Date: 30th August 2011 at 9:27am
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We have been receiving quite a lot of emails since the weekend asking why Sebastian Coates is not a Liverpool player yet after he was seen in the stands on Saturday for the Liverpoool game against Bolton.

According to the Liverpool Daily Post we should not be worried that the deal could have fallen through. The £8million deal for the Uruguay centre-back is still very much on and the only delay has been with the players work permit which has not been processed yet due to yesterday’s Bank Holiday.

So the deal should be done hopefully today and he will officially be a Liverpool player before the transfer window closes on Wednesday.


40 responses to “What has delayed Sebastian Coates signing for Liverpool?”

  1. MB says:

    The directors of Nacional have had their flight delayed in Madrid by 12 hours and are only arriving at Manchester airport today. That is the problem for the delay.

  2. Nyasha says:

    We need afellay too before deadline then we will fight for championships, please kk

  3. jonesey says:

    Work Permit is not a formality – we might not get him till January but hopefully all will be ok.

  4. Geovanni says:

    Bank holida & delayed flight of Nacional director, quite understandable. Again, Athletico bid is also a factor as Nacionale may require some add up to d initial agreed fee owing to d fact that they made more improved bid than we did.

  5. Geovanni says:

    If Affelay’s deal becomes a reality, hmmm, I’ll break bank to get more tickets to watch.

  6. chinoXL says:

    Am glad i saw hm at our stand on saturday, hopefully we gonna get hm as quoted. Thanks 2 king dalglish.

  7. Nelson Mandella says:

    We stand a good chance of getting a work permit for him cos he has 2 main privileges, his scottish descent and his prodigious status! Mikel got his permit for Chelsea under the later and Coates is more prodigious than Mikel. Heard rumours we may bring in a winger(vargas or Afellay) and a striker(Bellamy or Zapata) on loans before d window closes! Vargas’ is a permanent deal I should assume.

  8. Sylvergreat says:

    I trust KKD and co.he is already our player.sign Afellay and younger striker not bellamy.

  9. abdullh says:

    we need a winger urgently.sell the old dutch kuyt

    • ahmed says:

      kuyt is class we will never sell him

    • Jonathan says:

      Why the self acclaimed Liverpool fans are baying for Kuyts blood, i quiet dont understand ..I guess u dint watch the Bolton game ..he dint put a foot wrong .
      What did he do wrong last season? What did he do wrong now ?
      The manager and coach knows his value .. thts why he is in the starting line up ahead of Caroll .. somehow “Pundits” like you dont see the positive side .. Only thing u know is log in to forums and shout “Sell Kuyt ..Sell Lucas ..Sell Kuyt ..Sell Lucas .. Sell Kuyt ..Sell Lucas” .. Come on ..grow up man …

  10. uncle bob says:

    Bank holiday has disrupted the permit application. the delay is only a formality so dont worry

    golf in spain

  11. Chan says:

    We all should trust KK, to a certain extent. He did paid 35 mill for a sulking, one dimensional and bungling striker just because of his British passport.

    Did anyone notice how fluid we played withoit him and how it unravel before our eyes once he came on.

    So, yes in KK we trust but legends also can make mistakes.

    • don wynne says:

      It’s horses for courses, Bolton’s back 4 has within it 2 very good defenders who relish, and had probably trained all week for, an aerial duel, KK played a more mobile front 2 that pulled them to bits. Ok when Carroll came on it didn’t look as good but the work had already been done and in terms of form the most effective player we have had just left the pitch. In other words give carroll a break, he will come good with the right sort of support, it shows our strength when we can leave players of his ability (yes I do mean ability) on the bench.

    • Bjorn says:

      Are you guys not going to give him a chance, you do not trust in Kenny, if you did you would wait, see and then make your verdict once you knew what you were talking about. If you mother was like you, she would have institutionalized your by the ripe age of 9 months since you were not already walking by then. I assume she did not.

      • gio says:

        haha, fantastic Bjorn mate!

      • Jonathan says:

        Bjorn mate .. Wowzers ..
        Well said ..
        Torres scored only 1 goal in 20 odd games for Chelsea …
        Caroll scored 2 fantastic goals against ManCity ..Big game ..Big goals .. We are not just dependent on him for the goals…we already have 4 different scorers in the season.. He brings a different dimension to our game.. Thats y he is in the team .. Be patient ..dont sulk already Mr Chan …
        I wonder how it would be , if you are the manager of the team .. Nobody scores goals in everymatch he plays .. Hopefully u will be back with ur antics if Suarez goes through a lean patch in the season …

  12. Adenola says:


  13. houdi says:

    i agree but carrol as scored three goals and to were shots so its our fault because he is good with the ball at his feet so pass it on the floor as well

  14. calel says:

    We need a creative player too. Too much for Suarez, id say bid for andy johnson

  15. Fakoyejo says:

    My dear fellow kopites fans,did we knw dt,its a big problem when the fans no longer put their trust in their Coach/Manager anymore,we need to be very careful whenever we’re making any comments pertaining to KKD,we all knw dt if nt 4 D Torres late ‘transfer request’ submition ,which gives us nt enough time to negotiate Carroll’s deal nd we can’t be using a single Striker!! Pattern played right 4rm Carroll’s youth @ NUFC is quite different 4rm dt of us,why are we so much in a hurry?We better take our time nd allow KKD to fix Carroll into our Pattern of play nd bring the best out of him,lets nt join D likes of Chelski & co who are nt in D class of patience Beware!!!

    • zeezalyn says:

      Fayekojo,oro loso,KKD bought Shearer for Blackburn,see what he became for them. No one knew Torres was going,and we didnt plan for his replacement.On d last day we enquired for 26 strikers,and only Carroll was available. Even Voronin would av cost us such an amount on d last day and knowing that LFC just got 50m from Torres’ deal. Lets respect our manager,I was amazed when a Reporter on BBC 3 said ‘will King Kenny claim the Premiership crown?’ Journos have respected KKD since he came,I cant remember when last they slatted him like dey usually did to other Coaches.Why are we slatting our manager.ynwa.

  16. Shittu says:

    Pls we need coates before tomorrow

  17. Kaye says:

    We need zarate or bellamy and dt will be enough.

  18. Reeve says:

    Good to hear this news as I would be gutted to miss out on this brilliant talent

  19. i support u all in all ur comment.please king u are our man,we support u in all ur goodnes.please king sign a younger striker like surase.pls king use a strong formation against stoke n totenham please.and use surase n raul first half bcos we want early goal.bcos if we loose or b easy with them were goin 2 loose them,n loosin another match now is 2 bad.luk at how fast city united are goin so we dont ve 2 b soft.i wish our father GERRAD IS BACK .WE NEVER WORK ALONE.ONE LOVE LIVER.

  20. Hakeem says:

    Coates will join lfc.kk pls don’t take yossi 4 meireles,i’ll prefer kalau or sturidge

  21. valsnoop says:

    b4 2morow coates will b in liverpool.remember when we was goin 4 adam it was like ds bt 2day his in livapol i trust kkd

  22. Sean Alexander says:

    Kenny D wants his players playing like a team, mentality is a huge part of the layers we have signed and are going to sign. Therefore Kuyt is integral and flops of the past will hopefully BE a thing of the past.

  23. Mattred says:

    Plane was delayed for his agent and representatives of the club. Thats all. Press conference booked in for tomorrow morning, one more signing rumored to be in talks, i hope it aint Bellamy though.

  24. Red Barron says:

    Liverpool have now officially confirmed the signing of Coates on a long-term deal. Fantastic signing that gives us vital cover in the centre of defence.

  25. Jonathan says:

    Lucas .. Kuyt ..Agger .. were deemed not good enough .. but turned out to be the best in the business ..
    Patience fellow Kopites ..Caroll will kick on … he is still young .. Let us get behind him ..Please ..