Date: 13th September 2011 at 10:00pm
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That is what Raul Meireles said according to Damien Comolli. The Liverpool Director of Football says that Meireles wanted to leave Liverpool and the club did not want to sell him. Apparently Meireles was ‘promised’ a salary increase at Liverpool and he never got it and thus he handed in his transfer request.

“Raul came to see me and said ‘I want to leave, I want to play for another club’,” Comolli said.

“Our intention was not to sell him but we were put in a corner a little bit when he put in a transfer request and said he didn’t want to play for Liverpool any more.

“I think the owners and Kenny have said it, and we all have the same view, when someone doesn’t want to be here it’s difficult to say ‘you are going to stay’.

“We’ve been through that process in January with Fernando Torres and this felt like the same situation. We’ve done it and we think it was the right thing to do for the club because it’s difficult to have somebody here who doesn’t want to be here.

“The job of the manager in the Premier League is already difficult having to manage 25 players and only having 11 to start on a match day.

“If you have someone who is adamant they don’t want to be here and wants to play for someone else, we took the view it’s better if he goes and we get the best possible deal for the club. In the end I think we did well.”


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  1. had says:

    fuck him stop talkn about some 1 when u know they not in club any more,we need think about shave andy carrolls hair to help luis suarez

  2. morris says:

    Sad little PR stunt…I don’t blame raul for leaving. When you have a gentleman’s agreement with a player of raul’s quality, who was on 35K a week (less than Ngog, Henderson, Adam, poulsen, etc) and the club goes on to renege on that promise to increase his misery salary in relative terms, more often than not, the player will want a move away.

    • Chan says:

      Yes exactly. I am from the old school being a fan of LFC for 3 decades. When we have an agreement, verbal or written LFC of old would have fulfill it.
      Are we sure we have the real KD back?

      • Paul F says:

        The agreement was made by different owners and a different manager and was NOT in writing.. its called a gentlemans agreement but legally that only stands between the gentlemen who made the agreement.

        Otherwise it would have been written in his contract, tells me it was a maybe, so lets stop all this crap and focus on the players at the club!!

        Paul F.

      • bruno says:

        Raul is gone and it’s a bad episode at LFC, and imo a bad piece of business. We’ll miss him, Luis will miss him. Unless we can find players able to play at the level of Suarez, we’ll drop points, and worse, the rumors have already begun about how much pep guardiola admirers Suarez.

  3. Manish says:

    Meireles is now the past.he helped us but now we should concentrate further

  4. John says:

    He is a p cock let that rat rest in peace like torres

  5. terry rusere says:

    hu wl replace raul nwae wsh hm ol th best

  6. Will says:

    You guys want to give him a high salary? Are u MAD? Before KK took over he wasent all that class now was he? I mean even Maxi was class sense KK took over. If he is such a bloody greedy biatch for cash then leave for Chealsea! Do you really think he should have the same pay as Stevie G and Suarez? Get a grip!

    Go support Chelsea, City instead!

  7. TroLLman says:

    I’m Raul on this one… Very very bad decision made on a good player.

    We could have done with him on Saturday!

    Instead we got Henderson who can beat a keeper 1 on 1 with 2 attempts even though Suarez was standing alone next to him!

    I hate selfish players unless they put the ball in the back of the net!

    We already know what Raul would have done in that situation!

    Square ball and a tap in for Suarez !

    Raul: what about my pay rise Kenny?

    KK: about that wee man.. You won’t be getting a pay rise laddy!

    Raul: but king club promees me…they say I play good I get spearing wage then?

    KK: that was before your DNA results cane back… We couldn’t detect a British gene in ya.

    Raul: but I player of the year king?

    KK: I said your not british laddy! Now packkh ya bags and do one!!

  8. TroLLman says:

    There are now reports surfacing that Luis Suarez, whos full name Luis Suarez Antonio Rodriguez Martinez Anderson is a fake!! and the Anderson was thrown in to secure his position in the side 😀

  9. Ezugwu chizoba valentine says:

    Enough of Raul’s transfer issue liverpool should forget about him and continue there game

  10. Rick says:

    Morris, the “gentlemen’s agreement was submitted by the previous unfair regime.
    I don’t see the point.
    Why Tom & Carl shouldn’t break a wage rise promise by two idiots?
    Money, money, money it appears the same problem of Meireles.
    I’m sure that Abramovich will give him the money.

  11. sam says:

    nice one mate!! and henderson is going to cost us a lot of points this season.hopefully,stevie will be back this weekend…

  12. Rick says:

    I’m full behind KING KENNY DALGLISH, because He’s a GREAT MAN ad no one should compromise Kenny’s integrity.
    I hate this fucking internet cunts like “trollman”.
    You’re a stupid dickhead.
    Go to Goodison and support Everton, if You think KING KENNY DALGLISH doesn’t deserve respect.
    Stupid bastard.
    And what’s the problem with Hendo? Did Meireles never missed a chance?
    Stupid idiot.
    Who brought Jose Enrique, Suarez and Coates to the Club stupid idiot?
    Who has had the last word on these great international signings?
    I can’t accept all of this internet stupidity.
    When You got the right to insult the integrity of Kenny Dalglish?
    I’m sick of these “so called fans” Who are earning the right of accusing KING KENNY DALGLISH of racism.
    Can You go fuck off and support Everton?

    • TroLLman says:

      Oi prick face!
      We ain’t no blind following supporters, who just happened have to woken up one day and started supporting Liverpool fc…
      I bet if Kenny shitted on your face you would lap it all up and say that was fookin loovleh.

      Every man on this earth is judged by his actions and Kenny is no diffrent!

      Any Liverpool fan would respect what he has previously done with OUR club!

      But true supporters will question strange decisions because when it effect OUR club on the pitch…

      As a supporter when we lose a single game it’s like a knife through the heart…

      But you wouldn’t know coz you too busy sniffing around king Kennys arse!

      Pull your nose be your own man laddy!

      I feel to shit in bucket and send it ya with a compliments note from Kenny you will lap it up and not know the difference!

      Question tactics and transfers and that makes you a Everton fan does it you stupid cunts trick!

    • Gary says:

      ye i know lol. chill. its called joking around. i would be more pissed off about Meireles leaving. It was bad enough with Aquilani. Meireles has vision around him. Henderson was bought for that reason also. It was considered his strength to make a team flow when attacking and see a short pass. But since he has been at Liverpool he has been so uncomfortable that it looking like his forms going to be permanent. Constantly I have seen him make a safe back pass or side pass. Its like he has no idea what to do when he gets the ball. Look at Downing, he already has a premeditated brain to attack. Same with Suarez, Kuyt, Rodriguez Meireles, god even Shelvey can play better. Thats one i don’t understand. At least Shelvey has arrogance and commitment where as Henderson looks deflated. Its like when Lucas first started out. We cant afford to wait for players to perform. Meireles was an instant solution given away. Face it. Its so true.

  13. Karim says:

    If Raul is more concerned about an agreement over money than actually playing for Liverpool then why are people defending him?

    I only want a squad of 25 men who WANT to play for Liverpool. I dont want money grabbing mercenaries trying to stitch us up.

    Yes Raul was immensely impressive last year but let him go. He is now part of our past.

    I think Torres fully regrets leaving Liverpool the way he did. He has only scored 1 goal in 23 games for them. I can never remember a bad return like that for us.

    Why are people jumping on hendersons back? did he not score a blinder of a goal against Bolton just a couple of weeks ago which was goal of the month?

    It doesnt matter if you’ve been a fan of LFC for 1 day or 100 years, at the end of the day LFC is bigger than any of us and any player!

    Like the poster above says, if you dont want to support LFC, go down the road and cheer on EFC!

  14. bruno says:

    relax guys, it’s a discussion forum, which implies different views. all or most of us want to see LFC back on top. we differ sometimes in how to do it. unfounded criticism is as one sided as blind faith. Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson “want” to play for Liverpool, but does that mean they should start every game or that they are the answer to our lack of creativity at times? The club has taken a big step forward, but at the same time the top two seem even farther away. Away at Spurs will be v. important. If we are not more clinical than at Stoke I think some worries will be justified.

  15. KimmEY says:

    When i saw the game against Stoke i wanted to cry. Not only because i lost money on the game but also the pure “bad luck” that strucked us. I hope Steve comes back against Tottenham and life the guys. I belive Adam will play great with Lucas and form a great partnership. Steve will create room and drag defenders away and Suarez, Downing and Carrol will find the scoring form. And if only Bellamy works out this can turn out to be a awsome team that with alitle time will make us all smile again. YNWA

  16. Adefioye Kolawole says:

    Oh guys u don’t need 2 quarel wit ur self, old tins has pass & raul has become old tins..lets go forward

  17. ode says:

    lfc should try an win there games agest smallar clubs it’s rely corusin the club points thy never take there chancec agest small clubs the way thy play wit big clubs thy are making us Nigerians fan not to have a say and lfc cornsentrat on talking about there sold players that dose not help orthere players

  18. Rick says:

    The fact is that some people got the right of accusing Kenny of racism over the nationality of players, and this is stupid non sense attack against a Great Man.
    It’s not the first time I heard these sort of insults.
    Kenny loves LFC.

    • TroLLman says:

      Who’s Questioning Kennys greatness or his integrity?

      Nor have I heard any call him a racist before this point?

      For him it seems it seems to me it horses for courses!

      He thinks British players possibly suit his style or system!

      Let’s put it this way…. From what I have seen of him in the transfer Market so far, I’m sure if he was at the club a few months earlier we wouldn’t singing Suarez name it would have Bent or alike.

      I see his mentality like many of our supporters Iv come across…

      Comoli: Right kenny let’s get Mata! Spanish international too!

      Kenny: yeah looky ere moli eeZ noot proven at premiership level eeZ heh?

      Comoli: erm but king that’s because hee’s never played in Prem league…

      Kenny: ahhh see now wee man your thee same page moli!

      Comoli: Aguero?

      Kenny: shut eet moli! Now get meh Henderson!!

      Comoli: who?

      Kenny: noot so smart now are ya wee man? Now go get him and pay upto £20m for him alrighty!

      Comoli: but for thees we getting Mata Kenny?

      Kenny: that’s right moli… But was mata ever sunderlands player of the yr Ayee??

      Moli: erm but Mata never player for Sunderland before Kenny…

      Kenny: exactly wee man… Exackhtly! Proven! In a few yrs he will be worth atleast £42m

      Moli: but Kenny.. Who weel be mad enough to pay us thees much lolli for him :/

      Kenny: Chelsea! 🙂

  19. m kop says:

    Invest Raul Meireles and Ngog money to get another winger in January and selling him would be forgiven.
    Someone like Marko Marin or Adam Johnson, who can create chances for others.

    I think Meireles is better player than Adam but obviously Dalglish prefers Adam.

  20. emmanuel says:

    Meireles issue should be over,humans have handicapps in that they never want to accept the wrongs of their own doing,king Kenny needs to be respected at Liverpool football club but I hope we are not going to be that stupid to respect history that have passed with the times and would never come to make Kopsol great.Meireles was the future and the present but idiots keep on talking about KK’s playing days,do you really love liverpool you fools? I hope for stability at Anfield, I respect everyone for what he had done for the football club but logic needs to be used when dealing with some of things.Am not interested in arguments that are stupid because Sir Alex would win no. 20,21,22 etc,whilst fools are busy talking about respect me at our club Liverpool.I hope the fact that T.hicks and Gillet,Rafa,Torres,Alonso,Mascherano and others came and gone would educate some fools that the important thing is the present and future are the ones important to us at club. Don’t be fooled by fools who have left our club telling you that they love our club.Meireles made it clear that it is important to think about his new life now coz there is no point talking about liverpool as he is no longer there.One time God will make liverpool what we want it to be as loyal fans!!!!!!

  21. emmanuel says:

    we want results,nothing more,nothing less!!pedaling forwards would make bicycle move not backwards,so if you can take that thinking into your head then you will know that history would not help the present.