Date: 12th August 2011 at 4:02pm
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There seems to be no way of getting rid of the speculation surrounding Alberto Aquilani this summer. The Italian midfielder is now the subject of a £7.5million move to AC Milan according to talkSPORT.

It has been suggested all summer long that Aquilani wants a move back to Italy. The player turned down a loan move to Fiorentina as he wants a permanent move and now AC Milan may be set to make an offer to Liverpool. Milan have been keeping an eye on Aquilani all summer but they have not made a concrete bid yet. With the transfer window set to close in a couple of days time, we may start to see a bit more activity in the transfer market now especially with players set to leave Liverpool.

The player himself recently came out and said that he would be happy to stay at Liverpool this coming season but I am sure he will jump at the chance to return to Italy and play for AC Milan if he got the opportunity.

Liverpool spent £20million to bring in Aquilani from Roma but we may have to take a big knock now on that fee and sell him for £7.5million.


57 responses to “Friday Rumour: Liverpool ready to sell midfielder for £7.5million”

  1. John says:

    I personally think we should take the hit, I imagine it would include clauses for extra money in the future.
    I think we need to free up at tleast another 20 Million to get a centre back and replace Ngog.

  2. Sanjay says:

    We should sell Gerard now as the Salary is big for him and is 31.
    we should cashed on him now too much injury with him now.

    • dave says:

      Sanjay I have thoght about how to put this nicely and the best I can come up with is your an idiot. Sorry but it’s true. There are so many reasons as to why Gerrard will never be sold that to list them all here would take about a terrabyte to store the info so I’ll just make a few points. Firstly do you even know what You’ll never walk alone stands for??? The talisman of the club for the best part of a decade has earnt his place in the squad, carrying this team through seasons not just games, aswell as sparking what is probably the best come back in Champions league history. He also has so much experience to pass on to the troops coming through the ranks that he would be worth more than any club would be prepared to pay considering his age. This year could also be his biggest year ever, It is no secret that Gerrard deserves and wants the premiership more than any player ever has that hasn’t won it. He has carried this club through times when he never had a hope of winning the title now he has an abundance of talent around him and his idol in charge of the club giving him more a wealth of experience on anything he may not have gained in CERTAIN areas, He is gonna be like a whole new signing with more purpose than any other season. A completely renewed Gerrard at 31 is gonna be amazing and could very well be the trump card in Liverpool possibly going any further than just getting back in europe. f this isn’t enough for you then let me put it another way, You’ve had afaithful dog for 10 years and he could live another five fine. Would you put him down?? Gerrard will be playing for another 3-5 years yet and then taking a coaching role probably at liverpool. He loves this club and this club loves him. I would take a gerrard at 31 that wants to play for the team with passion, than Messi, Villa, Silva and Benzema together.

      • the'red'indian says:

        dave spot on,mate! Just as players are expected to be loyal ,so can the club be to a player that has been loyal to them at every point of his epl career.And despite having an injury prone last season he played better then many of his team mates ofcourse not to his standard tough.And i can imagine lfc name inscribed on any cup without stevie atleast in the foreseeable future.

        • the'red'indian says:

          lol i mean can’t imagine lfc name inscribed on any cup without stevie atleast in the foreseeable future

      • anthony says:

        well said mate

      • Sanjay says:

        Good that is the best way to support your football club.loll u r upset ,i know but i just suggest but i know it will never happened and will not happened as commoli and ever kk will get their slip to go.

        • Nihar says:

          @Sanjay… Which language s that u were trying to write in…?

          • Kenny Dalglish says:

            Enough guys…Aquilani s not leaving. He is going to start Vs Sunderland. And for those who think Gerrard can ever leave. this is for you. _|_ . He will eventually replace me as a Liverpool manager.

      • Not_Sanjay says:

        David: why is Sanjay a fool for saying is mind? Selling Gerrard wouldnt be stupid as it would free up cash to buy younger players for the future. Then on the other hand, Gerrard needs to be playing his best football again if he is to get into the team.

      • Tony says:

        So what if you know what “YNWA” means. It doesn’t necessary make you the perfect Liverpool fan. What divine right have you got to label someone an idiot? I bet you also know what “YAWN” stands for. That’s right, your comment is one huge YAWN.

    • Maclad says:

      Are u a man utd fan u have to be with a comment like that

      • Tony says:

        @MACLAD: For crying put loud, are you implying that it is OK for Dave to label another poster an IDIOT and that Liverpool fans are accustomed to such name-callings like IDIOT, DIMWIT, CRETIN, MORON, IMBECILE? If so, which of the above are you?

  3. Tony says:

    If Comolli sells him for £7.5m, J W Henry should sack him on the spot, he is far too good for that price!!!!!

  4. mavric69 says:

    I dont usually comment on stuff like this, but dude, SANJAY, what are u smoking mate? Sell Gerard? The heart of Liverpool? The boy will rather retire than go and score goals for another club.. Its like messi leaving Barca.. Like Giggs leaving Man U.. Do u even support Liverpool???

  5. dappa069 says:

    actually SANJAY is thiking with his head not his heart. We did sell Fowler didnt we. Everyone has his time…Gerrard has been great but it is time to move on. If we can get a decent offer then the right thing would be to sell him

  6. mavric69 says:

    Dude, DAPPA, we are SUPPORTERS, not Liverpool partners.. we are here to support and to support with the heart.. if not the heart then Liverpool would simply be another Manchester City… Gerard is Liverpool.. Yeah, Fowler was god, i agree.. But Gerard is Gerard dude…

    • dave says:

      Mavric69 I have a page on fb that has been kept secret for real supporters to meet and discuss all the points of lfc without the idiots that join just to slate. You should shout me if you want in chap be good to hear the sensible views and your reasonings behind them :^)

    • TONNY says:

      Yeah…!!!i agree with you mate.If we are the supporter for Liverpool so we are also supporter of G8, is correct?
      He is not for sell, heart of the Kop.Thatwise he said No player bigger than Club when F9 join Chelsea,so we should know how much him love this club…YNWA…!!

  7. ruben says:

    i think it s better to get rid of lucas,kuyt,cole and paulsen and with the money we grab from that sales we buy a better holding mid and c b.i think stevie g is not for sale.

    • Tony says:

      Sell Lucas!! are you mad son????. Why do you think we shipped goals in Pre-season?, for christ’s sake what are some people on here????. Lucas was our player of the year and now you want to sell him….WTF.

      • gbax says:

        Well said tony Lucas had a great season last year and the lad is only going to get better all he as todo is add a few goals to his game this season will be a great one for Lucas and he’s a good lad with his heart at liverpool remember he came to Liverpool as young player of the year in Brazil

      • Trollman says:

        Spot on Tony!

    • CoZmiiC says:

      are you stupid? no need sale lucas and kuyt they sik player i eva seen


  8. Nihar says:

    @Sanjay… How about getting rid of plastic fans like u…. Liverpool FC is about all about the rich tradition…U shud consider supporting man Shitty…

    • shane says:

      So a plastic fan is someone that doesnt agree with you Nihar? Sanjay is right! We should consider Gerrards situation. He was crap last season and when we had our good run the season before he wasn’t in the team then either. Where exactly do you seen him fitting in when he comes back? He may have an impact coming on as a sub over the next 2 or 3 seasons, but his presence on the pitch ( because of his LFC status ) intimidates the rest of the midfield and its not surprising that the 2 players that came into the own last season ( Lucas and Mereiles ) did so because Gerard wasn’t there. Of course he is a legend, of course he is, but he is getting old and the years of carrying the team is unfortunately taking its toll. The Utd knobs down the road never had any fear of selling their heroes and investing the money in new heroes. We need to the same. We have been left behind for too long because of sentiment like yours!

      • don wynne says:

        Some posters seem to miss the point, of course there is a ‘sell’ on value based on age ability etc.. but if a player like Gerrard isn’t a part of this club, after all that he has been central to then I give up; you might as well try trading supporters, the blue noses could use a few. In other words once a ‘true red’ always a true red, it’s the money bags teams, that become toys to megga rich owners that view everything as a commodity not true fans…family is family, I’m waffling because if anyone doesn’t feel what its like to be a true red then I would be wasting my time trying to explain.

  9. mavric69 says:

    and besides, anyone who thinks Gerards time is up, need to have their heads checked.. A midfielder of pure class that still have a few year, good years to give…

    Lucas proved himself last season and is still young.. to sell him is a mistake.. Kuyt, selling the workhorse is even bigger mistake… … the rest, yeah, flog em..

  10. sai says:

    we shouldnt sell aquilani.. he is the only one who could open up tough defenses for us… we need him for gods sake..he recently told media that he is happy with liverpool… and selling gerrard, we dont sell legends..!!

  11. Stephen says:

    First of all may I say Ron that this article is a pure waste of time and speculation, there is no foundation to your observation and would be a criminal piece of business to let him go so cheaply.
    We have a crowded midfield that is clear, but what is the point of ‘second guessing’ Liverpool management.
    They are paid the money to make decisions so let them get on with it.

    And as for Sanjay’s comment about selling Gerard, I am speechless at the stupidity of it, as clearly pointed out by MAVRIC69, Gerard is a Liverpool lifer, the opportunities for him to go elsewhere have passed. He will go down as a living Liverpool legend whether he will harbour regrets over not taking those opportunities only he and his family will know.

  12. Nihar says:

    1st of all we only need to sign a CB… dats it… if thats not possible in this window… doesn’t seem to be a big worrying factor to me… But selling Gerrard? I thought glory hunters n plastic fans r supporting manwhores n shitty… N ppl its STEVEN GERRARD…. he has been injured but dunt just write him off…. he ll be at his best soon… n if Liverpool wins epl in next 5 yrs… Gerrard will have played a big role… mark my words… He s our captain fantastic…. YNWA…

  13. Aquilani says:

    He just got a squad number 15! I’ve actually ordered his Shirt! Nuff said

  14. Aquilani says:

    Oh! And why would any sane person suggest selling Gerrard? *SMH*

  15. liverfool do not sell a player u will regret, get rid of ngog,degen,keyriakos so that they will walk alone by osumeyi freedom and akwa!akwa!!akwa!!!

  16. Red Barron says:

    It was wrong to sell Fowler, so that blows that argument out of the water! Sell Gerrard? What the hell for? He will only ever play for Liverpool, nobody else. He deserves our loyalty as much as he has shown his to the club. He stays and if he only plays half the games then that is fine by me. Captain Fantastic goes nowhere, end of! Any suggestion otherwise is nothing to do with heads and hearts, it has more to do with you completely losing your marbles!!!

  17. i dont have a promblem if we let him go but for 7.5 million is a joke remember we bought him for 20 million, so at least we must let him go for 15 million Aquillani is a good player guys.

  18. Tony says:

    Gerrard will never leave Liverpool and will drop back into a holding role as he gets older but not yet, he is a living legend and he used to drink in my pub in Huyton, The Queens Arms, where i will be tonight!!!!. He could have picked up cheap medals like Owen, Mascherano etc but never did, when we were crap he stuck at it because he is a red like us…..fact fact fact!!!!

  19. glen says:

    People comment like they r playing manager mode on play station. so I dont want to discuss on Gerrard goin, its abt Aqua here n if KK thinks its ryt then i think he shld, for the good of the club.. personally i wldnt sell our best player this pre season..

  20. phages says:

    prince g wil soon b king g. why must any one said something like dat. G wil lead us to glory. Aqu, jordan, downing ,adam,suarez, and carol 2 mention but few wil shot us 2 our formal glory.

  21. RedMan123 says:

    No not for £7.5m we dont have to take that much of a cash loss. He has shown through out all pre-season why he is worth at least £13m – £15m especially in the international match against spain. Selling him will be a mistake but its hard to keep a player who does not want to stay. Hold out for more than that pathetic sum.

  22. Jevon says:

    He has been given the 15 shirt. He wont be going anywhere

    • Ken says:

      That means nothing, he had to get a number to be included in the squad tomorrow. I still think he will be sold and a centreback bought.hope he and Meirles both stay but cant see it.

  23. Johnno says:

    Paid 20 million sell for 7 million

    In Rafa We Trusted

  24. Mosobalaje Nurudeen says:

    Please, let give aqulani one full season, if he is unable to prove himself then can sell him. I think his future at anfield look promising

  25. Stefan says:

    I am so angry with many Liverpool suporters. Bad mouthing every Liverpool Players that does not full fill the LFC standard. Fans have been attacking Nog, Cole, Poulsen, etc for not beeing good enough. Is it not their fault, they are doing their best. What does YNWA stand for. Please, lets support our players. Be better supporters, lets stick toogether.

  26. simmo says:

    dumb, just dumb. For starters gerrard’s going nowhere. To get back on point here….Aqua is not going to AC Milan for that low a price. If Liverpool were willing to let him go on a budget price he’d be on the Juventus books right now. I’m not convinced he’ll be here come the start of the season, though he should be, but i know if he does go then someones goinf to have to cough up what he’s worth!!

  27. drexx says:

    kant biliv sme foolz would eva think of gerrad bein sold!d most loyal player ever in d history of livapul.
    Even took d blame dat ws meant 4 dat bastrd torres.I LUV GERRAD!I LUV LIVAPUL!!

  28. Trollman says:

    Lol its funny how some guys on here are talking about selling this and that player to free up funds….

    I wasn’t under the impression we under financial constraints? Our transfer fees haven’t suggested this that’s for sure….

    If you wanna get rid of Gerrard or whoever Else because you prefer another player to take their place, that’s fine and your opinion….

    But don’t say it’s for financial, otherwise how can anyone take your comments seriously?

  29. Tony says:

    Liverpool have sold Konchesky, Jova, Bruna, Ince, probably Ayala today to Norwich and loaned out Hansen, Gulacsi and Darby….so players are already moving out!!!!…hopefully Cole, Insua and Poulsen will go too.

  30. m kop says:

    Liverpool should be getting more than 7.5 mil., he plays for Italy and I wouldn’t mind him compeating to be Liverpool starter.
    I don’t think Chelsea, City or United are too concerned about having too many players in one position.

    I think we will see Henderson playing wide on the right wing next season, with Poulsen leaving(hopefully) and Gerrard injured a lot there will be chance for Aquillani too.

    But if Liverpool can get a fair price and invest in someone they can use more then I would sell.

  31. Rango says:

    Some dudes here are forgetting that Gerrard almost ditched us for Chelski, if not for Istanbul..he would have joined chelski and I wander how many of you would still be calling him your hero!

  32. CoZmiiC says:

    i think we should sell gerrard because he didnt play for liverpool for bout 20 or 25 gsme match he injury and he old he should retired or sell. thanks for readin