Date: 29th August 2011 at 4:01pm
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With only a few days left before the transfer window closes on Wednesday, Liverpool are reportedly set for a shock transfer signing with Yossi Benayoun set to return to Liverpool from Chelsea.

Benayoun is virtually set on leaving Chelsea as he is going to struggle to make it into their starting lineup and it is thought that Liverpool or Lille could be his destinations. Yesterday Benayoun tweeted: “negotiating with several team (sic) … news soon.”

Chelsea are thought to want Liverpool’s Raul Meireles and if that deal were to go through then that could mean Benayoun returns to Anfield as part of the deal. There has been a lot of speculation around Raul’s future at Liverpool this summer but for now he is still a Liverpool player and I would rather us sell him (if we are going to sell him) to a team outside the Premier League. Meireles still has a lot to offer the team as we saw against Arsenal when he came on off the bench and did very well.

Should Liverpool re-sign Yossi Benayoun?

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31 responses to “Monday Rumour: Ex-Liverpool midfielder set for a return to Anfield”

  1. RoGue says:

    Get Adam Johnson instead

  2. abdullh says:

    no please not once again. think of affily,shaqiri or hazard instead. forget about the miserable signings of the past.

    • dizo says:

      absolutely right,u re a very good observant..if they get hi shaqiri,it ll great!

      • bole says:

        shaqiri is crrap and so so selfish player,look some swiss league game and u will see what I m talking about,I also was thinking hes good until I looked few his games,so overrated

  3. nico says:

    dont want him back and not at the expense of meireles

  4. Yee Weng Kim says:

    mixed feeling abt tis…benayoun was creative and superb for liverpool but he is getting older.As for Raul, i think the fact tat Kenny had played him in last few games means he is very much part of the plan and thus wont be sold off. Unless Yossi is cheap n willing to be a sub (or rather super sub), i dont think its sensible to buy him at all….go for someone younger n skillful.YNWA

  5. vipakindele says:

    There’s no basis for write up,lfc are not stupid enough to trade old and injury prone Benayoun with creative meireles.He wanted to win trophy with chelsea let him stay there.”if u can’t beat them,join them” yossi’s comment after his departure to chelsea.

  6. Fadi chahin says:

    I think raul is a superb player and I dont uncerstand our constant urge to sell him and aqualani, frankly one of our BEST and more inteligent players, foccuss on bringing people like matta, wesly snyder, diego furlan than hv great potential and will produce immediatly like suarez, yossi is a creative player get him for cheap or dont…

  7. bole says:

    we dont need traidors!!!

  8. Geovanni says:

    Those who left in hurry should suffer there fate. In liverpool we WALK ON not backwards. Lets forget those who left us in our diificult times to go on while we also continue with this our revival.

  9. abraham says:

    benayoun is simply to o weak for the EPL. you need strength and aggression which he doesnt have. with them his creativity is a waste, that is why chelsea dont want him. we shouldnt either because he cant fit into a champions’ team as we have now!

  10. Tipson says:

    I need sebastin coate and a new good striker like sturidge and dump dat stupid caroll

    • Geovanni says:

      TIPSON easy man. Carrol will soon be a hit. Remember Crouch under RAFA. Even LUCAS has silenced all critics. Be patient my fellow kop.

      • Nelson Mandella says:

        What Crouch? Was crouch ever a hit? Carroll must learn from Dzeko who showed amazing determination and intelligence in d box! Dzeko came from another league and has set d EPL on fire. Carroll is proving to be a waste of money and space which Kenny is gradually discovering. I should believe that it was Commoli that bought him and not Kenny cos Kenny would never spend that much on dt crap when we could have gotten Cavanni, llorante, Benzema, Mario Gomez for cheaper!

        • Propetis says:

          Edinson would be a great buy probably BUT at same age carroll gives you more aerial ability and is british. I would take cavanni over carroll from their performances so far but maybe our scouting department understands a greater potential than we can. So, let’s have faith in carroll and stick with the clubs decision. YNWA

  11. M. says:

    In exchange of Raul, never. Actually, I don’t want him even as a free transfer. He is good squad player, can be very good back-up at the right side of midfield, ONLY if we have a world class RW as first choice, someone like Affaley or Hazard. He ‘ll just make the numbers, doesn’t add any extra quality ahead of what we have now (Kyut, Henderson or SG at RW).

    This ‘ll be again a purchase like Pennat, Voronin, Riera or Morientes to name few of many Rafa average signing, who were either not good enough or past their best for a starting berth. We need a world class starter at RW, not a squad player for bench.

  12. Geovanni says:

    KING is wise. I like this post b’cos its just rumour. Our final add ups aint in news. Dat is LIVERPOOL way. Let JUDAS IsTorres & Yossi keep suffering from CHELSEADIOSIS.

  13. REGHAN says:

    No way we don’t want Benayoun. He wanted to leave, then Let him warm the bench at Chelsea. Better go for Eden Hazard instead. Quicker and better player or at least Affelay. The only previous Liverpool midfield player i’d welcome back is Xabi Alonso

  14. Bill says:

    We don’t want the greedy bastard back. (The grass was not greener, was it)?

  15. emmy says:

    yossi isn’t the type of player we need evn as a free agent …afellay,hazard and adam johnson are all promising and willing to give their, let him suffer at chelshit likewise 50 mil goal drought flop fernando traitor…ynwa

  16. kopite says:

    this must be a joke cos we had alot of good and nice guys and for rauls stuff let him stay @ anfield till summer before decidn is future, he has something to give liverpool.

  17. njanja says:

    You all spoke well, Afellay should be the man, but some thing still tells me Carrol will be a hit!

  18. wilson says:

    i concur with reghan alonso is the only player i’d welcome back…we need another striker rather than a RW…cant imagine wat would happen if suarez gets injured

  19. skopi says:

    hey liverbrodas who we actualy need is hazard or coutinho or affelay this are world futbul elites in d nxt 2years.hazard is already a hit and pls make sure u get pacheco back my nxt dilemma,never walk alone.oh almost 4got dump carroline and play kuyt n suarez upfront or meireles n elsua upf

  20. Gavin says:

    What a load of bullishit

  21. m kop says:

    Liverpool should look to the future not bringing old players back, players and players who couldn’t preform elsewhere.

    Loosing Meireles is not an option, one of midfielders will be used wide as Liverpool is not stocked with wingers and with Gerrard injured a lot Meireles will be crucial for Liverpool this season.

  22. had says:

    what for!!!!!!????????????? nooooooooooo thanks

  23. Williams fet says:

    No,not dat judas again,pls live raul alone we like him.

  24. mclis55 says:

    No way!!! I liked Yossi, when he played for us, but I believe he’s past it. Raul is too good, to let go. Maybe for Sturridge but not Benayoun. Hazard or Affaley would be the good additions.