Date: 12th September 2011 at 12:00pm
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Craig Bellamy made his Liverpool debut on Saturday against Stoke as he came off the bench in the second half. Liverpool were searching for an equaliser and Dalglish decided to throw on Carroll and Bellamy in place of Kuyt and Henderson and the new entrants seemed to make an instant impact.

Bellamy was deployed wide on the right as Downing was on the left. Bellamy look good on the right as he gave Stoke some problems. The beauty of having a player like Bellamy in the side is that you know you are going to get 100% commitment and he has the skill and pace to be a threat to any opposition.

We may not have gotten the equaliser after the entry of Bellamy onto the field but the signs looked good for Bellamy for the rest of the season. I have already been hearing some fans saying Bellamy should start upfront alongside Suarez or he should take over Henderson’s place in the side. It is a good headache for Dalglish to have as he now has some quality options. Bringing on Bellamy, Carroll and Glen Johnson off the bench is something to be proud of. In seasons gone by, we have very little quality on our bench.

What role do you see Bellamy playing for Liverpool this season?


17 responses to “Craig Bellamy’s role for Liverpool this season”

  1. Shaz says:

    I would love to see him alongside Suarez upfront.
    Kuyt could have right wing.
    Henderson and Carrol could come off the bench.
    They younger and the others are in better form.

    One loss, one draw and two wins.
    Our aim is to be in the top four.
    I would want it not to be to fight for number four.

    I think if I really think about it, I would probably get a headache myself.

  2. i think carrol should be on bench bcos he look like a basket baller not a footballer and henderson is still growing, mean why bellamy should play alongside suarez up front. Dr kenny i know u are pretending so that u will not be blamed 4 carrol transfer but am telling u that is a bad transfer. Lucas up u and ur tackle


    I prefer belamy with suarez upfront.

  4. magnumopus says:

    Isn’t that Bells on the left?

  5. Gerrardious says:

    Bellamy wasn’t on the right, he was on the left while Downing was on the right. That being said, I dont understand why Suarez is being used as the last man upfront when there are other strikers on the bench who can play alongside him or in front of him. It might have worked against Bolton but, I dont think dats the best approach. Suarez is most dangerous when playing as the 2nd striker or out wide. That makes him a lot more difficult to mark when running at the defence because he can either assist or score. He can easily draw defenders to himself, then set another player up for the goal (kinda like Messi in Barca). He was easily closed down against Stoke cos the defenders didn’t have to worry much about him releasing a short pass to another striker as he was mostly isolated around the box. Torres excelled in dat position bcos of his blistering pace and also (because of his partner-in-crime) Gerrard who was always behind him to assist or score. Gerrard could also pick him up with a thru pass from deep in the midfield.
    For, the record, am not professing to know it all (b/4 the Kenny-worshippers start banging on my door). am just passing my humble opinion.
    Now to the main topic, I’ll rather see Bellamy anywhere on the pitch as long as he keeps Dirk (Mr work ethic without trickery) Kuyt out of the startin line up. In a 4-3-3 attackin formation, he could play out wide (on the R or L). he could also partner Suarez up front (assuming Carroll is injured or out) in a 4-4-2 formation.
    Its early days so I just hope we get beta and more brutal with every game. cheers

  6. L4fc,YNWA says:

    i should say bellamy, kuyt,suarez in upfront.

    Skrtel , Coates , Agger , Enrique

    Lucas , Gerrard

    Kuyt , Downing


    In this squard we will win the epl.

  7. Mayn says:

    bellamy should play on left wing, downing should move on the right, thats where he played better for villa and now for england so move downing on the left for 90mins, kuyt suarez up front ,gerrard lucas in the middle , adam hendo must be benched asap. so heres the team: reina johnson carra agger enrique lucas gerrard downing bellamy kuyt suarez.

  8. Geovanni says:

    Bellamy on d outside right is good.

  9. harun yahaya says:

    king kenny, is better you play bellamy and suarez upfront before is late. because i can see that henderson is not part of our team, and also not capable in any position for liverpool. kenny correct your mistake now before its late.

  10. Ody says:

    Carroll and Henderson should go back to the bench. Kuyt and Suarez upfront, Bellamy can cut in from the left and shoot as Downing can also do that from the right. When Stevie is back, Kuyt can also retire to the bench and give Adam a competition in the sense that Gerrard goes deeper into the midfield with Lucas while Kuyt squares Suarez. We really dont need Carroll and Henderson… Imagine what their transfer fees (41M…) can get us instead…

  11. bole says:

    Bellamy was left,Downing right