Date:13th September 2011 at 5:08pm
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Liverpool should have been awarded a penalty against Stoke on Saturday, this according to Stoke’s boss Tony Pulis. But it does not matter as it is a bit too late for Liverpool now. The result stands and we can not do anything about it but rather focus on Spurs this coming weekend.

“I think Rory’s was a definite penalty looking at it,” Pulis told Sky Sports News. “On the day from where I was I thought it wasn’t, but Rory’s was a definite penalty.

“Matthew Upson’s comes off his thigh onto his hand and I don’t think it is a penalty.

“I think Rory’s was a definite penalty looking at it.”

“I can see why he’s given the penalty against Jamie [Carragher]. Jon’s actually got the wrong side of him defensively and Jamie has pulled him back and whether he pulls him back or doesn’t pull him back he is trying to get round him and has his arm around his waist so I can see why the penalty was given.

“Kenny’s got to do what he has got to do and I am not going to tell Kenny what to do or I am not going to tell Liverpool Football Club what to do, they have to do what they have to do.

“I spoke to Mike Riley last year on a couple of occasions and Mike was first class.

“We have a procedure to go through and I am sure Kenny will go through the same procedure.”

Kenny Dalglish has said he will consult the clubs owners first before he makes a decision on what to do about the refereeing decisions going against Liverpool. What actions do you think Dalglish should take?