Date: 4th September 2011 at 8:28am
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Since Kenny Dalglish took over the managerial hotseat at Anfield there has been great improvements made on the pitch and off the pitch.

We have bought good players with potential and hunger to win trophies. Many people have said recently Kenny has paid inflated prices for players in the two transfer windows since he has been in charge. I can see why they feel this is the case but I have news for the doubters, Liverpool fans don’t care about money. We are back playing the Liverpool way of pass and move. If we are up a couple of goals we still push forward. I can’t explain how happy I am to see this. For too many years under Houllier and Benitez we went one up and sat back the rest of the match hoping to snatch another goal on the counter attack.

Kenny has seen what many LFC fans have for years. We needed width as we played with wingers who weren’t really wingers i.e Benayoun, Kuyt, Cole, Degen etc. These players tried but their instinct was to cut inside the opposing full-back everytime. Kenny bought Downing and finally it looks like we can stretch teams more.

Kenny has identified that we needed pace and bought Downing, Enrique, Suarez and Bellamy.
He has also played Kuyt as a centre forward not on the right wing where Dirk did a job but was never going to be the answer on the right side of a Liverpool midfield.

Enrique has also signed to fill a left-back position that has been a problem since Riise was allowed to leave the club for a nominal fee only to be replaced by Dossena or Insua.
He has cleared out the deadwood and reduced a massive squad full of players who should never have got near wearing a Liverpool shirt.

At times last season I was struggling to watch my beloved Reds as they were so poor. Kenny has brought belief back to our players and supporters.

Off the pitch improvements have impressed me especially during the summer.
Gone are the days of the last few years where LFC have washed their dirty linen in the press. Kenny’s press conferences are outstanding. He refuses to comment on transfer targets and any other club business that has not been completed. Under Rafa he seemed to use these opportunities to show he wasn’t happy with his transfer budget etc. I can understand his hands were tied to some extent but the great managers of the past knew that club business was done behind closed doors.
Kenny is old school and Liverpool is engrained in him.

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19 responses to “King Kenny and the Liverpool Way”

  1. Simon Borg says:

    What a great man and manager!

  2. Zaid says:

    Very good manager one can only imagine if he had returned ten years ago where would LFC be.

  3. Ben_LFC says:

    Sound article.
    I totally argee – any player who wants to leave our great club should be shipped out ASAP. Regardless of who they are.
    I hope the JUDAS brothers have fun together, how many goals is it now??!

  4. Jay Chan says:

    Spot on. Kenny is bringing in back the Liverpool I have always wanted to watch. A young fan since 1998. And the no nonsense player management strategy is best. If the player wants to stir up dressing room problems because he wants to leave, we should say good riddance to him. In Kenny We Trust. YNWA.

  5. Ean says:

    No player is bigger than the club, Torres and Mereiles. If you want to leave, You’ll Always Walk Alone. Great article, every fact was right about Kenny Da19lish.


  6. kagutsuti says:

    The spirit of Liverpool FC is back
    I’m delighted to see this
    KK give to liverpool his real soul back


  7. Azeez Adesunbo says:

    what an impressive manager, kee it up

  8. Dappydollar says:

    I am really 4 our great club now.Continue 2 go high KD & DC.May liverpool move 4ward

  9. nd says:

    good man kk wil belive u and ur pas nd move sly i holp wil re go 4 d epl nt top 4 up liver


    I am very happy to see kk doing it in liverpool way. With this l beleive that lfc is unstopable this season. YWNWA.

  11. Harvey says:

    Damn straight they can go! We don’t want players who don’t want to be here. We don’t care about your wages, just where your heart is. And oh! thats our difference with other ‘big’ football clubs by the way 🙂

    • Chan says:

      Yes agreed that players who does not want to be here can certainly leave but does that include a certain Andy Carroll whom despite costing 35 mill seems to be hoping to be somewhere else when playing?

      Even Capello patience seems to be running out

  12. crazyhorse says:

    Dreamers can move mountains they say,having king kenny back
    made me and many others old enough to remember dream of
    golden days and nights again,and that is the magic of the
    man,kenny is proving that positive thinking can change the
    reality in a most positive way and with our vast multitude
    of fans across the world all tuning into the same positive
    vibration we can once again be a major force in the coming
    years,watch out fergie your worst nightmare is marching on
    to mordor,the return of the king will be your downfall!

  13. Arigosachi says:

    Excellent comment. Kk is da bomb. His heart has always been with liverpoolfc. I see a Shankly in him.

  14. frank says:

    (Have been a fan since the start of the 60’s.)

  15. stan howard says:

    kenny has done what i expected him to do as someone steeped in the liverpool way, luckily he has been backed by our great new owners and helped by comolli to do it. attacking pass and move football all getting forward when right to do so. great team spirit, hunger, ambition – all positions covered, all class players, just like the liverpool kenny joined and improved as a player.

  16. dopy says:

    I am not convinced, about letting go of somebody like mereiles (short term it doesnt make sense) and bringing the likes of henderson (short term it doesnt make sense), we lack creativity in midfield, which is evident in the link up play between mereiles and suarez.

    Mereiless fits the pass and move style much more than any of the new signings (carrol, adam, henderson, downing).

    i do believe kenny is the right man to coach liverpool, but he will have to take a leave out of Morinhos book when it comes to player management.

    I am concerned with the lack of creativity in midfield with the passing on of mereiless?

    Gerrard will be a big plus in this department when he comes back, but what happens if he gets injured again, and he does have different qualities to mereiless some better some worse than him.

    but i am very happy with our defense looking much stronger than it has in previous years, this gives me great confidence in the future!!!

  17. Fadi chahin says:

    Nicely put, lets keep in mind though that kenny has the support of the new owners and was allowed to find the right target not the most suitable price tag!! I like whats happening now, however we have to be responsible in not aknowledging the efforts of previous men in charge that were not fruitful w thier efforts for one reason or another.

  18. kaybros1 says:

    I belive noting can stop a man with right mental altitude not to archive is goal but not in this world can help a man with wrong mental altitude.king kenny is the man who knows what it take to take liverpool to where we belong not like incompetent benitez dat manage to win the chanpions leauge and later loose his quality player due to incompetence,king kenny keep on moving u will never walk alone