Date: 11th August 2011 at 8:00pm
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With Luis Enrique close to completing his move to Liverpool from Newcastle (by the time you read this he may already be a Liverpool player), fans have started to debate on who will be the first choice left-back for Liverpool this coming season?

If Aurelio is fully fit and by some miracle has an injury free season for Liverpool, will he get the nod ahead of Enrique? Or is Enrique coming into the side to be the first-choice left-back even if Aurelio is fit?

We would love to hear your thoughts.

Who will be Liverpool's first choice left-back: Aurelio or Enrique?

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32 responses to “Who will be Liverpool’s first choice left-back: Aurelio or Enrique?”

  1. Bheko says:

    Aurelio for the 20mins lol

  2. ny_red says:

    Aurelio has looked great in partnership with Downing this preseason. I wonder how he’d look on the right-side, playing inverted fullback for the injured Johnson. Maybe our best line-up has both Enrique and Aurelio in it, at this time.

  3. ste says:

    Steve Harkness.

  4. SuaRed says:


  5. eric jones says:

    what a stupid question. Aurelio will be injured for about 70% of ther season and even when avaiable Enrique will still be first choice

  6. Oscar says:

    Aurelio is entering his last year of contract and will leave on a free AGAIN next year.

  7. Jimbo says:

    I’d d go with Aurelio as first choice if and when he is fit…….but lets face he will probably get injured in the first game !!!

  8. SS says:

    aurelio is good when he is fit. there you go just explained the problem.
    didnt he injure himself a couple of seasons ago playing kick about with his kid in his garden?

  9. Zahid says:

    Not even worth asking this stupid question. Enrique duh! Aurelio is hardly ever fit, can be class on his day, but lets face it how many of them have we seen? If clueless Roy hadn’t bought him back we wouldn’t be having this convo, Rafa got him off the wage bill for a reason HE’S NEVER FIT!!

    Besided i’d have Jack Robinson or Insua as 2nd choice, even Kelly can play LB but Johnson is out so he will be playing at RB.

  10. superman says:


  11. Gary 7 says:

    I will start Aurelio any day!

  12. pilki02 says:

    luis enrique is the former barca player you muppet

  13. hardeburlar says:

    i still believe in aurelio than enrique.he’s has a technics of passes,brilliant defensed and he can also play free roll,midfield.he’s freekick aurelio he’s d man

  14. steve Eleanya says:

    I preferred Aurelio at left back if he is free from injury,he has perfect crossing and can defend well,he can dribble and score goals.He will develop a good partnership with Downing.Enrique is a good player two but aurelio is ahead of him,Aurelio is experiened than him Enrique. So Aurelio is my first choice

  15. Alfonzo says:

    I’ld have aurelio as first choice any day. Admittedly he is prone to injury. Which is why Enrique can come in as cover and for games against lesser teams and when Aurelio is injured. But Aurelio has proved in many big games he is a world class left back when fit. Examples being Man u when we beat them 4-1, he had ronaldo in his pocket, real Madrid 4-0… And many more…. I think fablo is somewhat a lucky charm, and when fit, should be 1st choice left back.

  16. Bro seun says:

    I dnt kwn much about enrigue,but accordng 2 wat i ear he is a gd playr! And aurelo also a gd player so we can use aurelo 1st half and enrigue 4 second half,so it is 50!50.but aurelo 1st.

  17. Bill Shankly says:

    Aurellio is shit , he is a delicate weak little poofter who’s limp wrist is always getting injured .
    I’d be surprised if Insua doesnt play more games than Fabio Injurio .
    How the hell a useless cunt like Fabio Injurio has remained at our club so long when we bombed out proper proven players like Keane & Koncheskey after only 20 games is not just a fucking mystery its a fucking disgrace upon our club .
    I cant wait for January or his contract to run out , whichever comes first then I will see the back of the thieving cowardly little bastard once & for all .

    • E says:

      Is this a joke post? Because it made me laugh pretty hard.

      • Bill Shankly says:

        Its a case of “If ya dont laff yer gonna cry”
        The joke is Fabio Injurios appearance record compared to the wages we pay him .
        He is a con artist & all you soppy bastards have bought his act .
        Its shit player like him with no pride & a losers attitude but large bank accounts that have us in mid table .
        At best he was a poor mans Rise & even when he has strung more than 5 appearances together in a row he has never strung more than 2 good games together in a row .
        His passing is woeful , he over complicates it & loses possession more times than not , his defending is weak tactically & physically , his crossing is poor , his shooting is weak & his heading is shit & he gets only 1 outa every 100 free kicks on target & even that single one is soo weakly struck my old granny could catch it one handed .
        How the fuck anyone can rate him as good is beyond me .
        At his very best he might be a 3’rd choice squad man coz he can play just as poorly in midfield as he can at left back .
        So to answer yer question …. no it wasnt a joke , it was a grown man throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation .

        • toddyo says:


          • Bill Shankly says:

            Hes obviously your idea of a dream boyfriend or something queer like that because what I have said is all factual & its all football related , nothing else , its why he is a joke among supporters off other clubs & he & his like are a reason Rafa became a joke & he & his like are the reason WE became a mid table joke .
            Losers like him on big money ripping off the fans .
            He has to go .

        • toddyo says:

          so its his fault liverpool became a mid table joke, yet according to you he also never plays. your so called facts conflict i think. another fact 1 in 100 free kicks find its target!! were did you obtain this information, if you are a grown man i think you missed out on an education as you have no knowledge on any subject. by the way did fabio hump your missus or something you really hate him?

  18. downing on the right wing, fabio left wing, and jose left back then you have a team to beat everyone.

  19. Johnno says:

    Aureilo will do his usual…play an hour then be injured for three months. Then play a full game then out for two months

    He’s worse than Vladimir Smicer for taking a wage and never playing.