Date:23rd August 2011 at 7:54am
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Jordan Henderson got another start for Liverpool on Saturday against Arsenal when many fans thought that he would miss out from the starting lineup. But Kenny Dalglish kept faith in his summer signing from Sunderland who to my surprise is already being dubbed a bad signing in some circles.

I find it funny that people are already judging Henderson after only two Premier League games. He has not done terribly wrong in either games and if anything he has kept our midfield ticking especially against Arsenal with his 53 successful passes, no one in a red shirt got more than that against Arsenal.

 by Guardian Chalkboards

At times it is easy to forget about the work these ‘non-flashy’ midfielders do and rather we remember the long raking cross field passes or the rocket shot from the edge of the box. There is clearly a place for Henderson in the Liverpool side right now as we await Steven Gerrard to get fit again. I have no doubt that when Gerrard is fit again, he will take over from Henderson. But it is refreshing to know that we have someone of the quality of Henderson in our side to step in when he is needed.

Give him some time and you will see an even better Jordan Henderson as he continues to work with great players around him and a top class coaching staff who have confidence in him.