Date: 29th August 2011 at 11:00pm
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I will not forget the horror Lucas went through with many Liverpool fans when (I included) could not stand him and wondered what he is doing playing for Liverpool. Now that he has gotten over that bumpy patch in his Liverpool career where he was booed by some fans, he has now turned out to be one of the best defensive midfielders in the Premier League.

Lucass has grown in leaps and bounds during his time at Liverpool and that has transformed to him being a regular for the Brazilian national team.

On Saturday against Bolton, Lucas put in another great shift which can be seen in the video below. There were suggestions this summer that we may even sell Lucas this summer and make way for another defensive midfielder like Gago or Diarra but I am glad that was all just speculation. I would not trade Lucas for anyone else right now.


10 responses to “[Video] Evidence why he is one of the best in the business”

  1. Geovanni says:

    I was the one who criticised him most those days. Am very sorry about that. I can’t imagine LIVERPOOL squad without LUCAS these days. May the same fate befall d present sluggish ANDY CARROL.

  2. roasty says:

    lucas is class. undropable 2 b honest. nobody at the club could do the job he does apart from gerrard and all those douting henderson be warned . with the king at the helm we wont go wrong . justice

  3. James says:

    He has done quite a remarkable job to be honest.I just love the way He went about his business despite the bad words we directed at him.Come on Carrol keep on fighting young Red.

  4. Jack says:

    While I do not criticise Lucas like some obsessed anti-Lucas fans, i still did not see any “wow” moves in the video to suggest he is anything but top quality. Let’s not go overboard here. Lucas at best is only a decent player… and about time too after playing like SHIT for some four years at Anfield.

  5. King Kenny says:

    hahahahahaha……………totally agree with JACK, they way people rate Lucas is jis goin overboard, he has improved, i will give him that, but he is still far away from being able to do what Gerrard can do in that position.

    • Bheko says:

      @Jack, Lucas’ only came to LFC in 2007 as a 19yr old so what four years are you talking about when he was player-of-the-season last year and played very well the year before that? He’s more than a decent player mate he’s a future Brazilian and Liverpool captain IMO. @King Kenny, you don’t even understand football mate simple as that, when have you ever seen Gerrard playing the Defensive Midfielder role??? And you have the audacity to make comments about players’ abilities.

      Some people just don’t get it! YNWA Lucas!!!

  6. Gerrardious says:

    Most ppl rate Lucas now compared to how bad he was before. He did a good job trying to replace Masch last season, but honestly, he’s a good DM but not world class. He gives away a lot of unnecessary fouls and is sluggish many at times.
    Am not slaggin him off and I think he’s made a lot of improvements over the past 2 seasons.
    I was hoping we’ld sign a young classy DM (who can grow into a world class player in a few years) like Sissoko, M’Vila… etc.
    I kinda get the feeling Spearing will be used as our 2nd DM dis season. he’s got some (sliding) tackles in him. cheers

  7. Dave prendergast says:

    I di criticize Lucas back then and I won’t say sorry because of one quite simple thing, he was shit! Just like I criticize poulson now, Lucas has grown into a fantastic player one capable of filling macshcaranos boots, and as a world class player you do not need to do these silky turns and score the goals if you break up play and allow the players I front to play forward attacking football, we don’t want to see wingers covering for a player who should not be up there !!
    Well do e Lucas for keeping focus .

  8. linc says:

    you are totally right bheko. And one more thing i think you people need to go and ask the great zizane about his time at madrid then maybe you’ll know that no matter the quality you have in the AM they will still be nothing without the DM. He will also tell you the role makalele played in their success at the club then. Know this before madrid can beat barca their DM must be very great and good at the business, ask mr mourinho himself about makelele and cambiaso in his time at chelsea and inter respectively and also why he use pepe as DM against barca. And finally, get this straight the success of our club depend on lucas and not even Gerrard can do his work (or can we be successful if have a million goal and also have a million goal against us).