Date: 25th August 2011 at 4:16pm
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Alberto Aquilani is delighted to be joining AC Milan on a season long loan. The Italian midfielder has to play 25 games for Milan this season if he wants his loan deal to be permanent come the end of the season.

Personally, I am sad to see Aquilani leaving as I thought he would have a role to play for Liverpool this coming season. It would have been better if we sold Aquilani out-right and use the cash from his sale to buy someone else but hopefully the loan deal means we can get him (or a part of him) off our wage bill for this season.

“I am delighted to have arrived here,” said Aquilani. “This is a leap in my career. I have come to Milan to do well.

“The clause of making at least 25 appearances? It’s not a problem for me and I’m not thinking about it. I will do everything possible to earn the trust of the club.”

Wishing you all the best in Milan!


4 responses to “Aquilani : “I am delighted to have arrived here””

  1. Hinks Kampala Uganda says:

    Liverpool should stop treating players like Real madrid.Do you remember the goals Owen scored at real when he was playing only 4 mins off the bench(12 in 14 games) but he would be benched.We wish aqua the best as fans,liverpool board hate u with passion even if u play as good as Messi.It has come to my notice,benitez,hodgson & Kenny all not behind you.

    • Alan says:

      I wouldnt say that Liverpool are treating their players like Real, the problem was there were too many midfielders at the club and some had to go and since Aquilani has constantly been stating he wished to return to Italy it had to be him….not particularly happy with this deal as its just running down his contract and if he does get crocked again Milan can just send him back to rot away with us 🙁

    • REDseptember says:

      I would have hoped this would have put the record straight,good player he may be,but he doesn’t want to be at LFC. That is why he has not been courted the way many posters on this site would have wished.Kenny Dalglish believes in LFC and wants players of a similar elk.Don’t blame all at LFC for his departure, blame Aqua.

  2. kareem says:

    not happy that aquilani’s left.all the same best of are a quality midfielder,you never needed to prove to anybody.i rather prefer you playing for a big club like AC milan than sit on the bench.forza aquilani.