Date: 12th September 2011 at 11:00pm
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Raul Meireles spoke out today (Monday) about his departure from Liverpool and he said there was one promise Liverpool broke and that caused him to leave. Now what could this broken promise be?

Meireles said: “All I have to say is that I had one promise at Liverpool which wasn’t fulfilled.

“It’s not the only thing to blame. But that’s why the Liverpool fans are unsure why I left.”

He added: “Liverpool asked me to hand in a transfer request, so that’s normal.”

“I was aware that Liverpool wanted to sell me in the summer, which was a bit surprising to me.

“There’s no point touching this subject any more.

“I was a bit surprised, but now I’m just concentrating on my present and future, and that’s with Chelsea.”

Looking back at the history and speculation surrounding Meireles at Liverpool, he was signed by Roy Hodgson from Porto and there is a suggestion that he was given a low wage contract when he signed with the ‘promise’ that his salary would be doubled if he had a good season for Liverpool. Now Meireles went on to play very well under Kenny Dalglish and that surely would have prompted Liverpool to offer him a new contract as per agreement with Hodgson.

But since Hodgson got sacked, it sounds like the promise to Meireles also went. But surely such an agreement would have been down on paper? What other promise could Liverpool have made to Meireles that they broke?


16 responses to “The one promise that Liverpool broke to Meireles”

  1. I'm Brian and so's my wife says:

    If that is the promise he’s talking about, then how can he say it wasn’t about money?

  2. Bill says:

    He’s a liar, Chelski told him to put in the transfer request to save them money.

    • Oliver Tootenbocker says:

      Possible Bill, but I feel LFC made him hand in the request like they do with many other high profile players to show to the fans they want out of the club and are not being forced out.

      Kenny: “You really want to leave for that sad little club in London like Fernando and Yossi did Raul?”
      Raul: “Yes.”
      Kenny: “Then hand in a transfer request and get the hell out of my office”

    • Ste says:

      How would it save Chelski money? I thought that a player handing in a transfer request favoured the selling club, because then he doesn’t get a percentage of the transfer fee (because he asked to leave). The onus would then be on the buying club to pay a “signing on” fee.

  3. steve says:

    I think the so called promise that wasn’t kept is along the lines of him not being promised a starting place each week once the new players came in and I also think he will of wanted to go and play for AVB at Chelski coz he could be a definate starter in a lack-lustre ageing team with no flair.

  4. Billfaethetoun says:

    Glad we got rid of this greedy moaner.
    Any promises were made by a completely different board of directors, There was now way we could double his wages.
    Perhaps if he had proved himself over the whole season and not just a handful of games.

  5. abelish says:

    meireles should stay,,,but its past now,,,to win u must keep the best/great players like meireles and aquilani ,,,i dont know why,,,

  6. bruno says:

    who needs meireles? we’ve got charlie adam. he’s british, which means he’s committed, whatever that means. what does it matter he has so little ability, by comparison. raul’s stats compare favorably with modric, at a small fraction of the cost. best piece of business chelsky did in the summer. our worst. two assists in his first game? but we have charlie adam. no worries.

  7. alvin says:

    since the departure of xabi the team went downhill. I hope mereiless departure will not affect the team performance.

  8. stan howard says:

    so it was all about money, he said so himself, thats hie choice good luck to him, at least he was not a drain on recources.

  9. Sabani says:

    hmmmmm!!! If is about why didn’t u ask for it,after all u weren’t sign by kenny how do u expect him to do about the promise?

  10. njanja says:

    From 35k to about 65/70k a week for a player of Meireles ilk is not outrageous. The fact that he EVEN accepted the initial 35k should be commendable, after all he is still better than Hendo and Adam put together, yet they all earned more than him

  11. paddy wacked says:

    100% pay rise ? doesnt sound right to me

  12. bleps says:

    they promised they wouldn’t call him baldie.

  13. gary sutton says:

    If he’s not commited to L.F.C then he’s got to go, he’s not worth a pay rise. cant believe he’s gone to chelsea though i hope he fits in there as well as Torres has,lol.