Date: 16th August 2011 at 5:25pm
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talkSport is reporting today that AC Milan have given up on signing Liverpool midfielder Alberto Aquilani. It had been suggested that the Italian giants wanted to sign Aquilani after his move to Fiorentina fell through. Now it sounds like Aquilani will not be joining Milan due to the same reasons he did not join Fiorentina: Liverpool wanted a permanent deal and not to send the player out on loan again after his spell at Juventus last season whereas AC Milan wanted Aquilani on loan.

It seems like Aquilani’s chances of moving back to Italy are getting slimmer and slimmer as Liverpool do not want to sell him at a giveaway fee after they spent £20million to sign him from Roma.

In my opinion, I would be glad if Aquilani stays at Liverpool this season as he is a quality player who just needs to be given a chance to prove his worth at Liverpool and I am sure Dalglish will give him the opportunities.


7 responses to “Tuesday Rumour: AC Milan have given up on signing Aquilani”

  1. Bill Shankly says:

    I would expect Kenny to give him nothing , I would expect him to play the best players available , if Aquilani is one of them then I would trust Kennys judgment on it just as I trust his judgment when he leaves him or anyone else out .

  2. jonesey says:

    please stop mentioning this bloke and his agent – were all sick of it and finally tell kenny to sell sell sell – only 6 good uns in the entire squad

  3. GG says:

    I fully agree with you. Aquaman should not leave LFC. On the evidence of the game against Sunderland, we need more creative players and Aquilani is needed at LFC. We should find buyers for Poulson, El Zahr, Degen, Joe Cole and possibly Kyriakgos.

    I think we should do a Ngong plus 10M deal for Cahill. I don’t know when Bolton will start to be bothered by the fact that Cahill is in his last year of contract. For a player that is on his last year, 10m plus Ngong is excellent value. I am sure, in January 2012, Bolton would be lucky to get 5m.

    Once Ngong moves on LFC should get Park from Monaco. Park ticks several boxes. He can be a back up striker. He has a decent enough crossing ability and can cover RW. He also helps with shirt sales in the Far East. And finally, his signing will satisfy the sponsors desire to have an Asian player in LFC.

    I really wonder why Dalglish, Comolli and the FSG hierarchy including John Henry and Tom Werner cannot see the logic in getting Park! In my view, if we get Cahill and Park in and dispose of Poulson, Degen, El Zahr, Joe Cole and Ngong (with a buy-back option) we can bring the summer transfer activity to a close. YNWA

    • Simon says:

      I’ve never seen Park play, you swear people have watched him week in, week out or something. FIFA or football manager doesn’t count!! 🙂

      No point in signing him purely for jersey sales. We will have to actually field him sometimes

      El Zahr will never leave. He’s useless, on a bumper contract for someone of his level. He’d be crazy to take a pay cut somewhere else

      Cahill definitely just has a year left?? Then we should be able to knick him if Kenny wants him. I guess I’d prefer him to Shawcross. Dann wouldn’t be a bad option also

      • GG says:

        I respect your view if you don’t know about Park. While I have no particular agenda to promte Park, he is the current skipper of the Korean national team and that cannot be accidental. He is also one of the most players for Monaco for a few seasons now and scores goals (both for club and country). But more importantly, if the stories in the media are to be believed, he really wants to play for LFC. Besides being an improvement over Ngong, his versatility and Monaco’s valuation (which is below 6M), makes him attractive. By the way, I’m very much a football orientated supporter like you but the business side of football is becoming an important competitive tool on the pitch, so ‘shirt sales’ is a serious consideration!

  4. njanja says:

    At the moment KK doesn’t seem interested in skillful players in the mold of Meireles, Aqua, etc. I think he is rooting for the kick and follow brand of players that will always keep the ball on the air for Carrol, so he can justify the 35m he wasted on the kid. Last night we all saw what should be expected from a 35m player(Aguero), and i can’t stop wondering what it would have looked like if we had him pairing with Suarez up-front, considering that he is a Liverpool fan.

    • Zisuxolo says:

      I agree with you Njanja! Anyway, kick and follow so called “Skop en Donder” in South Africa is typical of Great Britain football. I believe only Steven G, Aaron Lennon, Theo Walcott, Matt Jarvis and Joe Cole can play flair, interesting and quite creative football. And, I bet with this “British, Scottish, Irish” obsession l there still won’t be any European football come May 2012. I love LFC with all my heart but, whoa we play Cow dung, less creativity more to and fro kicking with no direction.