Date: 15th August 2011 at 9:00pm
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Well, I have to say that after the first half on Saturday there’s no way I thought I’d be sitting here writing about a scrappy draw to kick the season off. I don’t think it’s the end of the world but I am disappointed. There were a couple of big refereeing decisions that didn’t fall our way, but I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t rely on referees to win and we should have taken more of our chances.

Positives? Well, Suarez looked hungry and lively despite his touch deserting him on more than one occasion. It’s important to remember that he only trained once with the team beforehand, and that he’s never played with several of the players previously. The lad has had a hectic summer but we all know his class and he’ll soon be sharp again. Adam continues to impress with his commitment and creativity, Downing showed a few glimpses of the player we worked so hard to capture, and Enrique slotted in pretty seamlessly with a quietly composed performance. Carroll was unfortunate to have a goal chalked off (wrongly in my opinion; it’s supposed to be a contact sport) and could well have gone on to get a couple on another day. He’ll score a few for us this season I’m sure.

Negatives? Apologies to Flanagan but he never really got going; caught ball-watching for the equaliser and a few silly mistakes as well, fortunately he’s young enough to learn from this performance and no doubt will kick on and keep improving. Henderson too was somewhat of a let-down given the praise Kenny had lavished upon him recently. I think he’s still suffering from a dreadful run of results last season and needs confidence but it’s clear Kuyt should be first choice on the right for now. There was a general sloppiness to our passing in the second half which was as frustrating as it was reminiscent of the dark days last season under Hodgson (sorry for bringing that up!), I’m optimistic enough to put that down to a lack of understanding amongst the players though which should come with time. However, perhaps the biggest negative was the inability to spark into life again after an admittedly brilliant Larsson volley. No doubt much of this can be attributed again to new players learning the system but even the established ones such as Lucas were lacking in ideas and guilty of nervous, impatient passing.

I hope this result hasn’t got people too depressed though after all the excitement in the build-up. Remember, Arsenal drew without scoring, Chelsea drew without scoring, Man Utd scraped through despite only mustering one shot on target all afternoon and lost Vidic, Ferdinand and Rafael through injury for a few weeks. Not so bad amongst that lot eh? Arsenal on Saturday is where we should be directing our energies and they’re wobbling at the moment, let’s channel our frustration into support for the team and knock them down like we’re capable of. Don’t let’s forget that this season is one of building firm foundations from which to start challenging in the long term. Don’t let’s forget that each and every one of those players pulling on a red shirt wants to win just as much as we do.

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42 responses to “Who shone and who flopped against Sunderland?”

  1. Bill Shankly says:

    This is a nit picking self defeating article by a fair weather fan who has no clue how to support a side .
    In every team in every game in every league at least on player is going to make a mistake over 90 minutes , they are professional players yes but they arent robots .
    To post up this shite asking us to slaughter & scapegoat our own players because a result manipulated by corrupt officiating went against us is the Work of Alex Ferguson & Rupert Murdoc .
    Any fan/Supporter who loves the club will follow my lead on this & refuse to be led by enemies of our club into hating our own players .

    • Joel says:

      Thanks for the comments, I’d suggest going back and reading it properly though as it appears that you haven’t done so. Nowhere have I slated our players, and where i have gently criticised I’ve then balanced it out with a positive proviso. If this to you is a negative article then the genuinely critical ones must send you into a state of apoplectic rage akin to the Incredible Hulk. Again, all feedback welcomed though.

    • REDseptember says:

      Have to say i totally agree,sometimes i feel that on this site the constant need to write “something” you end up with complete nonsense.The grammar we can excuse(Who Shined) surely you mean who shone, but the constant negatives, the silly RUMOURS,the never ending inaccuracies only make us look very silly. Support your club,write when there is something to write about,when there isn’t or when things are bad, silence works. JFT 96 YNWA

      • Bill Shankly says:

        The fact they fill this need to write something with Anti LFC shite is what gets me , why didnt he write an article mocking Fergusons terrible goalKeepers down through the years & yet another one played for then on Sat ?
        Or how come Ashley young crosses a ball , it takes two deflections & ends up in the back of the net & its reported as a brilliant goal by him while Carroll has a picture perfect display of positioning , strength , control & finishing under pressure disallowed for nothing ?
        He could at least question the hypocrisy among the press .
        Why didnt he write an article about how dirty Arsenal are off the ball & how their manager is a liar who rips of the fans & isnt even respected by his own ill disciplined shower of shit players ?
        Why didnt he write a post mocking “Gimmick Boy” Villa Boas actions on the sideline for Chelsea & his pathetic public attempt to convince us that Torres is “His Guy” ?
        Its not like theres not food for thought out there .
        Its snide Anti LFC attack after snide Anti LFC attack & I’m fucking sick of it !

        • Oscar says:

          you need to chill out, and realise that your opinion isn’t always widely accepted or appreciated

          • Bill Shankly says:

            Whos forcing you to read it ?
            Now fuck off outa my sight you faggot & quit acting like you think yer my wife that can complain about me to me .

        • Billy's Daddy says:

          so this hypocritical fake of a Bill Shankly would read others’ post and criticise but asks others who simply ask him to chill to get the fuck out of his sight… he should simply heed his own words annd do so from the start. nobody’s forcing him to read anything, so he shouldnt be reading this.

          unless of course, he is Joel’s wife who, as he says, can be the one that complain about Joel to Joel… Bill = Mrs. Joel? not to mention a faggot as well…?

          was i complanining above? i hardly think so, just pointing out some laughable contradictory comments. you can call me daddy for teaching you a lesson though.

          and Bill, dont bother replying, you silly fool, nobody’s forcing you to read this. and i wont be bother to read about your reply, you hypocritical fool.

          have more respect for Bill Shankly and stop using that nick… change it to SAF’s right hand or something like that, coz you’re more useful that way to that tosser that he is…

          • Bill Shankly says:

            I commented about the content of a Football article concerning LFC in a LFC fan site , I complained about no ones personality or behavior or their aired opinion .
            I then complained about apparent homosexual behavior toward me where someone tried to bully me into not airing an opinion & then trying to behave like a wife who thinks he had the entitlement to complain about me to me .
            .That is what upset you , & nothing else .
            Now I am Complaining about further anti social homosexual behavior toward me where some dirty sick Pervert claiming to be “Bills Daddy” is asking me to call him “Daddy” to aid him in his homosexual fantasy .
            See what we are up against Lads ?
            Dirty sick perverts .

  2. Akin says:

    I think adam was our man of the match

  3. Bill Shankly says:

    I didnt say it was the most extreme of its ilk Joel I said it was self defeating & self critical & it encourages scapegoating of players , you mentioned Lucas , Henderson & Flanagan & questioned Kennys judgment on praising Henderson .
    This is a fan site not a general football site so take yer snide attacks elsewhere where they will be appreciated because they arent appreciated by Liverpool Supporters .
    Fact is Dowd interrupted us in possession so often we lost our rhythm , he gave every single 50-50 against us to the point we couldn’t make a challenge without the very real fear of losing a man & he gave our forwards zero protection & disallowed Carrolls goal simply because he got it on target .
    None of our players deserve criticism for their performances on Sat .
    The result could & should have been better but that was due to circumstances beyond our control .
    So go take a flying fuck at a razor blade , we were robbed & snide scum like you are now trying to rub our nose in it by turning our young supporters against us .

    • Joel says:

      Watching football sounds like a horrible experience for you, I’m sorry you can’t enjoy it like the rest of us. Thanks for your comments.

      • Bill Shankly says:

        You are enjoying snidely attacking Liverpool Football club & nothing more .
        Yer clearly upset that I am exposing you as the shadow dwelling creep that you are .

  4. LFChris says:

    I actually thought this was a pretty balanced and fair article, with a good note to end on. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Bill Shankly says:

      Balanced & fair has no place in a LFC Fan Site .
      If it isnt Pro LFC then its Anti LFC .
      If ya want balanced & fair ?
      Go to the Daily Mails site .

      • don wynne says:

        LFC fans have no right to make balanced and or fair comments? thats bordering on the insane, everyone has a right to an opinion and if he/she can back it up all the better, I do get sick of negative comments about LFC especially on sites like this, but to give both sides of a situation is right and propper, making sweeping statements is what galls me most about a great many of the comments made by the ‘fans’ (cleaned that up) from down the lancs, we should be better than that.

  5. lee says:

    Shankley, take the blinkers off mate. I you really thought we deserved to win that that game then you were watching a different game, there were obviously some performances which were stronger than others, fact. By highlighting those it does not mean he should be crucified. I thought Flanagan was outstanding last season, but he made a couple of poor decisions on saturday, he’ll come back, everybody makes mistakes, just that his main one was a touch costly. I thought we played well in the first 2o minutes, works needs to be done with the service to Carroll, i hate to see the long ball being used so frequently though, he is a big lad but is good on the floor as well, like to see us mix it up a bit more, i like the football we played at the back end of last season, quick, incisive on the floor. Just need some time to work as a partnership up top, it will come, sooner rather than later i hope.

    • Bill Shankly says:

      I am a LFC fan in a LFC fan news site , if I cant be blinkered & blindly support my team here then where can I do it ?
      You are blind if you cant see that author & authors like him are insulting your intelligence by snidely attacking the club & playing on your upset & despair .
      You need to toughen up , wake up & smell the coffee .
      Its us against the World , it always has been & it always will be .
      They hate us when we are winning & they hate us when we arent winning .

  6. Harvey says:

    Aren’t Carroll and Aguero in the same price range? Just look at what Aguero is doing to Swansea. So all u still think english players are better? hahaha.By the way, hats off to swansea for playing with all their hearts!English my @#$%

    • Bill Shankly says:

      Have we played the newly promoted Swansea yet ?
      Fuck you Harvey , yer a tat laying in wait to curse our players , we dont need the likes of you posioning our club .
      Lets see what Aguero has done when his honeymoon period has passed , come May lets see how he has done against the top 6 & in the big cup games before we start spreading our arse cheeks for him like that pathetic faggot Harvey is doing .
      If Andy Carroll doesnt score 10 more goals than him I’ll never watch another game of football .

  7. Nick says:

    Shanks, You get my vote for pre-match team talk at the Emerates!! Get stuck in lad!!!

    • Bill Shankly says:

      You too Nick , we all have our part to play , we all gotta do our bit , we all gotta get stuck in & keep it going until the final whistle in May .
      The Knives are out for Kenny already , The knives are out for Henderson Already The knives are out for Carroll Already .
      Its us against the world.

  8. craig says:

    Shanks if you hate this site so much why do you post all over it? The article was fair and pointed out facts about the match and simple criticisms. People are not perfect but when they do something wrong there is nothing wrong with pointing it out to improve it. I do not believe players are coming on here and we are hurting their feelings so get over it. We all support lfc and want the best for them and when someone has a different opinion its not your job to come on and bash them. Get a fucking life.

    • Bill Shankly says:

      Dry yer eyes Craig .
      If you cant see I’m giving an example & providing a fans opinion & behavior then you are a bigger tit than I made you appear when you were bitching & moaning about Lucas on the other thread .

      • Trollman says:

        And we’ll have no bitching about our Lucas !!!

        Well not unless he’s consistently shite…. Which he isn’t so no bitching about Lucas Craig!!!

  9. Damo says:

    ‘Who shined’? Who ‘shone’ you muppet!

  10. william mountain says:

    “Flanagan never really got going; caught ball-watching for the equaliser and a few silly mistakes as well”

    Outrageous comment. bearing in mind the lad is just 18, he handled himself brilliantly. Being at the game myself, it was clear to me and apparently every other liverpool fan other than you that he put in a solid performance and is well on his way to being a more than capable back up for glen johnson.

    However, it pains me to agree, Henderson was average. Lets just hope he had mixed emotions playing against Sunderland and in the next few weeks we will see what he has to offer.

  11. Kenny says:

    As a red of 34 years much and all as i hate to say it-dalglish has got to go-he is going to end up the same as hodgson.Did anyone else spot how in pre season we only played any players for generally 45 minutes and against sunderland we got the result of it-we had the most shambolic fitness ever seen in a premiership match in the second half-yes once again the players could only manage 45 minutes before the farce began.DARREN BURGESS is the moron responsible for our fitness levels.ANYONE ELSE SPOT THE ORGANISATIONAL GENIUS OF KEVIN KEEN IN OUR DEFENDING FOR THE EQUALISER ON SATURDAY?DALGLISH IS TOTALLY INCOMPETANT.HE IS ALREADY PLEADING FOR TIME.REMINDS ME OF HODGSON.I feel sorry for JOHN HENRY.Never has the club had such an amazing owner.Henry must be shocked at how USELESS DALGLISH IS AND HOW LAZY THE MAN IS.DALGLISH STILL PLAYS GOLF AND STILL DOES NEWSPAPER ARTICLES.SHOWS HOW LITTLE COMMITTMENT HE HAS TO THE CLUB.DALGLISH REMEMBER THIS-WE REMOVED ONE MANAGER….WE CAN EASILY DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!

    • Trollman says:

      How dare you dare to speak the truth!!!

      Whats wrong with you man? Is there any ay off banning kenny from this site admin??

      Such observations shall not be tolerated by our new and blind fans!!!!!!!

      Watch it!

    • Bill Shankly says:

      Have you got Downs Syndrome or some form of Mental illness ?
      34 years a fan & you want Dalglish gone after 90 mins ?
      If you arent mentally ill or handicapped then you are obviously lying about being a fan .

      • Kenny says:

        You obviously know nothing about football. Since Dalglish got his contract the team has not won any of the 3 league games. Preseason was a disgrace and only a naive gullible fan like you believes that Dalglish has the tactical ability and the motivational ability to bring LFC back to the very top. You should remember that it was during Dalglish’s first term as manager that the club failed to win back to back league titles. He left a rubbish squad behind him the first time and he is heading that way again. LFC excluding Cole,Poulsen and Ngog have a firstteam squad of 24 outfield players made up of 11 defenders,11 midfielders and 2 strikers. Does that make sense to you. Where is the goalpower in the squad that is necessary to make serious inroads in the league this season?

  12. makisdon says:

    I say to Kenny play the same system as the last few games we played in the previous campaign and I mean with the same players aswell.

    Gerrard, Maxi, Miereles, Suarez, Carrol, Kuyt, Lucas , Aurelio, Carragher, Johnson, Enrique, agger, Reina, Skyrtl, these players get first choice when fit, these are our best players pardon me if i have forgotten someone.

    Then you can put in 1 or 2 of the new players in when required for eg

    Downing, Adam

    Henderson can wait for his chance
    hes only 20 let him learn from gerrard in training.

    flannagan, and co can wait for their chance when theres an injury,,, shelvey, pacecho can come in then,,,

    and buy cahill flog ngog,,,15mil plus player

    anyways i dont want to get carried away

    you catch my drift!

    • Trollman says:

      Now why would we want to do that, When we can just change the whole team about and put our better players on the bench?

      Apparently Raul isn’t good enough for us, but good enough for Chelsea… Right!

  13. Trollman says:

    Fact: if kuyt had started that game against sunderland as he should have done, he would have taken penalty….

    And as always would have buried it…. Shit team selection end off!

  14. Trollman says:

    If kenny starts with kuyt and Raul on the bench this weekend and we lose….

    Il be the first to email Henry and suggest we bring back Rafa!!!!!

    Yes I said it!

    See I like fighting for titles… not all this new top 4 bollox talk since he left!

    • Bill Shankly says:

      Under Rafa we finished 5’th , we finished 7’th , we finished 4’th , 3’d twice & a distant 2’nd once closing the gap only after Utd had it sewn up & played their reserves .
      We finshed outside the top 4 more often then we challenged for a title under Rafa you fucking clown .

      • Trollman says:

        2004-05 – 5th position and a small matter of winning the Champions league!

        2005-06 – 3rd position and the Fa cup

        2006-07 – 4th position and a champion league final!

        2007-08 – 3rd champions League qualification

        2008-09 – 2nd position and feared all over the world

        2009-10 – 7th position with the club in turmoil and no fresh money spent on players

        Bill – you would give your left testicle for us to be in those positions again you gimp….
        But now you can only dream of 4th position even after spending £100m+ in one lump and you obviously ain’t qualified to talk of Rafa we only finished outside the the top 4 twice out 6 seasons….

        now go read a book about Our club a get your facts right specially when it’s comes to ppl who put our beloved club back on the map you fool!

  15. Joel says:

    Thanks for all the comments, chaps. To badly paraphrase a famous saying; I may not always agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.

  16. william mountain says:

    I agree that kuyt should have started but to all the IDIOTS questioning kenny after 90 minutes of the new season – should wenger and boas be sacked because they drew the first game too? I thought we, as liverpool fans were famous the world over for being loyal and supportive to our team and management? Disappointing.