Date: 23rd August 2011 at 7:54am
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Jordan Henderson got another start for Liverpool on Saturday against Arsenal when many fans thought that he would miss out from the starting lineup. But Kenny Dalglish kept faith in his summer signing from Sunderland who to my surprise is already being dubbed a bad signing in some circles.

I find it funny that people are already judging Henderson after only two Premier League games. He has not done terribly wrong in either games and if anything he has kept our midfield ticking especially against Arsenal with his 53 successful passes, no one in a red shirt got more than that against Arsenal.

 by Guardian Chalkboards

At times it is easy to forget about the work these ‘non-flashy’ midfielders do and rather we remember the long raking cross field passes or the rocket shot from the edge of the box. There is clearly a place for Henderson in the Liverpool side right now as we await Steven Gerrard to get fit again. I have no doubt that when Gerrard is fit again, he will take over from Henderson. But it is refreshing to know that we have someone of the quality of Henderson in our side to step in when he is needed.

Give him some time and you will see an even better Jordan Henderson as he continues to work with great players around him and a top class coaching staff who have confidence in him.


18 responses to “[Video] Why are we already getting on Jordan Henderson’s back?”

  1. tony says:

    leave him alone get off his back it wasnt long ago we were all slapping on lucas ? hendos passing game was very busy hes new and at much bigger club ,

  2. GazB says:

    It’s down to the modem fan. We used to be famous for our fairness as fans with just the odd exception but a lot of our fans nowadays are ready to jump on the backs of some players too quickly. Take Lucas for example: ok, he took a long time to settle in but considering be was always being played in a totally different role from his style, that was to be expected. But some fans were onto him after just a few games. One of the reasons I moved out of the Kop was a large group of fans used to turn up weekly I’m sure just to bait John Arne Riise towards the end of his time with us. Did he ever givesss than 100%? No. Have we had a better left back since? (Enrique excepted) No. We’ve got to trust the team and the backroom staff’s decisions. And even when they’re wrong, leave the players alone or we’ll just become like the fans of other clubs.

    • Ged says:

      Well said. Our fans are no longer the best in the world. They no longer lift the team but wait to be lifted themselves

      What made Lpool greater than the sum of their parts was teamwork and the fans. We need time to build that team but we still need the fans to lift the team and with the modern day fan they inhibit our new players and then say ‘see, they’re as crap as we made out’, conveniently forgetting that the fans can make or break a player

      Sometimes I feel that certain sections actually enjoy having moan about how crap we are.

      Under Kenny we will improve and get CL qualification – let’s stay patient and encourage our players

    • red 33 says:

      @ GAZB- Sorry mate you can’t compare lucas with henderson cause we only paid 6 mil for lucas while henderson cost 20 mil mate.

      • thereds47 says:

        who care about the price mate..
        it’s not even your money!

        it’s not about the price that matters its the quality..
        don’t care spending 100k or 1mil or 10mil or 30mil as long as its quality..

        remember great club never accept second best..

      • GAZB says:

        You’re totally missing the point mate. Lucas was an example of how some players are treated. The point is the fans, not which players. And if he only cost £6m, why were the fans on his back so quickly? And if Njanja (below) is a Red, he proves the point perfectly.

  3. Ahmed says:

    I knw, Henderson hasnt been the over the moon player tht most might have expected?(considering the price), but frm what i’ve seen he can be the creative dynamic edge, in the near future. the guy is just 20 and frm the evidence of the two games(considering the mistouches), he has good close control of the ball and cool touch. and i agree with previous comments, tht we have been rather judgy these days, but lets give some time and then when SG is fit we knw tht Hend is not gonna start a lot of games, but I really like this, we have a very good player in our hands,, who is in my opinion could be the man to take over in tht midfield frm SG… YNWA

  4. njanja says:

    May be your Hendo might just need to take a look at manure/Spurs match and compare the output/work rate of(his mates) Cleverly, Jones, Smalling, and Welbeck with his 53 miserable passes. He is a moron period!

  5. crazyhorse says:

    There has been no criticism of him from the stands during matches. In my view, a few comments on fans forums shouldn’t concern us – we aren’t “getting on his back” at all.

  6. mark says:

    all i can say is yeah give him time ,and if anything one part of his game that kenny needs to look at is his toughness on the ball to many times in them highlights he was to easily knocked of the ball and failed to get stuck into a tackle,and he failed to win one header , id love to see some times when he gets the ball at his feet he does a bit more with it ,im sure that will come when he gains confidence

  7. cayceejoel says:

    “conveniently forgetting that the fans can make or break a player” GED i agree with you.
    Lets face it Jordan Henderson is a future player and he needs to blend in,for the shot time is been here he needs to learn,bringing him in for 15min to 20min of the 2nd half will be ok.
    Other top six team have increased the level of their games strategy wise ,if we want to claim our spot back on the league,we have to do better than this.May be we are expecting Result too earlier but we are all driving towards the same goal — Our Own Liverpoolfc Future.YNWA

  8. Seet says:

    I agree he made many possession passes but in terms of attacking and creating chances in critical areas was missing, it was something that Liverpool needed to break not just Arsenal but other teams. He has yet to click with Carroll, his England team mate and I think he is not Steven Gerrard material. He lacks speed and trickery and does not attempt to run into the goal area to shoot or maybe its what the King asked him not to do. With all the other teams eg Wolves, Bolton and Sunderland raising the bar, Pool has to make sure Henderson plays better and contribute more to the attack.

  9. crazyhorse says:

    I want to know who the imposter is who calls himself crazyhorse
    cheeky bastard trying to use the name that i have gone by for
    years,and i didnt get the name from a former liverpool captain
    but the mighty native american warrior/fredom fighter….oh and
    by the way henderson needs time,he must only be used in cameo
    appearances until he can do the job because he is far from ready at this moment in time.

  10. DKred says:

    He was in both boxes, playable, and did not loose a lot of possession considerer his position on the pitch. I do hope that our fans realize just how important that is in a midfielder these days! He was the one who drew the first yellow card on PingPong – solely because of his movement.

    If KD can teach him the tactical part – and he learns to get a few goals – we will have an immense player on our hands.

  11. PNM says:

    He is not worthy to start in the Liverpool line ups.

  12. CB says:

    I’m sorry for what I’ll say, and I hope I’m mistaken, but he´s the most annoying player I have ever seen with a Liverpool shirt. He simply doesn’t do ANYTHING at all. He doesn’t run at defenders, he doesn’t pass forward, he has no vision, can´t find an open player that´s more than 5 feet from him, doesn’t shoot, doesn’t want the ball, can’t tackle or defend. He basically gets the ball and pass it to the nearest player as soon as possible. And that´s it. Just like Adam Johnson, Nani, Aaron Lennon, Walcott, Malouda, right? And what about tactically? Where´s he playing? Right wing? Attack mid centre? Second striker? Maybe there should be another position named after a player, like the Makelele role. The Henderson role, where you give some player a free role to run like a headless chicken passing the ball sideways.
    I’m usually very patient. I mean, Adam, Flanagan and Carroll are not having the best beginning of season so far, but I do trust they can get better, and will. But from what I’ve seen from Henderson so far, and I had seen some anonymous performances of him for Sunderland, we might just have a 20mil English Aquilani in our hands.
    And yes, it makes a shitload of difference if you pay 6 mil or 20 mil on a player. You do expect a lot more from a more expensive player. If Liverpool had spend 8 mil on Henderson, I´d say “Yeah, maybe in a few years and loans to Championship teams…”, because we took the other 12 mil and spent on a decent player to play his role. But we didn’t. We spent all of that on nothing better than what we had before, much worse, so far. With Lucas we had better players (Alonso, Gerrard, Mascherano) that allowed us to blood him kindly. But that´s not what we bought with Henderson. We bought a 20 mil 20 year-old player from another Premier league side to a position where we have… Kuyt.
    But, like I said before, I hope I’m mistaken and I end up writing Henderson´s name on my Liverpool jersey next year, or even 5 years from now.