Date: 28th August 2011 at 10:13am
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Liverpool put in our best performance of the season so far in my opinion against Bolton on Saturday. Often we look at who the star players was in the game but this time around, it will be very difficult to single someone out as it was a brilliant team display and no one put a foot wrong unless we are being overly critical of Jamie Carragher’s error at the end of the game which gifted Bolton their consolation goal.

Everyone in a red shirt played very well but special mention must be made to Jordan Henderson who played very well and got his first goal for Liverpool. Martin Skrtel also deserves a mention for not only scoring a goal but coming in and playing at right-back after Kelly got injured and Skrtel did very well as a right-back. Charlie Adam got his first league goal for Liverpool as he continues to impress in the middle of the park.

There is no way we can not mention Luis Suarez yet again. He is enjoying a rich vein of form right now and long may it continue. He may not have found the back of the net on Saturday but he came close with a cheeky chip which just went over the bar.

It may be a bit too earlier to start to get excited but we are top of the league right now and it is a good feeling.

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24 responses to “Who shone and who flopped against Bolton?”

  1. Ajayi moses says:

    I tink lucas did al d dirty jobs 4 us on saturday

  2. Kopite_Cymraeg says:

    I was at the match and quite frankly Dirk Kuyt had a shocker. He looked tired after 65-70 mins and didn’t pull the trigger when was needed. He also stood about in the box as downing whipped in dangerous crosses just in front of goal, not the Dirk we are used to. I’d say Enrique needs a mention as he only made one defensive mistake which he promptly atoned for, what a class signing he is. Shame it went flat after 70 mins but what a performance prior to that. Great atmosphere back at Anfield. Thank you King Kenny. YNWA.

    • REDseptember says:

      Doesn’t surprise me that on this site we find more negative nonsense.So Dirk Kuyt had a shocker…… you’re a f**k*n eeejit you moron,you must have spent your time yesterday doin a poznan…. Kuyt covered more ground and worked as hard as anyone!!

  3. fantastic team performances.suarez can’t just stop amazing me.carrol must do better to stay in this team.YNWA

  4. cayceejoel says:

    This is the first time this we play like we want the league,I think does listen to us after or should I say he reason like us.playing kuyt,Anderson and Henderson in different position was wonderfully.we still have room for improvement,i know they are still trying to gel together,but we have to utilize ever chance we get,like the all the crosses Enrique made,we should av gotten two easy goals from there,and other chances we got.YNWA

  5. cayceejoel says:

    Its a good feeling,above all good feeling.YNWA

  6. Saso says:

    Sensational performance from the whole team. They were awesome. Special mention to our beast of a player Lucas. He works his arse into the ground.

    • don wynne says:

      completely agree, this may have been the best display of how to play the defensive midfield roll I’ve seen for years, didn’t miss a tackle always covered the defense, hardly a free kick against him, only 1 miss placed pass in the game, well done Lucas lad.

  7. Jack says:

    I must hold up my hands and admit I never used to rate lucas but yday is was fantastic easily MOTM and now is an important player based on last season aswell

  8. Ameen says:

    Its just lucas,and men, what a left wing for Liverpool- Enrique,Agger and Downing were just brilliant. Our right wing was good though. Good work team.

  9. Efdal says:

    Bolton have never been a roll over until yesterday , agger was solid , Enrique was just so hungry and has filled a huge void , Enrique and downing where made to play together. Lucas put in a monster performance to protect the back four and Suarez was the conductor he was out of this world and I almost felt sorry for Bolton . Not gonna say we are going to win the league this year and to be honest if we keep playing with the hunger and commitment we showed yesterday that’s all I want from Liverpool. Everyone was fantastic but just remember we have Steven gerrad to come back yet and I think we will be getting the old hungry go getter gerrard and not the broken one we have been seeing for the last two seasons. Kenny has put that hope back into his heart that Liverpool will be champions again and that’s all gerrard wants and he will be back to die for his beloved liverpool not just to play for them. Come on the reds, ywnwa

  10. ruben says:

    i think that if we get rid of kuyt and bring in another world class winger we will be challenging for silverware this year,but with him in the starting 11 we had no chance.he s slow can t beat any defender,he s not capable of putting a decent cross in,WHAT? CAN SOME ONE TELL ME WHAT HE S GOOD AT? DON T TELL ME THAT HE NEVER STOP RUNING CAUSE THAT IS SH..T,GIVE ME 50,000 A WEEK AND I LL NEVER STOP RUNING FOR 3 DAYS NOT 90 MINS.

    • bazza says:

      Ruben, you are a fucking moron with absolutely no idea about football.

      • DaveWestAus again says:

        YOU R an odvious fool! It was’nt a perfect day for Kuyt but he should be up front with Suarez for every game! They are a very good match together! But it is evident that you would never understand that???

  11. REDseptember says:

    What a difference a week or two make.The negative comments and unwarranted criticism of Henderson on here has thankfully gone silent….SO, who wants to be the first to say (regarding Hendo) “Sorry I was wrong” this kid is going to be excellent.Hang your heads in shame critics.

  12. vipakindele says:

    Make no mistake dude! people called on him to improve,and he did,lfc ar d better for it.He’s a committed lad,controls his diets,not alcoholic,no partying,jus wana play football.These show how determine he is to excel in his football carreer,knowing your weakness is one thing, but to work on it? unlike…….find out.

  13. David says:

    Kuyt may not of had a fantastic game but he did his job… created a few problems for the opposition… To me the only concern is Carrol… He looks absolutely lost out there, seems to wander around rather than chase the ball – He is only going to score if someone sets him up or the ball falls to him near the box… The rest of the team played very well although the mistake at the end is a bit worrying.

  14. Jeven says:

    im not sure but didint carragher play on the right and skrtel moved in center??

  15. bri says:

    Kuyt has worn the red shirt with pride and passion,sadly the more the quality of the squad improves the more the weaker players stand out.he,unfortunatly,may well be one of them.