Date: 19th August 2011 at 5:55pm
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What would we do without Twitter? Now we get to know what the players are up to which we never knew in the past. This afternoon (Friday), Luis Suarez tweeted a picture of himself, Doni, Lucas and Maxi on the train to London as Liverpool prepare to take on Arsenal on Saturday.

Suarez simply tweeted, “On the train going to London!” and shared the picture of them with us.

Good luck for Saturday boys!!!


34 responses to “Suarez tweets on the train to London”

  1. vin says:

    Great picture. Good luck luck boys for saturday match.YNWA

  2. Joey says:

    South American connection!

  3. RJ7 says:

    Great picture. The lads seem to be getting along which will only help team spirit. I think Luis Suarez will score 2 goals tomorrow and LFC will win 3-0. Good luck lads… I’m eagerly anticipating the game tomorow.

  4. Barayaarc says:

    Good luck el-Elpistolere YNWA

  5. Game says:

    I think liverpool will come out on top tomorrow..kenny should start kuyt

  6. kaycee says:

    suarez ur d man

  7. Tom says:

    Interesting to see the south americans together, probably Adam, Downing, Hendo and Carroll were together. Carra, Flano, Robo and Spearing as the scousers. Come to think of it, we do not have any African players.

    • Dude says:

      Wise not having an African. The Africa Nations cup seems to be every year!! Chelski and Arsenal have both suffered because of it.

      • Bill Shankly says:

        Wise not having African players because they cant play with anyone apart from other African players look at how Chelsea & Arsenal are falling apart at the seems .
        They cant sustain a high enough level of consistent performance to justify their place at a club let alone a place in a starting 11 ahead of indigenous players in the Premier League over 38 games .
        There isnt an African player in the world I would even swap Lucas’s Peter Reid standard pace for over 38 games let alone a 4 year contract .
        Ya wanna see African players go watch an African League .
        Next thing ya kno we will have to allow Women to play too .

        • Gen. Mikhail Kalashnikov says:

          Bill, you’re such a retard and ur IQ must be just about the square root of your age! Why bring racism to football when FIFA have laboured tirelessly to Kick it outta football? People like ? lack true analytic abilities to ? go for d easy way out saying rubbish. The most disheartening thing of all is that ? have chosen to use d name of a TRUE Legemd and father of Liverpool’s modern revolution! I shouldn’t reply a fool that ? ar but I should say ? aren’t a fan of LFC but a fan of Racism. John Barnes aint white, is he?

          • Bill Shankly says:

            John Barnes was a fucking brilliant player & he wasnt African .
            I made no racial comment what so ever I made comments about the characteristics I have noticed about African football players at clubs in the Premier League .
            Not once did I mention harming anyone or denying them their rights because of their race or for any other reason .
            You on the other hand seem to think I have no right to comment on what I see before my very own eyes .
            Fuck off back to yer third world Hovel before ya try lecturing me about my morality or questioning my right to express myself in my own home .

    • Gary LFC says:

      Why do people always have to comment on silly things? I think anyone would sit with people who share the same language, your not gonna sit with someone who you don’t understand. When they are on the football pitch it doesn’t matter what language you speak, they all understand how to play with each other and that is all that matters. Plus, spearing is not a scouser, so get ye facts right. He is from the other side of the pond.

    • Kenny's Puma Boots says:

      Spearing and Robinson aren’t from Liverpool.

    • Bill Shankly says:

      Yea we need to stop bringing in genuine quality & concentrate on balancing the numbers of token players & lowering the standard .
      We need Rigobert Song , Nabil El Zhar , Salif Diao , Sean Dundee & somebody to spit on fans … let me see now … yea El-Hadji Diouf !

      Forget about our main African legend Bruce Grobbelar !

      He had too much genuine quality & would never make the poster for the United Colors of Benetton !

      We need to forget about the colour of the shirt & bring in more variation of skin colour , thats all that matters , it doesnt matter if we get relegted or never win another trophy !

      We need more Oriental players !

      We need More African Players !

      More Native American Players !

      More Asian Players !

      • Gen. Mikhail Kalashnikov says:

        Are you a fan at all!I wish I could slap you silly and teach you how to respect LFC. Fools like u are hard to find, they’re only found in homes for d disabled. Why don’t you go buy Arantes De Nascimento(Pele) or Ian Rush? Seems you’ve been skipping ur drugs.

        • Bill Shankly says:

          I bet you wish you had more intelligence than a standard farm yard animal too .

          • Gen. Mikhail Kalashnikov says:

            Not really, I only wish I could beat you to a coma and teach you some respect. Third World my a**, England can’t be proud of you cos I’ve got many English buddies and none is. As retarded as you. Your mum has given birth to d opposite of Winston Churchill!

          • Bill Shankly says:

            Who said I was English ?

            And why do you want to beat me into a coma ?

            Is it because you are angry you arent allowed to kill children anymore & eat them for lunch ?

  8. King Yaweezy says:

    Kenny shoulg go for Suarez Kuyt Downing upfront, Aqua, Adam, Lucas in d middle and Enrique, Agger, Carragher, Kelly in defense, Reina in post. We’d score at least 3goals!

  9. Alexander says:

    Great pics, my idol (suarez) will score hat-trick as Lfc beat Afc 4-1 and our £35m man will score one. GOOD LUCK SUAREZ, GOOD LUCK LFC.

  10. fidelis says:

    Great pic guys,it’s good to know that u guys are getting along quickly.that is good for team momentum.pls kenny start aquilani.up reds!

  11. ibrahim teslim says:


  12. Baadier says:

    What’s Suarez’s official twitter account name?

  13. english bull says:

    come on you reds show em what you got. Lets see attack attack attack

  14. vipakindele says:

    This is showing what d team spirit currently is.Well done lads!

  15. Jonah says:

    We need odemwinghe as it will give more fan in nigeria

  16. Mathiwos says:

    I Love teamate but tomorrow result’s sucsses at LFC Good Luck Suarez.Y.W.N.W.A…

  17. Mathiwos says:

    My First Team More Time
    Kelly Skertel Agger Enerique, Aquliani Lucas Adam,
    Kuyt Suarez Downing, Best Option to K.D
    I Love LFC.y.w.n.w.a…

  18. TroLLman says:

    Great pic!

    As for The game… If we start with Kuyt and Raul we should win 2 maybe 3-1…

    Adams forward passing is fantastic when on form… But he does leave the midfield exposed going back!

    Hence 14 shots on our goal against Sunderland…. That’s why i prefer the Lucas And Raul partnership!

    If he starts with Adam then we will have take our chances or a 1-1 is the best result I can see…

    And if he starts with Henderson then lord help us!

    Lets hope either way I’m and we win 4-0 with which ever team

  19. Blackwog says:

    Could someone please tell me if there is any truth to this article i read, it said that KK was willing to let Raul go to Chelsea in return KK wanted Sturridge. If this is true I would have to say that this would be KK’s best deal since being in charge (Suarez excl) as much as i like Raul we need a goal scorer and Daniel is just that.

    • TroLLman says:

      Sturridge is a much improved player no doubt, but not the cost of Raul!

      If we intend to be competing then Raul is the kind of player we need to keep hold off…

      You need some experience in team!!

  20. kopitefromcali says:

    Raul should stay! Great passing chemistry with Luis. Great second goal today! Very pleased w the result!Ynwa.