Date: 25th August 2011 at 10:53am
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Liverpool got off to a perfect start in The Carling Cup on Wednesday night against Exeter by winning 3-1. It was rather a surprise to some fans when they saw the starting lineup that Dalglish had opted for which included Suarez. This was a clear sign that Dalglish is not taking this tournament lightly which makes sense as it gives us the opportunity to win some silverware.

Suarez was his electric best last night and got the opening goal for us. It may have been against a lower league team but ties like this can be tricky as we found out last season against Northampton. Jay Spearing also started for Liverpool and after the match he was full of praise for Suarez.

Spearing said, “You know what you are going to get from him in every game, whether it be a Barclays Premier League game or a Carling Cup tie.

“He was brilliant again for us. He makes our job easier and if he keeps doing that for the rest of the season then I think him and Andy are going to cause defenders and teams a lot of problems.

“We were all happy to see Andy score. Any striker needs that first goal of the season to get themselves going and it will give Andy a lot of confidence going into Saturday’s game with Bolton.”

It was great to see Carroll scoring in this game as he nailed the third. The giant striker has been under unnecessary pressure to score goals but he answered his critics in the best way possible by hammering in a goal. Maxi was back in the starting lineup and got Liverpool’s second which just goes to show the quality we have in our squad now when we can bring in the likes of Maxi and they are still able to do a job for us.

The only down side from Wednesday’s game was the injury picked up by Raul Meireles. The midfielder has a problem with his collarbone and we are not sure yet how long he will be out of action for.

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68 responses to “Who shone and who flopped against Exeter?”

  1. rolando says:

    Carroll was shocking. probably worth about £8m right now. what a waste of money….Suarez on the other hand looks every bit a world class striker, if only we’d signed a better player to compliment him…

    • Jack says:

      @Rolando: You are obviously far too generous in respect of your opinion concerning Andy Carroll. Given his performance thus far, Andy is worth no more than £350.

    • Long Live RED says:

      All of you all have no right to criticize Andy Carroll. You must be the same bunch of twats that said Lucas Leiva was shite as well and now am cheering him.

      You should be ashamed of yourselves. Reds supporters. You might as well be Mancunts!

  2. Saso says:

    Carrol dosent work hard enough. Too lazy. Flanagan struggled. God help us if Suarez gets injured.

  3. anibryan says:

    Andy Carrol, what a waste! Lets hope liverpool signs a good striker before the transfer window closes.

  4. anibryan says:

    Andy Carrol, what a waste! Lets hope liverpool signs a good striker before the transfer window closes. If am a manager, i’ll not waste £8m on carrol

  5. Dan says:

    We don’t utilize Carroll properly. Every ball to him was in the air. You can see after some of them he was telling whoever delivered the ball that he wanted it on the floor. We don’t have to keep playing high balls to him just because he’s tall. He may not be worth the £35m but you’ve got to remember he was signed on the final day (and hours) of the transfer window so Newcastle weren’t going to let him go without milking it as much as they could, so the price was always going to be inflated. It all depends on Kenny’s and Comolli’s long term plans, remeber Carroll’s still only 22 and with the additions of Adam, Henderson and Downing, the players he’s getting deliveries from are completely different from the ones he had last season so they’ve still got to get used to each other – it’s not going to gel immediatley.

  6. Jeff says:

    Fkin, moan! Moan! Moan! We won comfortably! The team looked good! All positives, yet you still choose to whine, like a set of washer women! And pick on certain players, three games in? I hate so called fans like you! Crawl bk into your holes!

  7. Andy Suarez says:

    Andy Carroll scored

    Hes put the ball in the back of every game whether its counted or not!

    Crouch took ages to get off the mark and Carroll’s only problem is form so you dont know what youre talking about idiots

    Torres= Suarez + Carroll good piece of business and shut up

  8. Vicky brown says:

    Suarez is God sent to us. With suarez we can count goals bt wt caroll it is doom.

  9. TroLLman says:

    I’d love to see the opta stats on how many misplaced passes Adam has made so far for us!

    I’m pretty sure for every 1 decent pass there’s 9 crappy passes :/

    The problem with Carroll is that by the time lays the ball off, he’s too slow grt in the box for the return cross lol…..

    I will say this… His legs are very very heavy and i complained about him not being right for us since he’s got here….

    But there was a BS headline the other day, saying he’s off to city and I was actually saddened at the prospect of loosing him…

    So that said im hoping that he can somehow fit in and we get to see some more of those hammer shots!

  10. Bomber25 says:

    If you buy the best you will reap the rewards. Thank GOD that Liverpool Football Club had been negotiating for Suarez before Dalglish came back on the scene. Suarez is the main player who is saving Dalglish’s skin. Andy Carroll, one of his prefered acquisitions is still struggling. Buy the best and not just British.

    • paddy says:

      Eh wasnt it the KING who was over scouting suarez for lfc before he was manager and then bought him when he got his job back… And as for everyone hammering andy, give the guy a break, in the first 3 games this season he has put the ball in the net in every game and is unlucky not to have more then 1 goal to his name so lets get behind the team and see how far we can go

  11. RedHeart says:

    I felt like watching two different liverpool teams. One with suarez on pitch and second one without him. And the second one was awful.

    Carroll is too one dimentional and predictable. Too slow to get ahead of the defenders and grab the ball. Poor passing rate and movement towards the space. Always surrounded by the defenders. I think kenny needs some special efforts to train him and add some more weapons like good vally. Carroll needs to have something to surprise the defenders.

    Henderson just passes ball around like a headless chicken. No thinking or visualisation behind the pass for the final result. No anticipation and movement when other player is charging in. Yet inexperienced player but needs to learn quickly if he wants to secure his place.

    Spearing looked good. Maxi showed his experience. He has a good rate of finishing his chances. Flanagan is far from the finished product.

  12. Jevon says:

    You people slating Andy are F ridiculous. STFU you whiney bitches.
    You obviously dont know the first thing about football. While it may look to novices that Andy is not doing anything he is creating the space for Luis AND he scored!!

    Wake the F up.

    • Bomber25 says:

      Jevon, We do know our football that’s why we’ve noticed that Carroll is struggling. Dalglish should wake up to that fact soon.

      • felderkirk says:

        I think everyone should just go to sleep. It seems to work alright for Andy Carroll. Fuck this ‘waking the fuck up’ lark.

        • Bomber25 says:

          Felderkirk, What exactly is your point?

        • Bomber25 says:

          “You’re some angry cunt all the same Bomberman! hehehe! Let it go luvvie. Xoxoxoxo”

          No. Just trying to have a healthy debate which seems to be beyond your comprehension at the moment.

    • red 33 says:

      @ Jevon-Did you mean the purpose we bought Andy for creating space for Suarez with 35 mil,whata joke

  13. Jevon says:

    Some fans you just cant F please. Im surprised all of you didnt commit suicide lat year when we actually were crap under Roy. Pathetic wastes of skin.

  14. Ajayi moses says:

    All i knw is dat liverpool is here and we ar here 4 good karrol is jst 22 and a long term signin up to ten years 2 spend, compare 2 d striker 50m whom we sold up 2 28-29yrs dats he is got jst 4 years and he has no goal yet.

  15. Brendan says:

    the fact that you call yourseleves LFC fans, while you sit there and bash OUR players, is downright shameful. The KING of all people have entrusted these men to throw on the jersey with OUR patch on the front of it, to represent us through thick and thin!…if your so f’n smart, than why aren’t you the coach??? Oh yeah, its because your an IDIOT and not that smart! we should support our players and coaches and their efforts no matter what, as long as they wear that badge they our part of the great LFC family. always have faith, always believe…NEVER let OUR players walk alone…YNWA

    • Bjorn says:

      Agree. Some of the “supporters” should find a dictionary, learn the meaning of the word. I recall that Suarez was poor for the first 7 seconds of the first match, you sods could have listed him for sale on the 8th second, go play Football Manager.

  16. RedNProud says:

    Those of you heaping praise on Luis (quite rightly)while moaning about Andy, watch Luis’s goal last night as it was Andy’s movement which created the space for Luis.

    A 0-2 win at Arsenal (should have been 0-3), 3-1 win at Exeter and so called fans are still moaning!! ALL TRUE fans know and accept that LFC are a work in progress and that the team still need time to gel. YNWA

    • siradri says:

      Honestly I don’t think people in general complain about Carroll himself, they complain about paying 35 million for Carroll which I think is nonsense… The King, Commolli or whoever should’ve waited until the summer and spend the right sum of money for an unproven young player… I can understand that you pay 35 million for aguero but for carroll??!! NO FRICKING WAY…

  17. Saso says:

    The question was who played well and who didnt. So we give our view with good and bad. it dosent mean we dont support and get behind our team. By the way Brendon i gather that when all was not well under Roy you always supported him no matter what !

  18. Stevieg says:

    Well said Brendan. Just dont get all the hating towards Andy. He works really hard and has all the ingredients to be top striker, and with the help of KK I am sure he will be.
    I also wish everyone wud stop going on about 35million. We got 50 for torres and he has done fcuk all since.
    Torres+Babel = Suarez and Carroll – Great Business I say
    In KK We Trust

    • Jo says:

      You are rght, a £50million striker has got one league goal for Chelsea so a return of 2 goals for Liverpool from a £35mln striker must be amazing.

      • Stevieg says:

        Sure he has spent half the time injured. Anyway all Im sayin is there is a lot of potential in Andy and I would certainly take Carroll and Suarez over the other two.
        And most importantly he wants to be at the club!!

  19. felderkirk says:

    I must have watched a different game. In the game I saw, Henderson was awful. As was Andy, bar the goal which he took well. And Flanagan wasn’t particularly good either. Suarez was class and the others did a decent job against poor League 1 opposition whose only real power was plucky ambition.

    The defense wasn’t tested much and Sktrel was caught out either by a lack of match sharpness or by his usual penchant for last-ditch lunges, depending on if you’re being generous of not.

    All-in-all, the only good thing from last night was the result. Even the fact that Luis played so well merely serves to highlight how without him, we offer little by way of imagination, creativity or indeed, potency.

  20. felderkirk says:

    But hey, come on! Let’s all get behind the team! Right on brothers!

  21. chambers says:

    Look. He has scored and it was evident from his face afterwards that he had been badly affected by the criticism laid upon him. Let’s just relax now and give him time to adjust and improve his pace in the coming weeks.It is only a couple of games and rather early to make sweeping assertions over play.We should all hope that he does settle into a workmanlike relationship with both Suarez and Meireles not to mention Gerard returning to help in that adjustment on the field. Then we may perhaps see what exactly Carroll is all about so let’s not destroy his confidence.
    He will never settle with all the bad vibes going around!

    • felderkirk says:

      I agree with you Chambers. I’ve actually been rather skeptical about Andy since he arrived but I’m willing to let him settle before I totally write him off.

      My main fear however is that his ‘inadequacies’ (from genuine want of a better word) are insurmountable – he’ll never be a sprinter; his mobility and sharpness will have to improve significantly; and superficially, he’s always going to be used as a long-ball outlet unless it’s thoroughly addressed by the coaches.

      There’s a vague, pale similarity between this LFC team and that of Barcelona from 2 years ago, where Guardiola attempted to offer a ‘Plan B’ to Barca’s attacking styles by signing Ibrahimovich – someone who would not only prove to be a tall, focal-point, front-man, but also possessed the requisite touch and technique to fit into the side. After an initial good start, it became apparent that things weren’t going to work out, and Ibrahimovich was slowly but surely phased out and placed on the bench. (He, too, had been signed for a fairly questionable amount of money).

      Carroll doesn’t CURRENTLY have the technique, mobility or speed (of thought NOR of foot) to seamlessly link with the likes of Suarez or, say, Downing in a 3-pronged attack.

      And that kind of attack would surely be more beneficial to the Liverpool cause than the one we’re currently advocating. It’s easy to say that we’d have been better off if Torres had stayed, but it’s arguably true. If not Torres, then a fast striker with a lower of centre of gravity who would be able to work properly off Luis Suarez – the team’s best player by a mile – would not only improve our potency in front of goal, but it would also take some of the burden off the already overworked Uruguayan.

      • Trollman says:

        Good points here and im In agreement with pretty much all the your points…..

        There’s only one thing bothering me though…

        Reading your last comment I detected that your tone was very similar to JAIMIE KANWAR?

        Please forgive me if I’m wrong as I don’t mean to insult you…

        But can you confirm at your not him?

        • felderkirk says:

          I don’t even know who that is! But fair play to the bloke/girl – I’m sure he/she is a legend!

          Thanks for agreeing with the points I made though. It can be a bit like banging your head against a wall on these forums sometimes if you criticise LFC.

        • felderkirk says:

          JESUS! I just Googled his name! Cheers mate. Nice. And this from a guy who calls himself ‘Trollman’! Hehehe! 😉

          No offense taken. But I think, as Liverpool supporters, we should all be allowed to criticise the club in a constructive manner if needs be, and I think I’ve done this with my comments. Nothing I wrote was inflammatory really, was it?

  22. Scott says:

    Just look at andy caroll at corners he basically wins everyone and his been unlucky not to put away more and he creates a lot of space for Luis so stop whining and get behind your team.

  23. lfcfanatik says:

    After watching those 3 matches since the beginning of the seasons, did you guys notice a recurring pattern,huh? I`m sure most of you would have noticed that without suarez in the team we are pretty average at best! Take the sunderland match, the only goal was suarez doing! Against arsenal, the pressure suarez put on the defender forced him to shoot on his own player who then conceded the own goal plus suarez himself ultimately scored the second one. Now the exter match, suarez opened then provided two assists…The same pattern could be traced back to last season. When suarez played well, scored and provided assists we won matches. When suarez did not play or played but not as good as usual we struggled to win matches.Thats why we got eliminated in europa, there were no suarez!So for all of you fans thinking kenny dalglish was the one responsible for saving liverpool think again. The only one who did this was suarez. Yeah granted some players started playing better, scoring hat tricks etc, granted our defense got better but the main force resposible for our ressurgence was none other than suarez. Kenny daglish is no king stop calling him that the only one who can be called the king is LUIS SUAREZ!

    • Hugh Yao says:

      suarez has been doing the heavy lifting that we agree. but he has still a long way to go before he can replace kenny as king. now go take a hike.

    • thomasz says:

      Haha! Love it. To paraphrase you: “Suarez is the only reason we win any games… Apart from all these other reasons.” idiot. Football is a team game, there are stars, there are stand out performances, but it takes 11 men to play the game well. Think on before you start typing again.

  24. Nyasha says:

    Carol is our man but he will obviously not improve especialy in speed, spearing is such a brilliant in the making, he just need to improve in scoring

  25. RedHeart says:

    Team’s too much dependence on suarez is worrisome.
    Kenny’s new british recruits lack creativity. They are too predictable.
    Having said it, this team is going to improve. Let them gel together. At the moment, winning ugly is important…………

    • felderkirk says:

      Good point – at least we’re winning. Last year, we’d have been uglier and losing. It will improve.

  26. kagutsuti says:

    Don’t forget Gerrard’s return 🙂
    I cant wait to see him on the field ^^

  27. Steve says:

    When Shanks was asked who is his best players were he said “For me all my players were the best, they all gave 100%”. Thankfully for those players the internet wasn’t around in the 1960s/1970s. We have played 3 games, won 2 and drawn 1. Carroll had a good goal disallowed in the first game, the Arsenal keeper made a good save in the second and he scored a fine goal in the third. I bet if you asked the pros what he’s like to play against you’ll get a different answer to what some of you ‘hurlers on the ditch’ think. Liverpool look strong all over the pitch this year. We are not perfect and won’t win the league but we have a good shot at the top four. A pacy center half & another striker is all we need. And Kenny appears to recognize that. He is also shifting players who haven’t done their stuff, for whatever reason. I don’t understand why anyone is moaning.

    • hates_stupid_articles says:

      Bang on Stevey lad.

      People need to remember just where we were all of 12 months ago. Teetering on the edge of the abyss.

      Now we have decent owners, the King back, a very cool backroom staff, a fully revamped, young team – brimming full of exciting youngsters – with the added bonus of a good load of the deadwood gone & best of all – a return to the Liverpool Way.

      But no. What do we have?

      Pride & happiness at the progress weve made?

      Nah. Don’t be silly.

      We have dickheads writing stupid articles on what players flopped.

  28. Akmilan says:

    I wanna take a break off criticising Andy. But i’d wish he puts on hard work. He is a better player than this

  29. hates_stupid_articles says:

    what a stupid stupid article. (loosely used term there)

    How the frick can you write an article on who shone 7 who flopped?

    Are you a Manc in disguise ffs?

    You are supposed to be a Liverpool FC fan & after all of TWO games playing together – you are rousing debate om who flopped?

    You should hang you head in shame Tony.

    If you can’t do that, there’s a club down the East Lancs road that maybe would suit you more.

  30. thomasz says:

    The modern fan is so impatient. All you whiners and complainers are having a laugh if you think 3 games is an accurate reflection of the state of the team and players. Especially seeing as there are so many new ones. Wait for the season to progress, wait for the team to gel better. It is shameful behaviour from so called fans, to be criticising any players, especially after such a short time. Look at Lucas. It took him 3 years to get up to speed and now he is one of our best players. Im sure all you moaners would have shipped him after 1 season, but think of the alternative. I’ll tell you what it is. Unknown. Not one of you, or anyone else can know what would have happened, who we MIGHT have signed. And if you are saying to yourself “exactly! We might have signed someone really exciting” then you are missing the point. Trust and believe in the players and staff we have. Show them the support they need, and often deserve. If you think you can do a better job than any of them, go and do it. Don’t be an armchair expert and think your opinion is worth anything, cos its not. I trust the players on the pitch because Kenny trusts them. I trust Kenny becuase FSG trusts him. I will continue to do so until the trust between them breaks down. I might get disapointed by performances or signings, but I’m not going to moan about it because it achieves nothing. For them or me. In summary: Get over yourselves. Your opinion, in this regard, is worth less than nothing. Your support is priceless.

  31. Bomber25 says:

    “Narcolepsy is a motherfucker. There, I said it.” Felderick made this quote and the reply facility is missing. In that respect alone, I get the impression that the moderators do not want it responded to. Wouldn’t it be wise to have it removed all together?

    • Felderkirk says:

      Jesus, at least spell it right Bummerman.

      • Bomber25 says:

        Can you decipher your original comment? Let’s try and have a civil debate without the unnecessary personal attacks.

        • felderkirk says:

          OK brother – let’s do this. Which of my ‘original comments’ would you like me to decipher? Surely not the ‘narcolepsy’ one?

          If you ARE indeed trying to engage me in meaningful debate, then perhaps we should explore the Andy Carroll issue???

  32. felderkirk says:

    Succinct enough and I commend you for it brother.

    Don’t worry yourself too much about the narcolepsy comment. And the Andy Carroll thing was explained rather neatly above by myself in a brief discourse with Chambers.

    When are you and me having this pint, pet?!