of us are more patient and think long term, and see that the deals we have done this summer will set us up for a whole lot of silverware in the future.

    • Chan says:

      Turks you are spot on. I think JJ is crap with his comment. Dani is definitely better compared with our 35 mill flop whom KD put so much faith in.

  3. Geovanni says:

    Lets wait and see what will become of him.

  4. Tezza says:

    Pacheco will never be a first team regular for Liverpool. And thats a fact jack.

  5. arpie says:

    Why do u think that is,tezza ?
    Because when all is said and done, he is a very classy player. He was even, uefa youth player of the tournament.