Date: 13th September 2011 at 5:08pm
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Liverpool should have been awarded a penalty against Stoke on Saturday, this according to Stoke’s boss Tony Pulis. But it does not matter as it is a bit too late for Liverpool now. The result stands and we can not do anything about it but rather focus on Spurs this coming weekend.

“I think Rory’s was a definite penalty looking at it,” Pulis told Sky Sports News. “On the day from where I was I thought it wasn’t, but Rory’s was a definite penalty.

“Matthew Upson’s comes off his thigh onto his hand and I don’t think it is a penalty.

“I think Rory’s was a definite penalty looking at it.”

“I can see why he’s given the penalty against Jamie [Carragher]. Jon’s actually got the wrong side of him defensively and Jamie has pulled him back and whether he pulls him back or doesn’t pull him back he is trying to get round him and has his arm around his waist so I can see why the penalty was given.

“Kenny’s got to do what he has got to do and I am not going to tell Kenny what to do or I am not going to tell Liverpool Football Club what to do, they have to do what they have to do.

“I spoke to Mike Riley last year on a couple of occasions and Mike was first class.

“We have a procedure to go through and I am sure Kenny will go through the same procedure.”

Kenny Dalglish has said he will consult the clubs owners first before he makes a decision on what to do about the refereeing decisions going against Liverpool. What actions do you think Dalglish should take?


12 responses to “It is a bit too late now for Liverpool”

  1. rolando says:

    Suarez misses open goal and still gets MOTM award? wow!

    • Jack says:

      @Rolando: Which probably explains why Liverpool is such a mediocre team. And most definitely explains why morons believe Carragher, like wines, matures and gets better with age.

  2. Joe says:

    No Tony, have a look at Jamie’s challenge again and focus on Walters, not the ball or Jamie. You will see that as the ball lands in front of both players, Walters has a look at Jamie and then barges into Jamie with his shoulder, knocking Jamie off balance. This should have resulted in a free kick for LFC.

    • Jack says:

      @Joe: You have a vivid imagination. Go join a screenwriter’s team somewhere. You would be a huge success.

    • fooka says:

      @ joe come’on guy.. check your underwear, i think there’s something like a wet dream you made right now!!

  3. Spot on Joe. I thought Jamie was a bit naive in the situation, but Mark Clattenburg has a history of awarding some strange penalties against Liverpool as well, so not surprised. I think the FA need to have a league table for ref’s that make bad decisions (I’m assuming they at least review them across a panel and reach consensus over the ref’s performance?)so they can start to work on an improvement plan to get things right.

    • Jack says:

      @Footie: Carragher is more than just naive. He has always been incompetent. One wonders how a technically deficient player could be so hero-worshipped by so many morons who believe that he would be a Liverpool legend. Carragher should never have played football professionally. He needs to make amends this instant for the sake of football in general and for LFC in particular. Let’s hope that some kind soul would hang up Carragher’s boots so high that he would never be able to retrieve them ever again. Amen.

  4. had says:

    luis suarez realy realy football player and he care about hes football club LFC many thanks to him,but with andy carroll realy realy big empty body andy pleas shave ur hair and do same work and nobody wil call u lady boy any more

    • Jack says:

      Anyone who plays football professionally should really be a decent player, except the legendary Jamie “Hoofer” Carragher of course.

  5. Fakoyejo says:

    I think the FA should be very careful about the way the referees in ‘BPL’ officiates,Lets take for example,Liverpool match against Sunderland: kieran Richardson’s foul against Suarez was absolutely a penalty nd straight red card,then why is he still on the be pitch?those kind of an officiating will probably be tarnishing all of the English referees nd EPL, when it comes to world recognition,because they judge U through Ur previous officiating,QUICK solution must be taken to restore the english league recognition.

  6. gary sutton says:

    why such a downer on jamie?