Date: 15th September 2011 at 4:04pm
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Yossi Benayoun ended up joining Arsenal on transfer deadline day on loan from Chelsea for the season, but the midfielder has said that he had talks with Liverpool about a possible move back to Anfield.

Benayoun said, “The media thought it was dramatic, but I knew it would go to the last day. There was an agreement between me and Chelsea that we would wait until then because they wanted to bring in another player – either [Raul] Meireles or [Luka] Modric.

“I first heard about the interest from Arsenal eight days before the end of the window and when I knew they wanted me it was an easy choice. I had a few good options from clubs in England and outside. There was a few talks with Liverpool. A few teams but as soon as I heard about Arsenal my mind was made up.

“Deadline day was calm for me. I flew in from Israel in the morning, from the national team, and knew it was going to happen.”


8 responses to “Midfielder thought of joining Liverpool this summer”

  1. We didnt want him anyway, he wouldnt fit anywhere in liverpool currently squad.

  2. George says:

    Yossi is a good quality player, it is only that luck was against him in Chelsea & i’ve come to notice that any player that forces himself out of Anfield always end up regreting even frustrated. Imagine Torres today!

  3. don wynne says:

    this is a complete none story, Yossi said he had talks with several prem teams, including us, it doesn’t mean we made an offer to him, besides at that time unless someone is telling porkies we didn’t know raul was leaving.

  4. shark says:

    He would have been a great addition.

  5. crazyhorse says:

    Did not want the israeli back at my club,and while am here
    a little thought on Nathen Eccleston the lad as fredom of speech and his comments about 911 have nothing to do with liverpool fc! and everybody is starting to wake up and see
    the true terrorists in the world,80% of americans dont believe
    this story this was a inside job,so you liverpool fans back this kid because if people started saying what the sun
    newspaper wrote about hillsbourgh was the truth you would all be up in arms bouncing round anfield.

    • Brozzo11 says:

      CRAZYHORSE, What the f*ck are you talking about???
      80% of Americans don’t believe what??? So i guess much like the The Sun you also talk a load of crap seeing as that would mean you represent the overall views of 240 million people!!!! (80%).
      You are a f*cken idiot who speaks without fact’s.
      Next to you Eccleston actually sounds intelligent.