Date: 21st August 2011 at 2:21pm
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It seems like the future of Alberto Aquilani has taken another new twist today. The Italian midfielder has come out and said that he is close to completing a move back to Italy with AC Milan.

“I am close to joining Milan,” Aquilani told Gazzetta dello Sport.

We are not sure yet if this would be a loan move or a permanent move. I would prefer it to be a permanent deal if we are going to let the player go so that we can use the cash from his transfer to buy other players.

We have not seen Aquilani feature for the Reds in the first two games of the Premier league season despite his great displays for us in pre-season. He is a player I would have liked to stay and we see more of this season but if he wants to leave and a deal is close as he suggests then I wish him the best of luck.


19 responses to “Sunday Rumour: Liverpool midfielder close to leaving club”

  1. Blackwog says:

    Please fucking leave we are sick of listening to this shit. You are not any better than what we got int the middle of the park so do us a favour.

  2. Hinks,Uganda says:

    Let this guy go because he has been disturbed by Liverpool coaches who don’t give him chance.They prefer Hendo ahead of him and of which will ruin liverpool.God Bless u Aqua but da coaches are the ones who never gave u chance but the fans know you are GOODNESS

  3. matthew says:

    alberto is a good player more than the once we’ve sign. Its so unfortunate that king kenny don’t know alberto. This is just like pharo that don’t know joseph. He is not in your plan so let him go. But lfc and fans will alway remember him. Let him go but if, let him start next match. I love him and alberto also love lfc. And If you sale him, also use the money for good players not england flops

  4. Ham says:

    At times i wanda wat kenny is doin.

  5. linc says:

    I think we are giving KK much credit than he deserve. He has started making mistakes most manager used to make by not giving aqui the chance to prove himself and has also stop using those players that got him liverpool job on the permanent basis because he is not the one that bought them. He refuse to admit that he has wasted 55mil on carol and henderson. I am not questioning his transfer policy but i just want to remind him that he suppose to improve the squad he inherited not change it entirely. Remember they beat chelsea and when you add suarez man u. Henderson should never start ahead of kuyt, mereiless, maxi, aquillani and the only reason he is starting before them is his price tag likewise carol and both of should not have cost more than 20mil. I hope he realise before its too late that how much you spend on a player should not dictate when and how to use them. Peace out YNWA

  6. Jonah says:

    Kenny is interested in playing hen flop, a boy who does not deserve to be on the liverpool bench. Sell aquilani and regret

  7. loltrain says:

    I just cant understand why we buy Henderson and Adam then “give” away Aquaman who is miles better than them and maybe all our midfielders except Gerrard… must be a high earner coz looking what Lucas, Adam and Henderson was able to do against Arsenals 3rd team was imbarrasing…from having the best midfield in the world as the song goes…we now have the slowest and without Meireles, Aqua and Gerrad we have one of the worst.

    Plz…sell Henderson, Cole, Maxi and Lucas, keep Aqua and Meireles and get another good winger like Downing.

    And plz KK…stop wasting money on overpriced English players like Carrol (same price as Villa to barca and Aguero to Man.C) Henderson (Same price as Özil and Khedira to RM).

  8. pothead11 says:

    let him off he dosnt want to be at the club and if any1 thinks he dose is deluded he hasnt once come out and said he did but has on lots of occasions said he wanted to leave.its all well and good playing well in preseason but if you dont want to be there whats the point you can be sure kenny has spoken to the player and is much better informed than there is no point in playing a player that gets injured every time he blows his nose the premier leauge is a lot tougher than preseason any1 that plays football will know this

  9. rick says:

    I watched Aquilani in action against Valencia in the late friendly of pre-season, and I was disturbed from his useless & slow football style: every time He touched the ball, He seemed slow & uncertain, and Liverpool would lost the momentum, the “impetus” of their offensive trama.
    Aquilani doesn’t fit to EPL football, based on quickness, He’s the sort of player, Who fill the void in Serie A.
    In add, HE wants ot leave.
    What’s the problem with Hendo? I doesn’t sense these useless critics.
    The Lad has a lot of talent, the skills to play with Liverpool: He has a great sense of football, and his passes & moves perfectly fits the bill in our side.
    The results speaks highly for Kenny and the Guys: winning is everything and Kenny’s boys caught a great victory at Emirates.
    Stop with this pathetic and useless agenda which describes always the absents as world class players.
    Charlie Adam was fantastic at Emirates, and Aquilani is far far distant from Adam’s level.

  10. Lars says:

    I am sorry to see Aquilani leave on the cheap. He is an impact player who could open up defenses from the bench. Henderson hasn’t impressed me much so far.

    Mr. Tannimplantat

  11. loltrain says:

    It was a great victory at Emirates yes, but if not for Meireles and Suarez we wouldnt have managed to beat a poor Arsenal side…that says alot about the ones on the field before they came on. We have had two easy games and have not played well at all…we need alot of improvement and a few class players if we wanna take a top 4 place…just imagine what would happend if Suarez got injured…

  12. James Wood says:

    Stop being biased for the sake of our beloved Team.Who knows maybe King Kenny can benefit from these comments.Clearly,Aquilani is the second best midfielder on our roster.Meireles is not far behind.I can not understand why Aqua has not featured in any of our last two games let alone giving him away for cheap.I saw him being an impact player during the preseasons,why not give him a chance for all to judge in a real thing.

  13. kamo says:

    guys be honest adam is ok hendeson is rubish too slow no 4 and aquman are better then henderson kk why henderson start ahead of mirilish and aquilani

  14. linc says:

    YNWA. All hail liverpool fc.
    Now let’s be honest with each others everybody. Can we play the way we play our last two games against chelsea, man u, man city, tottenham, aston villa, everton and have a good result, even the arsnal team we played last season. KK should stop using henderson ahead the likes of meireless, kuyt, but he should allow him to grow like lucas. He’s still young and has alot to learn from them and he’s our future player like flano and robinson. Besides why can’t he start flano and robinson ahead of enriq and johnson the same applies to henderson.

  15. poo hed says:

    do you think aquilani is like cisse was with addons and we may have not actually paid so much money (as quoted) for him YET and that is why he has played a resricted amount of games ??