Date: 14th August 2011 at 7:00pm
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Liverpool continue to be linked with a move for a new central defender. We have been linked with Scott Dann, Gary Cahill and Stoke’s Ryan Shawcross. It is being reported that Liverpool have identified ex-Manchester United defender Shawcross as the top centre-back target.

Dann seems set to join Arsenal whilst Cahill is too expensive at £17million. Stoke would not be willing to sell Shawcross unless they get a very good offer for him thought to be in the region of £12million. But Manchester United have first refusal on buying Shawcross if Stoke decide to sell him. With United having signed Phil Jones, it is highly unlikely that they would want to bring Shawcross back to the club he played for as young player in the youth setup.


28 responses to “Sunday Rumour: Liverpool target ex-Manchester United defender”

  1. Gary 7 says:

    I would rather we sign Cahill. He scored a cracker yesterday.

  2. Bill says:

    I’d prefer Dann and as he’s a Liverpool supporter already he could be the next Cara.

  3. Tom says:

    Why is no one slamming Flanagan about Sunderlands goal yesterday? He was at fault, poor defending by him.

    Shawcross is good but Cahill is better.

    • J J says:

      WATCH THE GOAL AGAIN!3 players around the ball, 2 of them going for the same ball when it was CROSSED, I thought what an amazing volley by Larrson even if Flanagan was better posistioned I still think he would of scored.

  4. SuaRed says:

    Flanagan is a fantastic young (18) prospect! He’s learning the game and will make the occasional mistake. Why would you slam him (as you put it).

    8 years off prime and playing or Liverpool first team! Kid is going to be awesome. Stop over reacting!

  5. Bomber25 says:

    If Shawcross has any ambition, he should know that there is only one direction he should travel in this saga; and that is to Anfield.

  6. mj18061 says:

    well said. I think kelly should have played instead of Flanagan. He is better than Flanagan. Also wrong selection of the time yesterday.

  7. Akash@Superstarfc says:

    Just sign the cebtre defender that liverpool link before..bvos he is tall and strong defender like hyypia.. He can be our next hyypia…

  8. Akash@Superstarfc says:

    Just sign the centre defender that liverpool link before..bcos he is tall and strong defender like hyypia.. He can be our next hyypia…

    Sign the german cenrte defender…
    Sign Eden Hazard
    Sign one good centre TACKLING defensive midfielder…
    Lucas leiva is RUBBISH….CANNOT trust him….

  9. jim says:

    Iam a scouser and have supported liverpool fc all my life
    and it would please me no end to find another carra or ste G
    from the city born and bred! but i dont think we have the type of players that would take these legends places at Anfield,
    kelly just likes to pull funny faces,and is to aware of the camaras and media that surrounds the club,he wont make the
    level that we need from him,jay spearing has the heart but
    i feels he just falls short in a couple of departments but
    will always give 100%,i also would give 100% but loving a
    club does not mean that you can live your dreams,now on to flanagan,i dont know what to make of this kid to be honest ,
    the goal against sunderland was down to him make no bones about it,it was poor defending,schoolboy level if you like
    but he must learn from these type of mistakes quickly
    and progress to a level of the highest degree to become a serious first team choice.Now to get to a player who for almost 15 years as been a living legend for lfc …carra
    i feel he will stop us from moving up another level if he stays in the team,i say that with a heavy heart because he
    has everything that you want in a player,i am not going to
    go over these points again his games in the red shirt speak
    for themselves,he is loved to a degree that only a handful
    of liverpool players have ever reached that mighty summit
    of greatness,but time waits for no man and we need to find a replacement now and i really feel that ryan shawcross is the man to replace jamie,why this player was not a priority is beyond me! kenny before we are chasing shadows again get this man in a red shirt and things will be a lot easier in the defence.

    • lee j says:

      Couldn’t agree more.. the defence relies heavily on Carra’s tactical prowess, he’s forever managing the defence pulling players in line when mistakes are made. When Carra injured his shoulder last year we leaked goals left right and centre! he’s a valuable asset without doubt, but we definitely need to start looking for a replacement.
      It wont be easy for a defender to come in and start bossing the defence when it needs to be done. Ryan Shawcross is high on the list and justly so, therefore he would be my first preference.
      Carra wont be easy to take off the starting side though, and Shawcross has too much quality to sit on the bench if Agger or Skrtel make the team.

  10. J Rhodes says:

    I think by transferring out Cole, Poulsen, Insua, El Zhar & Degen, we can save 12m in wages alone. (Anything we receive in fee would be a bonus!)
    If you offer 6m + N’Gog + Skrtel, you immediately have a deal with Bolton for Cahill.
    I would think that for the long-term we should also buy Scott Dann, by offering Kyrgiakos + 6m for him.
    If the owners are a bit generous, we can clinch a deal for Gonzalo Higuain from Madrid for 23m.
    In this way we only need to spend 25m more this summer to be in the title race.

  11. J Rhodes says:

    I would love to see Shawcross in a red shirt but the way I see it, it would be difficult to force Stoke to sell him. Lets not forget that Rafa tried tooth and nail to get him a couple of seasons ago!

  12. Bal says:

    We need to get a cb in quickly..we lose or draw the next 2 games and we start playing catch up for the rest of the season…we need to be on par wth city,and chelsea..hate to say but I think nobody will get near utd.they just seem as if they can grind out the results when they need to …we couldn’t do that yesterday..ynwa

  13. eljay says:

    Liverpool should just try as much as possible 2 get either 1 of d 3 cb 2 restrengthen d squad by selling kyrgiakos+poulsen+cole+N’Gog only dat we’re not gonna av a backup 4 carroll bt lets try 2 make haste b4 d transfer closes……YNWA…..

  14. Blackwog says:

    Yes we need a c/b, but seriously why did KK not use Kelly, I like Flanagan but Kelly offers more.
    I think Cahill would be a good replacement at c/b but I still believe we need one more player with some real pace and skill upfront, someone with the Suarez factor (WOW).
    Park Chu-Young thats just one option and he is cheap with a good footballing brain, N’Zogbia is another they would be useful.

  15. i think any of d 3 linked defender will be ok,but we need 2 be fast with our deals and get serious.kk i think xperiments are for pre-season,we need 2 be more focused.YNWA.

  16. taiwo says:

    if they sack dalglish today is bcos of dat andy caroll,if I must tel u d truth it is him dat is killin liverpool attack,i prefer suarez wit kuyt or ngog dan dat wastin of money.if they bench him they wil see d best out of d team.

  17. J J says:

    WATCH THE GOAL AGAIN!3 players around the ball, 2 of them going for the same ball when it was CROSSED, I thought what an amazing volley by Larrson even if Flanagan was better posistioned I still think he would of scored.

  18. MB says:

    @ Taiwo what a stupid fool you are. Caroll will become the greatest palyer of Liverpool – he scored a goal which shd not have been disallowed as there was no foul and we can count on him and Suarez to score each time. U plse stop talking nonsense.