Date: 7th September 2011 at 5:23pm
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In his column for the Liverpool Echo, John Aldridge stated he wasn’t surprised that Raul Meireles left for £12million because he didn’t fit into Kenny Dalglish’s 4-4-2 system:

“Meireles left just before the deadline and I wasn’t surprised. I always thought one midfielder would move on and he was the most likely. Meireles, like Joe Cole, Dani Pacheco and Alberto Aquilani, can’t really play in the 4-4-2 structure that Kenny likes. He was used out wide but everyone can see he’s no winger. Meireles needs a role in a three-man central midfield – that’s the way Chelsea play.”

So far this season, it must be said that Aldridge is correct in stating that Kenny prefers to use the 4-4-2 system. In the majority of matches so far, Dalglish has opted for a four man midfield with Downing wide left and Henderson tucked in on the right hand side. Meireles during Dalglish’s reign has played wide right and wide left on a number of occasions, and as Aldo mentions he is not always comfortable in these positions.

I feel however it is too simplistic to explain the departures of Meireles, Pacheco, Aquilani and Cole solely because they didn’t fit into Kenny’s system. After all, in his time in charge, Dalglish has demonstrated his flexibility in changing the system. As well as playing 4-4-2, he has played many variations of 4-3-3 such as 4-2-3-1 as well as 4-5-1. He has even on occasion used 3-5-2 to great effect and may even opt for such a system against Stoke this weekend.

Moreover, Meireles did play in attacking central midfield in a fair few matches last season under Dalglish, rather than out wide, suggesting he could fit into King Kenny’s plans. For the other three, Alberto Aquilani’s departure from the club seems to have been more to do with family reasons than anything else as it was implied after he was loaned back to Italy.

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24 responses to “Is this the reason why Meireles left Liverpool?”

  1. Dr Tom says:

    Aldo talks cr*p most of the time – he’d do well on Talksh*te. He still has no grasp of Lucas’ immense contribution and thinks the slow but OK Adam is the new Messi. Aldo is like some bloke at the bar who will talk to anybody, but has nothing interesting to say.

  2. I wanted to read this article and keep quiet but one thing has for sure broken my silence, its about time John Aldridge shuts the hell up & stop talking about who fits in & who does not, i can recall him saying Henderson is better suited than Aquilani & that the Italian cannot compete in the premier league, he is just another Garrulous Bullshit talker

  3. lucas87 says:

    this the same idiot who said hodgson would come good & that he was better coach then rafa xenophobe idiot

  4. M. says:

    Any given day, any formation, Raul was better than CAdam. He starts for Portugal as he is a Portuguese, not a Brit.

  5. TroLLman says:

    Big mistake ousting Raul!

    AlDo was a Good player but the guys views have been some of the worst Iv ever heard.

  6. njanja says:

    For Kenny so love Adam that he drove him all the way to Anfield. That same love for Adam his begotten son made it impossible for Aqua and Meireles to remain at Anfield, because KK will not tolerate anyone challenging his son’s position, so he hurriedly accepted a transfer request 20mins to time. Moreover KK wasn’t comfortable with Meireles popularity with key players like Suarez, Lucas, Reina, Kuyt, Maxi, etc and fans who will cry aloud when the likes of Hendo and Adam are chosen ahead of Meireless, Kuyt or Aqua. So it was a calculated attempt by our King to get rid of these two very talented players.

    • andy says:

      listen to yourslf and your a liverpool fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joke if you dont like the way Kennny doing things fuck off to Toffees

      • Ben_LFC says:

        That is so well said Andy!! What an idiot!!

      • Jeven says:

        thank you….to insult liverpool is bad enough but to insult king kenny, the man resposible for bringing liverpool back to a decent position??….if u dont like the way things are run, just shut the hole in ur face…and FUCK OFF!!

        • shane says:

          So you think Adam is better than Mereleis? You think Carroll is better than someone like Aguero, you think Henderson is better than Aquilani, you think Downing is better than Ashley Young? You are probably one of the in Rafa we trust brigade. Thats why my beloved club is in the shit. Hopefully Henry will cut through that and stop the romantic boot room notion. If Kenny delivers great, If not, he has to go. And you can go with him.

      • PAPA says:

        Well said Andy.

    • steveP says:

      I will choose to play henderson over Kuyt on the right any day of the week and I’m glad the king agrees with me. I’m glad people like you are not managing the club.. at least Kenny is smart enough to understand Henderson is a better option on the right than Kuyt.

      • jack says:

        oh grow up, KK is not beyond criticsm.

        i’m not happy Raul left, better than charlie anyday of the week and wish him all the best. Hope he doesn’t score against us.

      • Blackwog says:

        Shut up Stevp you f%^*wit you talk about Hendo like he is great, piss off he is over priced and overrated Kuyt has done alot for a club, you clowns hate everyone that says a bad word against KK and most of the overpriced players we have brought in but yet you are quick to criticise the players that stuck with us in one of our darkest years and those players got us out off the bottom not KK you idiots, Hendo give me a break you f*$#^*@g clowns. Just remember no ones bigger than LFC not even KK himself. Craig was a mistake i would have gotten Forlan on a free tranfer.

  7. Jamie says:

    Meireles went because he wanted to link up with villas-boas at chelsea and you cant keep a player who doesnt want to be there, fact. Bottom line is yes i would have liked to see him stay but he isnt versatile enough. So in that respect aldridge is spot on, he isnt going to get in team above gerrard, lucas or adam.

    • steveP says:

      your right and the fact that Henerson and Adam were bought meant he would see a lesser role with the club. Not saying he couldn’t start the majority of the games but I knew once Adam, Henderson, and Downing were bought that both Aqua and Raul were gone most likely.. even though I like Aqua a lot i never thought he would play for us this seasson. He is best suited to play back in Italy.

  8. Sylvergreat says:

    Long live KKD! Raul mentioned those to link up with at chelsick,which means he has been looking 4 this kind of opportunity.everything about hodgson is gradually been cleared remain jones.who is raul that he can’t be benched?even when he is not match fit.average player,injury prone.YNWA.

  9. Rick says:

    Is Someone really putting in doubt Charlie & Hendo’s quality? I should suggest you to come here and support the Club, in order to watch some Liverpool’s football instead of being always full of praise for players Who have not won first team football under Kenny. It seems that any time all the out of favors are stronger than the players on the pitch.
    If You think to be a better manager than Kenny then You should send your CV to the CLub!!!! :/
    I think that People at Anfield dont’have this delusional attitude.
    I feel really sad for the Players Who left the CLub, but They have left, as Adam, Hendo & others are really showing their class and this is a fact.
    I feel really embarassed of seeing that a Great Man like King Kenny is also accused of football racism: Who bring Suarez, Jose Enrique and Coates to Anfield Road????????
    Rubbish article.
    THanks to all the genuine LFC Fans Who protected King Kenny here, and for all the others Who are not happt of the way King is running the CLub, Fuck Off to Godisoon!!!!!!!

  10. Ed says:

    You can never justify selling a quality player unless he is determined to leave. Even then, you either do like Harry Redknap has done with Modric or demand a much higher fee. The thought that Meireles was surplus because of formations is absolute nonesense.

  11. Karim says:

    Charlie Adam has had an amazing start to his LFC career!! He looks like he has been part of our CM for years let alone months.
    Jordan Henderson is another great prospect who will show more energy and pace than most.

    Raul was good for a season and he has moved on, I wish him all the best. But like Torres, he will find it difficult to find another EPL club that loves him.

    I do hope Raul and Torres like each other as they will be spending a lot of time together on the chelsea bench

  12. LeeB says:

    Ha ha…you guys who are apparent Liverpool fans really make me laugh!

    I’d like to have seen Raul stay and to be honest Aqua and Cole after their excellent pre-season showings but it’s time to move on. Raul wasn’t happy, so he went…just like Torres in January. I’m sure he’ll be happy there and I wish him all the best. If he wanted to stay, he would have.

    Take a peek at the difference in the way we’re playing now – with gusto and confidence! At the start of last year we we’re terrible. This time around, things look good for us!

    Kuyt is 31 guys. Come on! Henderson, Adam & Downing all good buys for us and have proven their worth already, even in such a short space of time. Also, Kuyt is a striker not a midfielder which gives us better options up top. I love him and I hope he sees out the rest of his career in a red shirt. He wants to stay, that’s why he turned down Inter last summer and didn’t even speak to them this time around! But we need younger players…we have to move on!


    • shane says:

      How have Henderson, Adam and Downing proven their worth.? Exactly tell me. We were shocking against Sunderland, until Mereleis and Suarez came on at Arsenal we didn’t look like scoring in a month of Sundays. Pre season we were shite but have now sold the 2 midfield players that made the rest of them look like amateurs. Shelvey, Spearing, Adam, Henderson, Downing, none of these guys are fit to lace Aquliani or Mereleis boots. Take a peek at the reality.

  13. LeeB says:

    Ed – just to point out that Levy kept Modric even though £40m was offered the day before deadline day! Because he is so stubborn he kept a mediocre PL midfielder (who wanted to leave so much he handed in TWO transfer requests) but sold Crouch (someone who was prepared to stay and fight for his Spurs place).

    Now I’m not the greatest Crouch fan (4 league goals for Spurs last term) but even I can see that it’s not great business by Spurs keeping hold of Modric.