Date:22nd August 2011 at 4:45pm
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So the season has begun and with two games under our belts and we have picked up a rather decent point tally. I mean considering that we beat Arsenal (although if truth be told , we did face a very weakened and strained Arsenal side) and rather unfairly drew with Sunderland. Its a better start than most critics were willing to concede to us.

However there is one glaring problem that seems to bother me every time I review the games we have played. The one thing that jumps out at anyone watching our game is that we are constantly squandering chances – I mean consider the Arsenal game, we constantly gave the ball away in the final third and the attempts by Carroll to break into the defense was feeble at most. Then we had Kuyt footing the ball wrongly in the box (who by the way is reaching his 50th goal mark , a good achievement but rather behind for a striker in the EPL, considering the amount of years he has played) .

This inability to seize the game by the throat and finish was the reason why we drew with Sunderland , off-course as a Liverpool fan: I am going to curse the referee that disallowed Carroll’s beautiful goal and bemoan the fact that a few more inches on either Downing or Adam’s shot would have lead to a contender for goal of a season. And I’m going to try to forget that our 2 goal in 2 game hero (Suarez) missed a penalty.
But the problem here is that other teams are not going to forget these mistakes and they are not going to be as strained as the weakened Arsenal side we faced or as lacklustre as the Sunderland side we faced – they are going to be full of world class talent and names. If we keep squandering chances like these , it can be said without a shadow of doubt we’d be dismantled by the other top teams.

The only thing we can count on is Kenny’s playing experience and history to ensure our team doesn’t become the club that keeps going on about what-ifs. We have to learn to apply the coup de grace efficiently and brilliantly, and fast or else we will straddle behind.