Date: 17th August 2011 at 5:38pm
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Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham have been alterted to the latest situation at Wigan which sees their star striker, Hugo Rodallega continuing to refuse to sign a new contract to remain at the club. The Colombian international is in the final year of his current deal and reports suggest that he does not want to stay at Wigan as he seeks a move to a big club.

Rodallega was left on the bench in Wigan’s opening game of the season against Norwich, suggesting that Wigan could be freezing him out of the first team in a bid to get him to sign a new contract with them.

There are still suggestions that Liverpool are in the market for another striker, this thought being reinforced by Dalglish apparently refusing to sell David Ngog until a new replacement is found.

With Rodallega being valued at £9million by Wigan, would it be wise to sell Ngog to Bolton for £4million and then go out and buy Rodallega?


30 responses to “Wednesday Rumour: Liverpool to battle Arsenal and Spurs for £9million-rated striker”

  1. alex babel says:

    liverpool should release ngog

    • Ged says:

      Yeah, brilliant idea

      Instead of us getting between £4m-£7m, we should release him and get nothing for him. Why oh why didn’t somebody think of this before. And I’m sure if we said to any of our players that we are going to cancel their contracts they’d all say ‘no problem’


    • Nad099 says:

      You Muppet, y release him when we can get £3-4m you foool !!

  2. rouman says:

    dont rate him not liverpool class, we need better than him..ngog is as good as him both not good enough.. we need better forlan on loan a better idea…

  3. Ody says:

    Forlan on loan, Lisandro Lopez or Bryan Ruiz

    • Ged says:

      Shame we missed this idea before Aguero moved, we could have got him on loan too

      Any other world class talents we should get for nothing to sit on our bench?

      Just a question – are you related to Alex Babel above? He seems to think that clubs should get rid of valuable players for nothing as well

      What is it on this site today – Did the Sunshine Variety Club give you all a free day on the Internet?

  4. Tom says:

    Give young Adam Morgan a chance and use the cash to get another winger.

  5. axwel says:

    wow i havent seen a biger number of stupid comments on one place in my life!! he is supose to be a third striker!! so i think he would be great option for bench!! cmon forlan,lopez or ruiz for a third striker and ngogs wage!! hahahahahaha u stupid fucks!!

  6. Jonah says:

    Let go for osaze instead

  7. Bill Shankly says:

    Rodallega ?
    Why dont we just keep N’Gog ?
    They are no better than each other & neither is good enough to play for LFC .

  8. kingsley says:

    osaze is good but plays almost the same partan with suarez,so we strikers like folan or ikechukwu uche.

  9. Prajwol says:

    Do we need a striker? I thought Suarez, Carroll, Kuyt, Ngog and Pachecho were good enough. We need some protection at the back, lets get Gary Cahill and adopt a policy to strengthen one area in one transfer window, that way we can gradually push our prodigies to the real action. We do not want to create chelsea or man city, can’t be spending all the time as they do. We are led by businessmen whose main domain is sports unlike the others who are there to shell out crazy money and feel on top of the world. YNWA JF96.

  10. Adetunji olusola says:

    Osaza is far better than both of them,i prefer lopez instead.

  11. john says:

    I think Edinson Cavani would be an ideal partner in attack for Suarez, Caroll and Kuyt.

  12. Gentle says:

    to be honest somtims u pple do confuz ur selfes, u ar cryin 4 PACHECO to b given a chans and at d sam tim calin 4 a new triker to be brought in. Plz tink b4 u coment

  13. paul says:

    rodallega is good!! he plays in a s… club and still scores goals!!!

  14. williams says:

    its already a shame to lfc,when january window closes kenny was boasting that the players he waill bring to lfc will be quality if not better than those in the club,but it’s so painful to see that the amount given to kenny that kenny could’nt sign atop quality players even a striker who can bring the same spirit to the club as LUIS SUAREZ instead kenny continue bringing an average players to lfc except CHARLIE ADAM and STEWARD DOWNING,the owners of lfc should know that kenny have just wasted all the money given and for their information no top 4 for lfc kenny is not the man who will take lfc to cham.league,

  15. Gentle says:

    @william do ur self a favour to shot up ur mouth if u dont really know what to comment

  16. Willmott82 says:

    Some idiotic comments on this article. I dont know if some of them are posted as a wind up or that people can be that clueless.

  17. septimus says:

    I be that whoever comes in to replace Ngog they will not be Black …I find it rather odd that since Kenny has come in not one Black player has been signed.

  18. chambers says:

    It all seems a waste of time.It’s apparent we only go for Englishmen….

  19. Bjorn says:

    Septimus – this is a sad sad comment, you trying to tell us that KK is racist who would turn down a young Barnes or Ferdinand because of the color of his skin, and that he picked Barnes as his assistant at Celtic with out realizing he was not exactly white. Sad Sodtimus!

  20. OLUSHOLA says:

    I will praiz kk cos he had tried 4 us last season 4rm 13-6 lets thank him 4 dat. now all i think is 2 b don is lets bring in forlan though old but i bet it with u if he coms in trophy is quite sure this season. up red!

    • Leager says:

      Agree wz olushola, but b4 that we need to think about strengthening our back yard. Gary chahil is my first choice. then we can think back to our front yard.

  21. Gentle says:

    some pertatic coments, ipitysom of u diots

  22. Gentle says:

    racist some pertatic coments, ipitysom of u diots

  23. henry says:

    Get lopez, cahill and jesus navas. Else if we fail to get champions league ticket we would certainly miss out on our players and the moral to fight will be lost for a long time