Date: 23rd August 2011 at 11:46am
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Ex-Liverpool striker, John Aldridge believes that Liverpool should sell Alberto Aquilani. Aldridge was speaking to the Echo and said, “It looks like Alberto Aquilani will leave Liverpool this week and I think we’re right to off-load him.

“He just doesn’t fit into our style of play or system. To accommodate him you would have to play him in the hole just behind a striker and that’s not going to happen.

“Aquilani has got talent but physically he’s not cut out for the Premier League.

“It hasn’t worked out for him at Anfield and hopefully whatever fee we get will be reinvested in the squad.”

To a certain degree, I agree with Aldridge about Aquilani’s physical attributes. The Premier League is hard and physical and you hardly get much time on the ball and Aquilani’s performs best when he has time on the ball to pick out passes.

But then again, some would argue and say that Aquilani has not been given a fair crack at the Premier League and maybe if he were given a full season he would get used to the rigors on the league.

With regards to Aquilani’s best position, with Suarez and Carroll in the side it is more than likely that we will start with those two upfront if they are fit and in form which would mean there will be very few chances for someone playing behind a lone striker. Against Arsenal on Saturday we started with just Carroll up-front and maybe having Aquilani just behind him would have worked out well but we have Raul Meireles and Steven Gerrard already who can fill that role.

Do you agree with Aldridge that we must sell Aquilani?


18 responses to “John Aldridge: Liverpool must sell him”

  1. pothead11 says:

    how can we afford to give any1 a full season to gel into a squad at the minute we are in a dog fight to get back to where we belong the top.he has been a waste of time, money and newspaper ink.also he just dosnt want to be there. f*%* him let him off he has been the most wrote about player we have all summer its a joke and b4 you all start he was our best player in preseason its easy to be the best player in a kick about where you are the only one trying because you want out and every1 else is takeing it for what it is a worm up game to get the lungs going again and a chance to make a few quid for the clubs let him go back to italy and off the books as clearly he is not in the managers plans

  2. Henrik says:

    He is way off. You need to be able to change tactics during a game – make new formations etc. otherwise we will be too easy to read for the opponent. And why is he not cut out for the PL? He showed that just before Woy was signed as Manager. Our best man in that half season! In the few games he has played he has shown the quality and creativity. Why through that away? We need Aquilani.

    • dan says:

      I totally agree, anyway how can anyone make any judgement on him when he has not been given a chance to prove himself. secondly he hasn’t exactly been made welcome and he has never stated the does not want to stay. How would any quality player like it when he does not even get a shirt number until only last week and is not even on the bench. He is way way better than Adam or Henderson and we are selling him for 6 Mill reportedly, absolute joke.

  3. pothead11 says:

    hes shite

  4. M. says:

    Which is more difficult, starting for Italy, Portugal or England? By the way, I am not sure when Henderson ‘ll get his second cap (If ever).

    Aldridge couldn’t come out of the British snobbery. A lot of people said David Silva is too weak for EPL, Mata ‘ll not struggle in physical English game, but Silva is probably playing better than any English Midfielder & AVB is signing Mata. Even Mordic, RVDV or Nasri don’t look physically EPL fit, but..

    It’s not that Acqua don’t want to stay, rather KK is not interested to keep him to justify his 16 (or 20?) mn wastage on Henderson. And why should AA be willing to stay here, when, despite being a regular Italian international, he is being discriminated to someone as ordinary as JH? Long term stay at LFC reserves might jeopardize his chances for Italian National squad in next Euro (As Italy is not that barren like England, when it comes to find a quality ball playing attacking midfielder)

    • dizo says:

      at the very beginning of the transfer when i saw that kk begane wasting a hell of money on the british player eg carroll hernderson..i knew that it just a way to send aquaman of from lfc,now would anyone in anyway with a good sense of football believed that hernderson +adam are better than aquaman???am very disapointed about the coment of the so called adrige he spoke like one who has never been on the football pitch sorry to sau but i just have to..of course david silver modric are far playing better than any English mild man.. except am just a fan if lfc like let them sell aquaman even for 1mm..that is for them….

  5. pothead11 says:

    if he was that good they would be lining up to buy him in italy the fact is we are going to have to let him go for peanuts and no1 is willing to pay his wages WHY?

    • M. says:

      Because Clubs are not idiot. They know that, KK is not going to play AA & FSG ‘ll not agree to spend 4-5mn in salary for a player who ‘ll not contribute on the field. Clubs are playing cat & mouse with us.

      The opposite was when Allan Pardue & S Bruce could understand the British bias in KK & they ransom us double (Or triple?) for two average English players. By the way, AC Milan is not willing to pay more than 7-8mn for AA, & we paid over 50mn for JH & AC, do you think that the price ratio is rational to the talent/potential level? Come on man, AA is a starter for a Team winning the WC once & being in the final of another WC & a EURO in last 16 years. When did England played in a WC SF? (I am not mentioning the other British teams, Scotland, NIR & Wales are minnows in Euro soccer now a days, competitive with Faro Island, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan or Andorra)

  6. Gentle says:

    I know for sure this guy Aquilani dosnt want to stay or play here he fills itely suits him best so plz KK alow him to go so we can concentrat on the once we have

  7. glen says:

    I dont blame him at all. He has made up his mind to play in Italy cause when de moment came to prove his worth, jack @@s woy sent him back n brought poulsen instead. Aqua is a totally diff player. he’s some wat like zidane. not his class of course but his trickery is sometyms jaw dropping. even his vision is good n he’s far more a complete player then wat midfielders we have. in my opinion he’ s second to gerrard. its not dat KK wants him out, may b aqua has made up his mind. al de best aqua.

  8. nickywei says:

    KK only like stupid English players. Aqua is a very quality player and i think he is the best midfielder player we got. KK should stay at history book. look at his spending on Carroll and Henderson, it is totally waste of money. and he is keep playing them. This season, the team might drop lot of points because Carroll can’t score, Henderson can’t create chances. Quality and creative players like AA and RM should start ahead of Henderson. and money should well spent on better forward. What is the different between Carroll and Ngog? one is 35m english man and later is a cheap france man whereas both didn’t score much.

    • platty26 says:

      I really fear for our great club at the moment too often these pages are dominated with idiotic comments from our so called fans. We have been extremely lucky with the support from the owners and the work weve done in the transfer market however it seems greed and expectation as taken over in pre season and we are turning into another chelsea with no class or tradition. What sets our club apart from others as always been our fans and the consistant support no matter how good or bad things are going, I am dissapointed to see that after 2 games people like henderson and even KK (the legend) are being slated and questionned. For me there has been a lot of positives so far and I for one am confident that we are in for a great season lets just support our team and trust Kenny. AS for this particular aqualani debate he and his agent have been in the media far too much this summer and its obvious he wants to be in italy, his actions are not that of a liverpool player he is extremely talented but if the manager believes he is not cut out for the team then we need to support this descicion

  9. morris says:

    Aquilani played 18 games, scored 2 goals and had 6 assists.. I guess Aldo believes that’s the benchmark for determining if a midfielder is good or not. So, charlie Adam, I got my eyes on you. it has to cut both ways.

  10. Johnson says:

    Aquilani is a top class player wen compared to henderson who always send d ball back to his own defence.lfc need retain its top class players.Wat i saw on saturday shows me dt henderson is a fuckn waste of lfc owner’s money,i’m better dan dat guy.

  11. Shayaan says:

    Okay, this is getting really annoying now. I wouldn’t mind having him in the squad but he has made his mind on leaving so what’s the point in keeping him. He’s not even in the provisional squad for exeter and wasn’t in the earlier premier league games as well.
    However, here is what i have to add. Aquilani played only a couple of games for us when he joined but made 6 assists and scored 2 goals in such a short time yet he gets battered! Why? Just because he is not best physically?
    During his time at juventus, he managed to score only 2 goals and 5 assists but was consistent.
    I think he is pretty much capable of playing for us and liverpool style actally suits him so i would wish that we could have him for another season

  12. Trollman says:

    Lol… Aqua doesnt fit into our style of play but Carroll does?

    Aldridge was a very good player, but has always been wide of the Mark when speaking about club!

  13. pothead11 says:

    italian football is down the pan totally. this guy gets injured every time he sneezes. ask any italian what they think of him they will tell ya hes shit.he dosnt want to be here and we dont want him so enough said

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