Date: 12th September 2011 at 7:47am
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Liverpool went down 1-0 to Stoke on Saturday after Stoker were awarded a controversial penalty. After the match, Kenny Dalglish said, “But I just can’t see how it was a penalty kick.”

We have had quite a number of refereeing decisions go against us already this season but it is part and parcel of the game and we just have to make sure we score more goals than the opposition and not let decisions cost us points. On any other day, we could have score three or four against Stoke but it was not meant to be. We also had several claims of winning a penalty for ourselves but yet again, the referee was not on our side. We should not blame the referee at all times if we lose but there are some times you can not help it!

Do you think Carragher's challenge against Stoke was a penalty?

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5 responses to “[Video] Was this a penalty?”

  1. Lion Heart says:

    It was a soft penalty, 9 times out of 10 referee wouldn’t have given it but Carragher did had his hand around his waist and we can’t complain about it, nonetheless referee made a mistake by not giving a clear penalty to Liverpool

  2. Jevon says:

    Im sick of players that could tow a tracktor going down like theyve been shot with a double barreled shotgun. Prime example.

  3. Soulman1703 says:

    If you ignore the foul on Carra knocking him off balance which then causes him to instinctively put his around Walters then from that moment on is was a foul and therefore a pen. If Walters doesn’t foul Carra then the pen doesn’t happen. Later in the game much less contact on a Stoke defender results in a free kick to them against Carroll. Like for like definately the wrong decision favouring the attacker not the defender – erm once again.

  4. glen says:

    im a die hard liverpool fan.. but im sick n tired of cribbing on luck n saying we plyed well wen our team just cldnt score.. n that too wid a team like stoke. if we call ourself one of the best in england. sry but u jus need to be on the score sheet.. its dreadful henderson suarez missed sitters. dont think we’ll even make top four wid games in which we cant even make one on the score sheet.

  5. bri says:

    Ive yet to see a team win all 38 games in a season.saturdays result was a travesty,stoke didnt even deserve nil let alone one.kenny was generous in his assessment of stoke and as a manager thats only right but i,m a fan so i dont have to be. is there a more horribler team to watch and play against than stoke? What with the lack of football they play,narrowing and shortening of the pitch,letting the grass grow, i mean if they were playing barca,they,d try and get the pitch down to the size of a squash court.yeah they did defend well,with the ref and weve got to be more clinical in front of goal but it is right that kenny can question woefull refereeing against us and if given the green light to do so,well, cant think of anyone better to fight our corner. these dreadful decisions were getting against us are becoming eerily frequent.i.m not just moaning about the odd one which every team gets,there,s been a string of them going back to the end of last season. the thing that strikes me is that there blatantly obvious.we,re not talking about needing 10 slow motion replays to spot em,unlike their penalty.the delap blatant handball[he had his arms outstretched],the foul on skrtel when he shot over the bar.these are easy pens to see and give and are the result of us creating chances in the box so there valid complaints. i,m not blaming the result on the ref,we had enough chances to win 2 games,we didnt take em but lets not start ignoring injustices by trotting out the crap about it being part and parcel of the game because what i.m seeing and more importantly what kenny is seeing,is a pattern of very, very dodgy refereeing against us.