Date: 30th August 2011 at 10:00pm
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It is understood that Chelsea have made a transfer request of giving us £7million plus former Reds winger Yossi Benayoun in exchange for Raul Meireles. Liverpool have rejected this bid but it is thought that Chelsea are going to come back with another offer for Raul.

Chelsea are desperate to sign Meireles as their coach Andre Villas-Boas is an admirer of Meireles from their days together at Porto. It is Villas-Boas who actually sold Meireles to Liverpool for £11.5million last summer but now he wants the Portugese international to join him at Chelsea as he desperately seeks a creative midfielder.

I can see why Liverpool have rejected the deal, it does not make sense for us to sell one of our best players to a Premier League rival. We may get Benayoun back as part of the deal but is Benayoun really the kind of signing we need? We have been running a poll on this site and many fans do not think signing Yossi again would be a good idea.

Now what would make sense and is probably what Liverpool are hoping for is if Chelsea offer us Daniel Sturridge as part of the deal instead of Yossi. We need another striker and Sturridge would be the perfect player to come in and fill in for Suarez, Carroll and Kuyt.

What are your thoughts? Should Liverpool have accepted the deal Chelsea proposed with cash plus Benayoun or should we hold out for a better deal?


15 responses to “Are Liverpool right to reject this transfer deal?”

  1. Shayaan says:

    we may lose a couple of potential quids if we keep meireles but if we hopefully qualify for champions league, it would prove to be a good keep. I see meireles as an important player this season and getting benayoun back would be fine, but a step back in the wrong direction for LFC.

  2. morris says:

    If lfc was to accept a straight 13.5M for raul and bring in afellay, then go for it. other than that, no need for benayoun

  3. Beb says:

    A deal with Sturridge involved would make sense for LFC, otherwise £14 million plus and like Morris says go for someone like Afellay or put it towards Hazard (if they’ll sell him)!

  4. cheezy@s.a says:

    I would love to keep meireles and get sturridge as a third striker. Ngog is going and we need a capable replacement if our strikers get injured. Personally I think once gerrard gets back, meireles won’t have any place but he’s good cover. Its up to kenny and his guys, but whatever the decision. Well support kenny 100%. YNWA

  5. Fadi chahin says:

    Absolutely not, we need mereles, dont nd benayoun, and certaily miss the torres void, carrol is no where close to fernando!!

  6. Noura says:

    If its benayoun then no thanks!
    But if it is either torres or sturridge back them YES PLEASE!!!!
    but noooo to benayoun… or cash 15- 20 mill… they can pay this much! we tried them with more! 😀

  7. Bill says:

    We need Raul Meireles as I think Gerard is still an uncertain quantity at the moment and still have suspicions he will pack in soon.

    • Richard says:

      You have suspicions that Gerrard will ‘pack in soon’ ? Based on what, do tell, inquiring minds want to know. Personally I think Gerrard’s got 3 or 4 more really good years in him (fingers crossed).
      Onto the matter at hand – keep Meireles, he’s a good player and, if nothing else, could have a big impact as a sub for the last 20-25 minutes of some of the games.
      If Yossi wants to come back I’d have him, he’d be another useful squad player, but I don’t see it as very likely – but more likely than Hazard, Afellay or Sturridge !

  8. Misty says:

    Say big no to chelsea. kenny lfc is comin back nd its de likes of such players don’t be fustrated. Lipoool u will never walk alone CHRIST is by our side AMEEEEN

  9. kareem says:

    let’s keep raul at least for this season.aquilani’s gone.if any of these three players gerrard,lucas,or hendo get injured.who are we going to be looking up to set up attack from the centre.

  10. kagutsuti says:

    I don’t thnik Sturridge will shine with, he’s not the type of player liverpool needs, we need more player like bellamy, fighter on the field

  11. uppi says:

    aku pecinta liverpool ……….?
    salam buat suarez

  12. uppi says:

    semoga tahun ini Suarez yg top skor