Date: 31st August 2011 at 5:34pm
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As we get closer to the close of the transfer window today, the speculation continues to mount that Craig Bellamy is set to re-sign for Liverpool from Manchester City. Liverpool are said to have let David Ngog join Bolton and thus we need to bring in a new striker.

It is being suggested that Bellamy has been allowed to leave the Wales training camp so that he can undergo a medical and complete his move from City. But the question is, where has Bellamy gone for a medical?

Liverpool are not the only club interested in signing Bellamy as QPR and Stoke have emerged as potential candidates for the 32-year-old striker.

The structure of Bellamy’s potential deal will be interesting. City as said to be unhappy with letting Bellamy leave on a free transfer and thus they may opt to send him out on a season long loan. Either way, I think it will be a good deal for Liverpool as we need more fire-power upfront.


9 responses to “Where has Craig Bellamy gone for a medical?”

  1. nawi says:

    anything happen please dont let Meireles out from Anfield

  2. tony says:

    please not craig. higuain shock buy yer

  3. loltrain says:

    Omg….next signing might be Bellamy or Benny? Apart from Enrique this have been a very disappointing summer when coming to transfers…a few overpriced british players and an old keeper…is what we got to strenghten our team…hoping Coates atleast will be quality.

    • Alwyn says:

      Omj! Are you blind or just stupid? How can you say its been dissappointing? Because you feel we could have gone out and spent as much as we have done buying foreign superstars? This is Liverpool F.C.

      In comparison to money spent by other clubs, yes.. we have paid more. But for what? BRITISH TALENT. Thats what. Do you want to see a Liverpool F.C saturated with foreign players, a team that has been bought outright, in the manner of ManCity?
      I certainly don’t. I want to see them lift every Trophy with a good core of homegrown talent. A British Spine to a British team, complimented and enhanced with the talents of foreign players. Dont get me wrong, being of mixed heritage, I’m no xenophobe. This is a team that can grow strong together. They have played 3 league games and they are getting better and better.

      In comparison to last summer, this years transfer activity has been spot-on.

  4. m kop says:

    So Liverpool has lost their best midfielder in the last season but hey, they got an old troublemaker in so we should be happy.

    I compleatly understand what Henry ment when he said Liverpool is not for the title just yet, but he actually meant Liverpool is not for the title ever again.

    How can you compete with Chelsea, they get Torres, Liverpool gets Carroll, they get Mata, LFC gets Downing, LFC has Lucas they have Ramires, now they got Meireles and Liverpool got Craig Bellamy coming back to the club after being sold for not being good enough!
    If Liverpool at least used Meireles to get Sturridge it would make sence in a way but this…

    That money is straight to the owners pockets, if Raul was sold next year the transfer money could have been reinvested but like this Liverpool has just lost a player and next year you can only spend what you make.
    Liverpool is not making a lot of money, no CL!

    If Liverpool at least got Sturridge in that deal, but Chelsea will rather wait and sell him next year. They are thinking about their future.

    • MZ says:

      Torres leaves Liverpool and is prolific at Chelsea.
      Yossi leaves Liverpool is again prolific at Chelsea. (10games? 20?)
      as for Raul, well if the others are precedent, then good luck.
      Thanks for everything.

      As for Bellamy, did you see how he made rio and manU cry when they were beat by manncity? i know it was 2 years ago, but a repeat of that, and for me that will justify his coming.
      Welcome. Now where is ManU?

  5. drake says:

    I agree with M Kop. It seems we are some way from a title tilt. Suarez apart none of the signings would increase anyone’s heart rate. Continental flair is sacrificed for stodgy home grown products

  6. marco says:

    I tought LFC is through with signing old flops in search of their last pay day, at least that what what owners have promised.

    We just got rid ourselfs of Jovanovic, Poulsen, Kyrgiakos, Cole has left and than this.

    I always toutht it would be someone younger, like Affelay in the last day but no.
    Huge disapointemnt.

  7. RedRobs says:

    I was upset when Bellamy was sold by Rafa. He is still pacey, strong, has a good engine and can finish well. He can moan a lot on the pitch but that just shows his desire to win which I like.

    Yes, he is a little on the ‘older side’ but offers a LOT more than Ngog so therefore we have improved our striking options. Sturridge was never going to happen as Chelsea would not have sold him and the striker could have rejected the move anyways.

    Losing Meireles is a blow, but screw him if he doesn’t want to play for us. We are Liverpool, and we will survive without him. Saurez made us forget Torres quickly and I’m sure our new players will do the same with Meireles. The late sniffing around and tapping up by Chelscum is annoying though. I wish someone did this to their players.

    Plus, Stevie G isn’t a bad replacement for Meireles eh? We should be ‘signing’ him in the next few weeks into the 1st team – can’t wait!

    We should be thankful for Henry & FSG. Already £100m+ spent so cashing in on £12m Meireles can be excused. I’m sure Kenny will be allowed to buy again in Jan and more money will be offered then.