Date: 15th September 2011 at 10:00pm
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Despite all the ire being directed towards Jordan Henderson recently, I feel much more focus should be on another summer signing, Charlie Adam. Unlike Henderson who is still learning the game, Adam is 25 and is heading towards the peak of his career, and we should expect to be seeing some top notch performances, like we have from Stewart Downing and Jose Enrique.

To be fair, it takes every player time to settle in and we will see better performances from Adam in the coming months, but it would be safe to say that his displays have been somewhat indifferent in the first few matches.

His match against Stoke kind of sums up his performances for Liverpool so far this season. During the match he made a total of 67 passes, with 51 going to team mates at a pass completion percentage of 76%. This is not bad considering he does also take set pieces, but it isn’t great either considering he is supposed to be the deep-lying playmaker in the side.

For sure, he has made some fantastic long range diagonal balls already this season, but like his time at Blackpool, he has the tendency for trying to make too many “Hollywood” style passes, giving away possession in the process and stopping forward momentum.

Of course, you wouldn’t want Adam to play too conservatively as it is his job to open up defences with defence splitting balls, but I feel he could be a lot more selective to know when to hit raking cross field balls and when to play it short. He is certainly still learning at 25 but it is crucial for Liverpool’s creative play this season that he gets it right more often than that.

So far this campaign it has been evident that he sometimes slows down play too much, taking too much time on the ball and then losing possession to the opposition in the process. I must make an interest known that I don’t rate Adam as highly as either Meireles or Aquilani who left the club, but I still feel the Scot has it within him to play at bit better.

One element of his game which can’t be criticised is his set piece delivery. Although he sometimes over hits the ball, he always whips the ball in with pace from either corners or free kicks and causes opposition defence no end of problems. I feel the Reds do need to capitalise on more deliveries than they have done already this season.

So in conclusion, there are elements of Adam’s game I like, he can no doubt pass a ball from either open play or from set pieces, but I think he needs to be a lot more consistent if he wants to have a long career at the club. Do you think he is the man most vulnerable by the return of Gerrard, or do you think Henderson will give way and the Reds revert to a 4-2-3-1?

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43 responses to “Gerrard set to replace Adam in the starting lineup”

  1. jamie says:

    Adam has been a key plaayer in most of the games and was driving the team on in the final moments of the sunderland game watch some of his distribution of the ball in the bolton game … That will show you something … You’re an idiot mate.

    • Gerrardious says:

      @Jamie: u’ve made ur point. insulting the author doesnt make you any smarter than he is.

    • Aravind says:

      i think Hendo shud b replaced……& with Gerrard bck Adam will get more space & then he will askd to do an ‘Alonso’ whch suits him & he will improve :)) 4-2-3-1 formation with suarez & Gerrard supporting him is gonna b one hell of a formation !! waiting 4 it

  2. LFChris says:

    Agree with Jamie, one bad game against Stoke and you’re accusing him of being inconsistent! He has been one of our better players so far this season! Surely Dalglish would want to play Gerrard as a roaming attacker which suits his style more, than sitting deep aswell! It makes more sense to replace Henderson, but bring Henderson on around the 60-70min mark to still give him some decent playing time.

  3. Kopite_Cymraeg says:

    Completely agree with Jamie and LFCHRIS, you take one game, a game where he was clearly frustrated, his worst game and you take one stat from that. I then read the rest of the article waiting for you to pick out some major negatives I may have missed in the other games he has played. Instead you go on to say “in conclusion”. IN CONCLUSION HE HAD ONE BAD GAME, IN CONCLUSION THREE RECENT KEY MOMENTS I REMEMBER ARE: His assist for Suarez’s header, first game of the season. His assist for Skrtels header v Bolton, His goal v Bolton. And thats just what sprung to mind while reading the first paragraph. Your either not very observant or just very ill informed.

  4. Jack says:

    It has to b Henderson to go at the moment Adam is one of a few players on the pitch who can pass a ball. Lucas holding Adam the deep play maker downing out wide with Bellamy the other side and gerrard playing off Suarez. Quality

  5. don wynne says:

    sorry mate. I have to agree with the majority of comments so far. Any player playing the ‘high risk’ passes that Adam does is sure to have a lower % than the tap back to the keeper players, he is very important because we need the ability to be able to switch the point of attack and to do this there is no one better in the prem than Charlie.

  6. Daniel says:

    It will absolutely be Henderson Gerrard replaces. The reason Adam isn’t that sure of when to hit a long ball/ short ball is because of the lower standard of coaching and team mates at his previous clubs. In Gerrards autobiography, he talks of how he used to do the same thing and went to a team mate, I forget which one, for advice; albeit at a younger age. With Gerrard along side him he will develop further. What a Central midfield 3 that makes of Gerrard, Adam and Lucas!

  7. steve says:

    It has to be Henderson making way in my opinion.Adam’s been very good so far playing the deep-lying midfield role.Great passing and great corner kick,free kick taking at last too.Next to Lucas,can be a great midfield duo.I want to see this starting line-up.
    Johnson Coates Agger Enrique
    Lucas Adam
    Downing Gerrard Bellamy
    Pass and move all the time! YNWA

  8. kopitefromkali says:

    You have a very disturbing view of Charlie sir. I completely agree w everyone else. We need to have Stevie in a more creative and attacking role, Stewart on the left Stevie on the right would be fitting. Although I’m sure kenny has it all sorted and doesn’t need our opinion. But please rethink your views and/or actually WATCH A MATCH! Ynwa. Down w the spuds!

  9. kopitefromkali says:

    BTW….Steve…..that is a beautiful looking 11! Not so sure of bellamy again yet, but his passion for the club is tremendous! Along w all of ours…..Ynwa

  10. Bill says:

    Got to be Henderson but I think it will be Gerard coming on for him in the second half, Kenny has already stated that he wont rush him back, and I also think he he’ll continue this for a number of games, alternating between Adam and Henderson being changed. Just my opinion but I look forward to seeing Captain Fantastic back even if it is only for part of the game.

  11. Jrncusa says:

    Nothing to add, agree with the above comments. The author needs to open his eyes when the match is on.

  12. Kritix says:

    Gerrard should be used as a booster for the club anytime their morale is low. I mean, with his xprience, he can start on the bench, if liverpool is facin troubles den he shud be introduced. Bt either ways, henderson is pavin way nt adam u moron.

  13. Dr Tom says:

    Having watched all but one of Adam’s games for Liverpool this season, I have been underwhelmed by his performances. He is very slow, gives the ball away for fun and has hardly any awareness of opposing players going past him. He plays far too deep to consistently affect play and thinks that the odd long pass justifies his profigacy. He does not have the mobility of Raul or Aquilani and to me is an average player who will have one season at Anfield before he’s moved on. His performance against Stoke was an emabarrassment.

  14. Ernest says:

    steve u got it all right d formation is superb dats d exert tin i had in my mind, wit dis we wil ve d pace, skill, movement n d momentum by keepin carragher on bench startin coates.

  15. RoGue says:

    Nah, Henderson will be the one making way for Gerrard’s comeback. @Steve’s choice of players is about right only I would play Downing on the left and Bellamy on the right. The reason I’d choose Bellamy over is Kuyt is because Bellamy is capable of putting in more crosses and making more dangerous runs down the flank. My starting line-up :
    Johnson – Coates – Agger – Enrique
    Lucas – Adam
    Bellamy – Gerrard – Downing

  16. terry rusere says:

    drop hendo nd bring in gerrard ,form z temporary bt class is permanent, meyb kk need to alter his formation in order 2 accomodate stevie, so hendo out

  17. steve says:

    As most of you seem to know Adam is a good player and with Stevie coming back soon we really will have an amazing midfield. I believe the best is yet to come from Adam, my prediction is that he scores a cracker against Spurs and sets up two others. Final score 3-1.

  18. Gebreyesus says:

    To me Gerard will be easily tested (as coming back from injury) in light position where there is no conjestion of attack. Hence, right wing is his best test lately to be replaced with Henderson or the other way round. Adam needs continous game to develop confidence with Lukas, he is untoucheable to me.After all Gerard is attaking midfielder/ second striker not a defending midfielder, remember his best season with Torres. I get offended when i saw him wearing the no.4 tishert in national team.

  19. Sylvergreat says:

    Adam is an asset.stop critising him

  20. Carliel says:

    Nobody is talkin abt carroll..

  21. lee bradley says:

    agree with most of the comment charlie adam is a quality footballer and has slotted right into the liverpool team and plays the liverpool way! its pathetic that any player is being judged so early on in the season,some people just want to find the negative in everything and everyone! lets just get behind dalglish n the boys and good things will happen at liverpool fc YNWA

  22. Brian says:

    Adam has been outstanding so far this season with exception of a few nightmare moments in the Stoke game, I have no doubt he will prove to be our most influential summer signing, his performance against Bolton would rival any of Xabi’s best games. I agree with previous comments why is nobody mentioning Andy Carroll, there was a time when LFC fans supported their players through good form and bad, coincidentally that was when we won league titles for fun! Support the squad not just the players who are performing well currently, that’s the Man U school of supporting.

  23. jordan says:

    replace lucas with gerrard because lucas is a shit defencive midfielder and just doesnt suit in our starting 11. why do we want a defencive midfielder on the pitch anyway? play like the good old days where it was all out attack no matter who you played, and dont just beat them buy winning buy a goal or two, just smash them for the whole 90. gerrard and adam will be boss together. hendersons still learning and can be taught well buy gerrard and adam.. i think lucas should be sold because hes crap!! better younger tallent in the academy..

    • BILLYNWA says:

      You know nothing about football!

    • phil07 says:

      Would prefer that nobody is regarded as ‘dropped’. We have a squad. Henderson certainly does not deserve to be left out. But most stupid of all is this guy thinking we should drop Lucas who over the last 18 months has probably been our best player. Gerrard can play in any of Adam, Henderson, Kuyt, or even Johnsons position, just leave it to Kenny.

  24. Bomber 25 says:

    The sooner Gerrard returns the better. Replacing Meireles with Adam is a very big gamble indeed and not a wise one in my view. I hope for all Liverpool players and supporters sake that Adam improves within the coming months.

  25. KD7 says:

    No – Keep Adam in the team henderson is our weakest centre mid although he does have some potential.

  26. Elmo McElroy says:

    I agree with everyone’s sentiments on this blog, although I don’t think Kenny will bring Stevie G straight back into the team. Charlie Adam has actually been the midfielder who has covered the most ground and put in the most tackles this season, surprised anyone? Kenny will want Stevie G to fight his way into the team because everyone is playing well at the moment. I envisage Stevie being brought on as a sub to start with to get him up to speed first rather than just replacing Henderson from the start straight away. That would kill Henderson’s confidence and that is the last thing that Kenny would want to do. With Stevie on the bench it will spur all of our midfielders to lift their own games, that in turn will get Stevie revved up to play at his highest level quicker than ever. Competition is healthy and makes players fear for their places, even Stevie and Carra. You only have to look down the East Lancs road to see what competition does in terms of lifting performance or if anyone is old enough to remember, like me :-), then you may remember Liverpool teams of old where if anyone was left out, then it was really difficult for them to force their way back in to the team. The game is a lot different these days and the squad has to be used but Kenny is quickly getting Liverpool back to where we used to be and we have to be happy about that.

    • phil07 says:

      very surprised when i read those Adam stats , but then again, he has played mostly 90 minutes, whereas Henderson who appears to do much more running, tends to come off. I guess if youve played for longer you ve probably run further, but can be misleading

  27. Gerrardious says:

    @Jordan: u just made me laugh; sumfin which is very difficult to do. lmao ………..wot a joke

  28. kareem says:

    fellow mighty reds.there’s no need to worry ourselves.with daglish and clarke,we’ll have a formidable eleven.i’ll prefer adams to play along with gerrard.henderson still has alot to learn and has a long way to go.

  29. Andy says:

    Lucas has came very good, but at anfield id like to see him dropped as hes not very creative and doesnt offer much in attack, id like to see gerrard and adam in the middle, we dont want him stuck out on the right wing, he goes wondering

  30. Nick says:

    Got to agree with everyone else. I think unless you truly understand football (which the author clearly doesnt) then you cant really see the true class of Adam. His passing between the lines is phenominal. He picks players out who are drifting between defence and midfield and then makes intelligent runs. He offers something that we havent had since Alonso and he MUST play when fit as he will create a bag load of goals for us. His set pieces are second to none too

  31. joseph says:

    Adam is a good player, a 6 mil pound player who struggles to get into the scotland side. he’s fine for what he is, but we will not win silverware with this type of player alone. he’s a key part of squad depth. we need more creativity and passing from midfield and he is not the answer. stevie cannot return soon enough.

  32. njanja says:

    Though Stev is eagerly itching to return but KK wouldn’t let him, at least for now. KK has built his team around Adam, therefore he sacrificed both Aqua and Meireless. I’m sure he will create another role for Stev, but certainly not at expense of Charlie

  33. Papa Oscar says:


    Johnson/Kelly Enrique
    Skrtel Agger


    Gerrard Adam

    Suarez Downing


  34. Jay says:

    Must agree with most comments and formations which have a 4-2-3-1 with gerrard playing just behind suarez.. Personally, i see henderson being replaced by stevie, no doubt that hendo is gonna be a good player but i think hes one to watch in another 1/2 years time. We need lucas for sure, people who say that hes not creative must not pay attention to what his role is which is a defensive mid.. Did we see mascherano being creative while he was with us? I dont think we did, lucas is sort of meant to mould around that mascherano mould, likewise with adam and alonso. I’d prefer to see kuyt on the right than bellamy because i feel that kuyt gives us stability between attack and defence but everyones entitled to their opinion so some might say they prefer bellamy over kuyt.
    @joseph.. Adam struggles to get in the scotland side? Hes a starting 11 now.
    It is a team game after all, so as long as liverpool rack up wins and get top 4 spot, i’ll be happy

  35. Paul says:

    You say Adam tries to many ‘Hollywood’ style passes that give the ball away and stops the forward attack. Yov are absolutly right but dirk kuyt has been giving the ball away consistingly since he signed. Any time kuyt touches the ball his lack of control is astonishing for a professional. As for his work rate, you might aswell get a headless chicken with a kit on.

  36. bri says:

    Why do some fans keep bangin on about meireles? He had one descent run of games and that was it.even bruno cheyrou had a couple of good games in a row.good calls for stevie playing off potent would that be? Think the thing that comes through in all this is how many options kenny has now.he can mix it up all over the pitch.we,re getting back to the way it should be with teams worrying about us instead of the other way round which is how its been for years.adam has made a good start to his lfc career and he will not be dropped for gerrard.doesnt stevie try to many hollywood balls? I think kuyt, as has been mentioned,will find himself on the bench more and more as the season progresses and it may well be his last the new players become established, he wont have a roll to play.his mediocrity will become blinding as is already apparent.