Date: 22nd August 2011 at 9:01pm
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As you will no doubt have seen or heard, the English Government have taken the abhorrent decision to appeal against the decision to release the ‘hidden’ Hillsborough files to the public, arguing that any such disclosure should be in line with the processes of the Hillsborough Independent panel. They have carefully worded their statement as regards the appeal so that the panel will get ‘access’ but not the right to disclosure, i.e. they’ll be allowed to read them but not tell the public what is in them. The files themselves relate to all briefings and cabinet meetings about the Hillsborough disaster given to and attended by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. There has to be something in those files which the government do not want us to see, therefore we must do everything we can to make sure they are released to the public.

The release of these documents has been repeatedly stalled for over two years now and a campaign is now gathering pace to ensure the public is not kept in the dark about the information contained within these vital documents. Amongst the high-profile people lending their name to this campaign is our manager, Kenny Dalglish, and I ask that you show your support by visiting the following link and signing the e-petition:

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Reds fan reading this or not, it only matters that you care about the victims of that dreadful day and their families who have waited 22 years and counting for justice. Please take a couple of minutes to sign the petition and make a difference; we need the total number of signatories to reach 100,000 so that the government are obliged to discuss it in Parliament. Your name and address will not be shown and you must check your email inbox/spam folder to verify your signature once you have signed. You must also be a UK citizen or normally resident in the UK to sign.

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3 responses to “A heartfelt plea to all Reds fans with UK citizenship”

  1. REDseptember says:

    Its already past the 100,000 mark. P.S. British Government…

  2. AnCapail says:

    Can anyone help with advising how people outside of UK can sign petition? Living in Ireland and desperately want to sign. Have made numerous attempts but have been denied as not UK citizen. It is vitally important that the Liverpool family worldwide let the British government know that from around the world we are all watching to see how they handle this.

    • Ace says:

      agreed.I live in New Zealand and would love to sign the petition but am unable to as I’m not a UK citizen.There must be a way around this.