Date: 14th August 2011 at 3:24pm
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With only a couple of days left in this summer transfer window, the speculation surrounding players leaving Liverpool is set to grow as we still need to get rid of a couple of players. One player who has been linked with a move away from Liverpool all summer is striker David Ngog.

Ngog was thought to be on his way to Sunderland but that deal fell through. Now he is being heavily linked with a move to Bolton for £4million but Kenny Dalglish has reportedly refused for the move to go through until he finds a replacement for Ngog according to The Mirror.

This is a sign that Liverpool may still be ready to bring in new players this summer. It makes sense not to sell Ngog until we find someone else to come in and be our backup striker. With Suarez and Carroll leading the line, we need another option in the squad in case either of these two are injured or out of form. We have Dirk Kuyt too who can fill in as a striker but it would be great to bring in another out and out striker.


22 responses to “Sunday Rumour: Dalglish refuses to sell Liverpool striker”

  1. Sanjay says:


    • Bandit Queen says:

      We need a decent back up striker but we should also give David Ngog another chance. Kuyt should also not be on the bench, he is too hard working and too valuable for us. Also last year he scored 13 goals, 11 more than Carroll. He has also formed an unofficial but vital partnership with Luis Suarez and King Kenny has made a mistake leaving him out of the Sunderland game until the second half. We also have young strikers who are rearing to go and who we need to put our faith in. We do not need to sell players to bring in new ones. In addition to our official strikers we have Maxi and Marelles and again leaving Maxi out for the last two games last year cost us fifth place. You don’t leave out a player that gets back to back hat tricks!

  2. DaveWestAus again says:

    Kuyt ‘IS’an out & out striker.He has been played out of position to accommodate others!He is a typical poacher ‘who scores goals’just like he did for the second half of last season.Just like he does for HOLLAND!!! DID YOU NO NOTICE??? He is invaluable to LFC !

    • Charlie says:

      too true, at the moment i would have kuyt in ahead of carroll…

    • Bandit Queen says:

      I agree with you, Kuyt is a great striker and he is hungry for goals. He should have started with Luis on Saturday and we may actually have been 3-0 up at half time. He is also our penalty taker and a poacher and he is committed to the club. It is not fair that he has to make room for new comers and it is not fair that he is played out of position. Give Kuyt his rightful place, up front with Luis; they seem to work as one. Carroll is strong, and will get stronger, but I do not see him forming a partnership with Suarez and if we bring another striker in; please make sure he is not injured before he plays.

  3. Red Barron says:

    A couple of days left? We have over two weeks left. The window doesn’t close until 31st August as far as I am aware!

  4. Clive says:

    We should sell Ngog and buy Diego Forlan.

  5. craig says:

    Looking at that finish I wish we had gotten Long.

  6. Steve K says:

    D Forlan no matter how old he is, is more valuable to a team than having a Ngog who should have never played for LFC, he’s more of a bottom mid table material.

  7. Akin says:

    Buy shawcross plsss…….

  8. Bogdan says:

    He got a replacement …..Carrol..anyhow the guy looks playng for the foe…

  9. Jeff says:

    We do not need another striker! We have three in carroll, suarez, and kuyt! We need to strengthen other positions first! FFor me, i think we need another winger, then a cb!

  10. robert says:

    I don’t know where LFC are going to find a striker,there is none around except for the gang at man city,and who could afford those wages. I’m really sorry we missed out on Mario Gomez last season but of course interest from LFC catapulted him into Bayern’s first team and he hasn’t looked back. I’m surprised Man city havent signed him yet, but i suppose there is always January.

  11. Sirlaw says:

    Carrol makes us play long balls which is not helpin at all. . . . We need d pass and move system. . . We need Forlan! D

  12. Akash@Superstarfc says:

    1) Suarez
    2) Carroll
    3) Kuyt
    4) Pacheco
    5) Suso

    So we dont need another striker…
    JUST SELL THE STUPID NGOG…..and buy Gary Cahill, Shawcross, Eden Hazard & Sissoko (tacking defensive midfielder)

    • Bandit Queen says:

      NGog may not be the best but please do not call him stupid. Who gave you the right to judge anyone’s intelligence? In any case, he is not as bad as some of the names mentioned in this forum and Forlan is too old. We want someone who we can actually keep for the next five years, not someone that will retire soon. NGog is as good as anyone as a back up, but what about Morgan; can we not give him a chance? We have plenty of strikers and Luis can play with any of them. Carroll will just have to adjust. We paid £33 million for him. It is only natural that he is going to be first choice and he is looking better with each game, but it is Kuyt who gives us the options up front, as an out and out striker should. Again, comment on a person’s ability, not their intelligence; it is insulting!

  13. Akash@Superstarfc says:

    DALGLISH IS VERY SLOW….. Liverpool is stugglish of dalglish… He is not good and fast singning like Jose Mourinho.

    JOSE MOURINHO, plzzzzzzz come to liverpool….

    • Bandit Queen says:

      It is not about how fast you sign; it is about who you sign and the quality of the players that you sign. We have panic brought in the past and made mistakes. The king is taking his time, and while it may be annoying; he will get it right in the end. He got it right in 86/87/88/89/90. He will get it right in 2011/12/13 and so on. No! We do not want JOSE MOURINHO! At least we have some Summer signings, unlike say Arsenal who are having their team walk out, and Chelsea who have made fewer than us and City may have the money to buy big, but they have made the same, no fewer signings. I want faster signings and bigger ones, but I am satisfied that we have done o.k up to now and will do better in the next couple of weeks. Just how many players do we want? Do we want them to play or to decorate the bench? And NO. We do not want JOSE MOURINHO

    • DaveWestAus again says:

      Mourinho is the LAST one we want at Anfield – ‘TROUBLE MAKER’

  14. Gerrardious says:

    akash are u smokin sometin?

  15. Simon says:

    With the exception of Steve Bruce, all the other managers are pretty darn slow with their signings… Yes… although Kenny played 4 of the new boys immediately, he is a snail!

  16. Ngog must go and bring in a defender.