Date: 15th September 2011 at 1:00am
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Damien Comolli was asked, “We’ve also had a number of supporters wanting to know why Alberto Aquilani was allowed to leave on loan when he had impressed during pre-season?”

Comolli replied saying, “With him it was more a question of opportunities to play. He’s obviously a big player, he’s got a very good resume and he’s a very good player. But Kenny and the coaching staff felt he would play in a certain position. As I told Alberto during the summer, unfortunately in that position is someone called Steven Gerrard and it would have been difficult for Alberto to play. There were different reasons. There were tactical reasons, the fact he was playing in this position and also we felt it would have been very difficult to keep him here not playing regularly.

I’ve got to say I was very impressed with the way Alberto behaved throughout the process. He was really an act of class. He only wanted to play football. He was not obsessed about money or anything else and to be fair to him, I was very impressed by his attitude and his personality.”


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  1. Gary says:

    Lame excuse. You mean to say Liverpool cant play both Gerrard and Aquilani together. They both have good chemistry with one another. I understand that having both Meireles and Aquilani would be a headache because they both need to play and Gerrard also. But letting both of them go isnt right. If Adam isnt clicking in a game or gets injured, if Gerrard gets injured, whos gonna step up with quality in that position. Henderson does not have the vision to replace them, he didnt even see an open Suarez vs Stoke. Shelvey, and Spearing? There much better impact players arent they.

    • alex3 says:

      We need to read ALL and not part of the reply by Comolli – he also said it would be ‘difficult’ to keep him in Liverpool if not playing ‘regularly’. What we have also to note is whether the player would LIKE to be here when NOT playing regularly. A solution would need to be sorted in order to satisfy ALL parties then. Just like Meireles – we can always NOT sell him but if he doesn’t want to be here then why have someone on the bench when hi s heart is not there. Similar situation with Aqualini here though he didn’t exactly say he doesn’t want to be here…..just that he wants to be in the team all the time and the management team adjudged that to be not happening so often in the position they think he will serve the team best.

  2. Fadi says:

    Letting him go was a big big mistake for two reasons:

    1 – He is an excellent player, by far our most talented midfielder, he impressed and made a difference every single time he played in a Liverpool shirt.
    2 – Since when we don’t need two quality players for one position, especially that Gerrard seems to be spending more time on the treatment table than on the field, and it doesn’t look like that situation is going to change much based on the last couple of years.

    It is such a shame that Liverpool did let him go for that reason, because he is the sort of player that makes a good team a great one with his vision and creativity, by making it look so easy. Just could imagine what him and Suarez could have done to opposing teams with their intelligence and ability to be one step play ahead of everybody else on the pitch.

    I thought Dalglish would have had more sense than Hodgson. Before anyone starts jumping to defend King Kenny, I would like to say that I have been supporting Liverpool and the King since 1977, and know about him and appreciate him as a player and a manager more than most, but he is human, and humans do make mistakes.

  3. Roger Hunt says:

    Aquilani has wanted to leave ever since he joined us. He never settled. He asked Hodgson for the loan last year aswell because he doesn’t want to play for us and live in England.

    I think Kenny would have kept him but his missus had a baby in May and she didn’t want to live in England either. Aquilani is homesick, that is all there is to it.

  4. Euan says:

    I totally agree Gary and Fadi….totally!

  5. Ernest says:

    oh…… Which kind of rubbish mistake is dat, dia’s a sayin dat says dat in a team dia shud a rotation policy, y not keep Aqua man n rotate him wit Gerrard since he’s nt gettin any younger, 2 be sincere at times L.F.C sucks.

  6. Ernest says:

    Can any 1 tel me y we sold Raul meirales 2 chelsea, coz left 2 me henderson is no wia better dan meirales, dis guy was dis person dat lift must wen wia in bad form last which i no henderson can possess just take a gud luk at wat he’s doing in chelsea right now is all abt meirales. I feel so bad washin Raul in chelsea shirt. I need an answer 2 dis.

    • clement says:

      sometimes you make comments without reading the contents. Aquilani never wanted to return to england and he got his wish. it would do more harm to LFC keeping him and mereiles in the team because practically both of them wants out. It is better to have a small squad with players who love the club with all their heart and want to help the club achieve glories than having a large squad full of pretenders and greedy fellows who only think of themselves.
      N.B: LFC is bigger than any player, Players may come and go but LFC will remain forever.

      • Fadi says:

        @ clement, Aquilani didn’t want come back because Hodgson just loaned him out without giving him a chance. If he didn’t want to be in England he wouldn’t have joined Liverpool in the first place. But when you are somewhere, even at your Jon and you don’t feel you are appreciated by your boss, you start looking somewhere else where you would feel wanted and appreciated.
        Same applies to Meireles, since the beginning of the summer we nave been hearing that Liverpool wanted to sell him, with not a single denying comment from Liverpool. When the season starts you find yourself way down the pecking order with Henderson, half the player you are, at least at the moment getting the nod over you, what made it worse was Henderson wasn’t performing.
        So here comes final day of the transfer market, you haven’t been given the money promised to you, you are not in the first team, and not likely to be, and chelsea’s manager is a firmer coach wanting you, what do you do, you go. So let us not always blame the players leaving us, and making them look like bad people, when they were pushed out.

  7. james says:

    the team is improved, but this is 5th place mentality. the top clubs are loaded with redundant quality at every position. Fabregas has to wait for Iniesta to come off to get some minutes. Look at how loaded are the United, City and Real sides with incredible subs, waiting. Berbatov doesn’t want to play? Or Tevez? Instead, we ship out aqua and raul to play henderson every game? and adams? we’re aiming no higher than 4th. if we drop the points away to spurs we’ll be on 7 points after 5 games not having played the top 3.

  8. Roger Hunt says:

    Fadi, I repeat Aquilani asked to leave last season just as he asked to leave this season. It wasn’t Hodgson’s or Dalglish’s fault. That is the truth.

  9. Roy says:

    Ok I am a milan fan and i have been following the Aquilani affair for a while even before he joined cause I always thought he was an excellent player and I am curious to see what he can do with his career. All of his interviews are in Italian and I did see one on video in Italian in which he explaind his situation in liverpool very clearly. SO TO ALL WHO HAVE ASSUMPTIONS OF WHY THIS AND WHY THAT….HERE IT IS…. THIS IS THE TRUTH ONCE AND FOR ALL…….
    Aquilani was asked about his experience abroad and in the EPL …THIS IS WHAT HE SAID SO READ CAREFULLY. He said the EPL is the best league in the world in his opinioon and would reccomend any of his collegues in Italy to try the experience. He loved playing the games and loved the support as well and all the stadiums. The thing he wanted the most was to be part of the team and build his future in liverpool as a key palyer ….but the COACH told him he wasnt going to be in his plans, there fore he decided to leave. NOW ABOUT HIS LIFE IN ENGLAND. He said if he was given a chance to have an important role in the team he would of eventually forced him self to adjust to life in liverpool. But because he wasnt given that oppourtunity he much rather live life in Italy ( Chealse and other english team were inetersetd as well )… THESE WERE HIS WORDS. SO HE DIDNT ASK TO LEAVE SIMPLY BBECAUSE HE DIDNT LIKE LIFE IN LIVERPOOL HE ASKED TO LEAVE COUSE THE COACH SAID HE WASNT IN HIS PLANS. THERE FORE AQUILANI WANTED TO STAY AND BECOME AND IMPORTANT PLAYER FOR THE CLUB. Under Benitez Aquilani and Gerrard played together and they were excellent…………. i dont understand what rubbish the liverpool coach is thinking…. im happy he is a moron couse i get to have aquilani now.

    • Roger Hunt says:

      Roy, If you believe that – go ahead. I’ve heard from “an unimpeachable source” that Aquilani asked to leave last season just as he asked to leave this season. It wasn’t Hodgson’s or Dalglish’s fault. He never settled in the UK and his girlfriend who has just had a baby didn’t want to live in the UK either. AA was homesick for Italy. That is the truth.

    • Roy says:

      Yes he did ask to leave thats what he said. But the reason why he asked to leave was because he was told he was going to be a bench player or not even that, so combined with the fact that he wasnt adjusting to life in liverpool he opted to leave. REMEMBER I DIDNT READ THIS ON SOME STUPID TABLOID MAGAZINE. I saw him say it out of his own mouth after milan signed him at an interview at milanello none the less. SO stop being stubborn. Aquilani is a Roman and if you knew Romans they have lots of pride and don’t need to lie the say things they way they are very directly. He clearly would of liked to stay and become an integral part of the team…HE SAID THOSE EXACT WORDS AFTER MILAN HAD ALREADY SIGNED HIM. why would he say that after he already signed a contract with Milan. AGAIN HIS OWN WORDS ON INTERVIEW ON VIDEO….not internet tabloid pop up pages. The whole wife things sounds like internet speculations and blaa blaah i had my assumptions too .BUT I SAW HIM BLOODY SAY OUT THE REASONS WHY HE LEFT LOUD AND CLEAR SO IF YOU WANT YOU CAN MAKE UP YOUR OWN STORIES TO MAKE YOUR SELF FEEL BETTER BUT IM JUST STATING WHAT HE SAID, AND WHAT I HAVENT SEEN ANY ENGLISH ARTICLE PUBLISH ODDLY ENOUGH. And plus Aquilani IS a top player why the hell would he want to stay in a club that doesnt recognize his abilities AND WOULDNT ALLOW HIM TO BE PART OF THE ITALIAN NATIONAL TEAM. Get other it.

      He clearly would of liked to stay and become an integral part of the team…but he wasnt recognized as an important player therefore combined with the fact that he wasnt adjusting he opted to leave. HE SAID THOSE EXACT WORDS AFTER MILAN HAD ALREADY SIGNED HIM.

      He clearly would of liked to stay and become an integral part of the team…but he wasnt recognized as an important player therefore combined with the fact that he wasnt adjusting he opetd to leave. HE SAID THOSE EXACT WORDS AFTER MILAN HAD ALREADY SIGNED HIM.

      I wrote that twice so you don’t forget the first time you read it. Im not trying to make up stories through sources im just repeating what he said at an interview. It sounds like you are just sour about the whole thing and so is your source.

      Here is the interview the question he is asked about liverpool is at 4.28 to 5.44 so i suggest you watch it with someone who knows italian so he can tell you what he says.

  10. angelo says:

    I’m a heart broken Liverpool supporter. I cried out, I screamed foulll when Kenny was disposing Aqualani and then Merieless. For Adam and herdenson, politics in football not good at all British or non British we want our darling club to move forward. Kuyt shld hv played the game against spurs. Where was AdamS when blackpool were relegated? Herdeson is an average player we need Steve G. Badly in that middle. How I wish I can bring Aqua and merieles back. Kenny dalglish is to be blamed